Friends, Lovers, Or Stuck In Between

Getting Stuck In Between Always Hurts…

Friends with Benefits
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Like when your finger gets stuck between the door and the door jamb. Awww! That hurts! A lot.

It’s the same with relationships, when people are stuck in between being lovers and being friends. The gray area is not a safe place – it makes people confused and insecure.

Sometimes, when we like someone so much, we allow ourselves to stay in the gray area – the “no commitment” zone. It makes you free from any responsibilities to the other person and gives you no “right” over the person. You are, after all, “not official”.

This situation gave birth to the Friendster status “It’s complicated”. For me, it’s the shorter term for “friends with benefits” – for people who are confused, unsure where they stand in the relationship or those who are afraid of commitment, or are in difficult situations where they are not allowed to tell the whole world about what’s going on between them. But why do we have to give a damn about these “labels” anyway?

Simple. To avoid confusion and everything that comes along with it.

You like someone so much that you don’t care that the other person didn’t express his clear intentions. Somehow, you get too comfortable with each other that “sometimes” you cross the thin line of being friends and lovers.

Why am I talking about this now? It’s because a close friend is in the same situation and she’s so stuck.

A piece of advice: Don’t stay in the gray area dear. Talk to him about it and choose between black and white.

Disclaimer: I am not a relationship guru. Obviously, I’m not good at relationships. Haha. If you take my piece of advise, know that it’s a big risk you are taking. Good Luck!


Blogging: Lessons Learned

I think Friendster has to do something about the way it lists the blogs made by one’s friends. I am guilty for flooding my friends with my posts lately. When they click on the Blogs submenu under Profile, I think most of my friends would see only MY posts – that’s because I am blogging quite a lot lately. Some of my friends who have other blogger friends may see other posts on their lists. I suggest that they only list the latest post made by one’s friends: latest post by 10 friends would do…

Anyway, after reading a very nice post about some lessons on blogging, I have realized that I need to build my own niche and be more specific with my target audience. So I am reserving this blog on Friendster for the lighter side of life, which includes topics on relationships, personal growth, emotions, travels, book and movie reviews, and career tips.

My more personal online diary will be on my Multiply site because I think it is more private and I have more control over it – being able to monitor who visits my site and what specific pages they view.

My more serious and techie blog will be on Blogger. It is where I post my articles on teaching, gadgets, tech reviews, programming, web development, and other tech or work-related stuff.

Badminton, Pictures, Friends…

I had a wonderful time playing badminton this morning. My friends, on the other hand, had a hard time playing with me because they keep on laughing about my “moves.” Haha.. Well, I’m actually doing them a favor because they get to burn their fats not through the game but by laughing their fats out (by watching me play). Hehe…. πŸ˜€

While we were playing, one of my friends mentioned about some pics that he saw on someone’s profile. Haha… Well, we better leave them alone. It’s really none of our business anyway. I’d better focus om more important things like… getting that smash right (and not do the “langaw-kill” move! Hehe…)

Summary of Week 2

1. Fill up and submit the JEDI application. Hooray! I’ve actually filled up and prepared all the requirements for theΒ  JEDI app, but wasn’t able to let the VCAA sign it for approval (I’ll do that on Monday)

2. Create IT 120 Prelim Exam – Hmm.. Tonight! Promise…

3. Have fun at Rang2’s post bday celeb – Postponed! 😦

4. Install CorelDraw on lappy and edit Grade 1 book. Yippee! πŸ™‚ I’ll drop by Kristan to show the updates…

5. Install GIMP and study its features… I don’t think I have time for this one!

6. Create a report on the OJTs – 😦

7. Finish the Linux tutorial – 😦

Next week, I plan to:

1. Finish the apps for JEDI and PSITE by Monday.

2. Do the Grade 2 book

3. Give well-prepared lectures in class, and exams/quiz as well… πŸ˜‰

4. Read and experiment more on OS…

5. ODesk!

LifeStyle Check

Now on my 26th year, I want to reflect and check how I have lived my life. There are some things I have done in the past that I regret, and I know it won’t get me anywhere. There have been people who have hurt and scarred me tremendously that I still have a hard time forgiving them and forgetting what they have done. They say that those experiences help us to grow and learn. Maybe it’s true. Maybe I’ll get to appreciate everything inthe right time.

I want to do this lifestyle check and see if the things that I am doing contribute to the achievement of my life goals. But first, what are my life goals?


Today is Wednesday, and so far, I haven’t done half of the things I wanted to do this week. 😦

1. I’ll really go to the office early tomorrow, at around 9am…
2. I have to prepare for my IT120 class. Haven’t given it much preparation lately kasi. (I have to set aside the things that are bugging me right now. It won’t help me meet my goals anyway)
3. I have installed CorelDraw on my laptop already but I haven’t started creating the book for Grade 2, let alone do the editing for Grade 1.
4. I don’t think now is the best time to study GIMP – maybe on Sunday, when I finish my laundry.
5. I have to monitor the OJTs…tsk2.. haven’t been a good OJT coordinator!
6. I haven’t even started the Linux tutorial, how in the world could I finish it? Duh.

Well, I actually accomplished some things this week:
1. I polished my ODesk profile
2. Took and passed the tests (HTML 4.01 and Unix Shell Scripting)
3. Installed CorelDraw
4. Finished the Word exercises in CSC1
5. Discussed number systems, conversion, and addition in IT 120

It’s a nice week after all! πŸ™‚

26: Week1

Assessment of my first week – 26th Year:

1. Was so tempted to do something really crazy. Good thing an angel stopped me. Whew!

2. Delivered a not-so-good presentation at the PSITE Regional Conference. I just hope the IT teachers there remember to SMILE in their class always (Share, Motivate, Inspire, Learn and Enjoy!) πŸ™‚ I felt really unworthy to be talking about Strategies in Teaching IT… and it showed. Tsk..tsk… I’m gonna do it a lot better next time though…

3. Bought a 320 GB External Hard DIsk for Lappy! Hehe… Lappy is so happy now. I can feel he can breathe better with all the extra space… we’re both claustrophobic. Haha… I love my Buffalo 320 GB HDD… I got so excited in transferring my files that I slept so late last night…After transferring more than half of my files, I had to defragment my Data partition to complete my disk cleanup. It’s so defragmented now and I’m happy for Lappy!

4. Visited Andrea at her father’s wake. I admire her strength and composure. She explained what happened in a very “medical” way. Maybe it comes with being a med student…

5. It’s kinda late to blog about it but I had a nice beach bday celeb at Hagonoy Island. I enjoyed it a lot despite the fact that I drowned my cp there. Goodbye, Samsung B130. You were good while you lasted. πŸ˜€

Box of Love…Lucky to Have a Friend Like You!


Yesterday, I received this box of chocolates from my ever-thoughtful, caring, and sweet friend, Charisse. πŸ™‚ It made me happy. Not because I love chocolates so much but because of the love that she wrapped within the box…

I was about to make a dumb mistake (again) and I’m fortunate enough to have this angel stop me and protect me from getting hurt and trapped again.

Thanks Cha! πŸ™‚ I could always count on you to say the things that I needed to hear – for my own sake.

Things to do this summer:

1. Give a talk on “Strategies in Teaching IT” >> Do I even have a strategy? πŸ˜€

2. Help make grade school books on Computers, which focus on getting the kids familiar with Open Source technologies.

3. Possibly conduct a training in-campus, with the help of Ramjie and Al or is it the other way around? I’ll be their teaching assistant. :p

4. Monitor the students undergoing their OJT. Maybe visit them in their workplace when I have the time.

5. Help Charisse plan her wedding (THIS is exciting!)

6. Take a much needed vacation with someone. Haha πŸ˜€

7. Ooops. And of course, I have summer classes. 😦 IT 120 and CSC 1 again…