26: Week1

Assessment of my first week – 26th Year:

1. Was so tempted to do something really crazy. Good thing an angel stopped me. Whew!

2. Delivered a not-so-good presentation at the PSITE Regional Conference. I just hope the IT teachers there remember to SMILE in their class always (Share, Motivate, Inspire, Learn and Enjoy!) 🙂 I felt really unworthy to be talking about Strategies in Teaching IT… and it showed. Tsk..tsk… I’m gonna do it a lot better next time though…

3. Bought a 320 GB External Hard DIsk for Lappy! Hehe… Lappy is so happy now. I can feel he can breathe better with all the extra space… we’re both claustrophobic. Haha… I love my Buffalo 320 GB HDD… I got so excited in transferring my files that I slept so late last night…After transferring more than half of my files, I had to defragment my Data partition to complete my disk cleanup. It’s so defragmented now and I’m happy for Lappy!

4. Visited Andrea at her father’s wake. I admire her strength and composure. She explained what happened in a very “medical” way. Maybe it comes with being a med student…

5. It’s kinda late to blog about it but I had a nice beach bday celeb at Hagonoy Island. I enjoyed it a lot despite the fact that I drowned my cp there. Goodbye, Samsung B130. You were good while you lasted. 😀


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