Surprise, surprise!

Life is a series of surprises. :)

I was feeling a little low since last night because my conversation with X didn’t turn out quite right. And as a consequence, I couldn’t understand the words I kept staring at.. nodes..linked list..pointers. Whatever. I couldn’t find a way, a technique.. to teach it to the Data Structures students so that they’ll understand it. Role playing, perhaps? My imagination wouldn’t work because other thoughts keep bugging me.

So I got up from bed, said a prayer (Lord, let me take my mind off him!), went straight to my garden, watered my plants, took out the trash, and opened up my lappy to write a post (so I could face my issues one by one). But before I could write my post for the day, I did my usual routine: Yahoomail, Gmail, Facebook, Sacha Chua… and surprise!

Sacha wrote a post On Circumstances and Somebodies, and I thought, “oh, how timely! I could relate to this post…” and then, at the end of the post she thanked me! It felt nice – how my previous post became an opportunity for me to meet Sacha’s mom and for Sacha to write a great post. :)


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3 Responses to Surprise, surprise!

  1. I am also glad I met you.:) Come and visit whenever you’re in Metro Manila., or write when you’re not. Having you as a friend would be like having two Sachas.

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