Weekly Review: 3rd Week of Jan 2010



  • conducted a successful PHP/MySQL seminar at Holy Trinity College last 16 & 17
  • imported Friendster and Blogger posts
  • started tweaking WordPress
  • submitted the prelim grades for Stratford (overdue)
  • checked some papers (but I should do better!)


  • sent money to brothers
  • dinner date with Ate Leny at Rai Rai Ken (delicious ramen!)
  • had a long chat with Charisse!
  • visited Hannah
  • dinner date with Ems


  • joined the practice of SFC for our Evangelization Rally at Robinson’s on Sunday
  • washed clothes
  • shopped for blouses! =)
  • got my sandals repaired

This coming week, I plan to:

Thanks to Sacha Chua for the outline…


  • conduct Echo Seminar on ITSS/ITEE
  • print and compute grades


  • lunch with Sanrio and other former students
  • visit family at Davao
  • maybe meetup with high school friends


  • fix GSIS loan payment
  • facial
  • hair treatment
  • open passbook savings account
  • gym tym
  • meet and greet, pass application letter

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