Another Achievement for SFD freeIT team!

Last November 25, Robert Schumann, Vice President of Software Freedom International sent a message to all the 500+ SFD team leaders around the world.

The said message contained the announcement of the winners of the Best SFD Event for 2008. And I am glad to inform everyone that even though we were not included in the top 3, our team was nominated and listed as one of the 6 teams that were considered for the award. In SFI’s words, freeIT team is among those that were given “special mention.” 🙂 Really a big achievement for a first-time event!

Visit this site for the official announcement

The success of the freeIT team was due to the cooperation of a number of individuals and organizations, such as: the BSIT 4th year students of MSU, JITS officers and members, JPG Club of NDMU, NDMU students, faculty, and staff, ACLC College admin, faculty, staff, and students, Holy Trinity faulty and students, SPED faculty, staff, and stdents, STI staff, Doc Francis, the sponsors – Kristan, ACLC, Mang Inasal, Columbia, Smart, and Pizza Hut. Also, a big thank you to all those who participated – RMMC faculty and students, MPC faculty and students, MSU HS, and the rest whom I have not mentioned.

See you all in the next SFD event! 🙂