Japan, japan, japan…

Wow. It’s been a looonnngg time since my last blog.

I miss this soooo much. I’m currently enjoying my rest day here in Japan. It’s Saturday, a lovely break from our training. It’s sunny outside and it’s just the best time to go out. Yipee! I’m going to enjoy this day (window) shopping with Maam Larmie.

I thank God for this wonderful opportunity. It’s a well-deserved break from the routine in the Philippines. Away from the dust and heat of GenSan…hehe.. But I must say, there are times when I miss the heat.. sobrang lamig talaga dito sa Japan. Kasi nga, autumn to winter season na…

I’m thankful because…

1. I met really cool and wonderful people who can serve as my mentors… not only in the field of IT, but other aspects in life as well…

2. I have observed, firsthand, how the Japanese thinks and handles business. We can learn a lot from them… punctuality, respect, integrity, hardwork…

3. I have experienced using the heater instead of the cooler! Haha..

4. I have a beautiful room and such a nice accommodation here in YKC. Ang sarap ng buhay…but I think I’ll get fat here. And I miss Filipino food.

5. I have been rehabilitated from my addiction to texting or rather, to my attachment to someone. I have healed my neediness (according to Bro Bo, neediness is a symptom of not loving yourself enough)


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