random morning thoughts on a wednesday

*sigh* i have to be more organized..
everything around me is a mess!
my mind is a mess..hmm..gotta try that mindmapping thinggie!

things to do:
1. send out sponsorship letters for SFD
2. facilitate float making for the intrams
3. prepare advanced excel tutorials
4. prepare midterm exam for OS (ACLC)
5. prepare for MY exam
6. check papers, record, compute! grrr! (i hate this job!)
7. help out in my different committees in the Intrams!


Author: Mylene

Disclaimer: My postings reflect my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, Accenture. I'm proud to be Filipina and a Bisaya. I am dedicated, motivated, and results-driven. I am an Aries. Bullheaded. Stubborn. I am a leader. I am a software engineer. I am a child of God. I am living and loving life! :) Leave a comment and subscribe!

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