Life as a 26 year old

What was life like when I turned 26?

Emotional. I hate to admit it but it’s been the most emotional year for me. From day one of turning 26, my life revolved around someone and trying too hard to make a sort-of relationship work. It was very…challenging. My 26th year revolved around someone I don’t even really know and who was a hundred miles away. I know it’s weird and I won’t exert too much effort in explaining how it happened but I’m honestly glad that it’s really over. Though it was a difficult year, I don’t have any regrets. I’m even satisfied with how I was able to handle all the problems that came my way. It’s funny how I still really stuck to the relationship even if I already knew right from the start that it was going to be really difficult. I settled for texting everyday. Haha. I actually read some of my posts last year and it goes:

May 14, 2009: Hmm.. I did something crazy today. I said yes to someone without knowing if I really meant it or not. I do not know.
I can’t be serious with this! OMG! But does it matter? Whatever. We’ll see where this one leads to. 🙂

May 19, 2009: I know it’s too early to say goodbye. But I think it would be better this way. Put an end now and save myself from misery. It’s way too complicated. I can’t trust you. I don’t even think that you are serious enough to commit to this kind of relationship. We both know right from the start that it’s going to be hard. I could not risk hurting again. Not now. Not yet. The wounds from the past have just healed.
For a while, I thought we can have a future together. But right now, a future together just looks too bleak. I have to stop myself while I can… I’m sorry.

I find it really funny…all the attempts of saying goodbye, cutting the so-called “relationship” were all in vain.. and it lasted for almost a year. Knowing that he wasn’t right for me, and that he might just hurt me in the long run didn’t stop me from taking the risk. Hmm.. It’s OK, even if it didn’t work, everything is reall just part of growing up. ;p

The Singles for Christ community also played a major role in my life the past year. A lot of activities that I engaged in, places I’ve been to and people I’ve met were because of my involvement in SFC. It has truly enriched my life in many ways, especially because I was able to nurture my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Career-wise though, I couldn’t say that I’ve achieved much, except for the training I had in Japan. But now, I’m proud to say that I’m looking at teaching in a different light. I am happier with my profession as a teacher and I hope I can be more effective in the coming years.

There weren’t a lot of speaking opportunities for me this year. And the seminars/trainings that I’ve attended or conducted were few, maybe because I accumulated too many absences because of my 3-week training in Japan and could not afford to leave my students.

By April 2011, I hope to read this post again and see that I have:

  • a more happily committed relationship
  • maintained rich relationships with my family
  • completed a software project I can be very proud of
  • traveled to Camarines Sur (SFC Icon! Yey!)
  • conducted training on a specific skill or new programming language
  • cleared my CHED return service for my Master’s degree
  • applied for a PhD grant in Japan, Canada, Australia or US (Aja!)
  • reached my target savings
  • continued to support SFC activities and given tithes to the church
  • learned to swim
  • learned to drive
  • learned how to bake cookies or make a delicious new dessert recipe
  • a garden with more veggies
  • form a computing varsity
  • contibute to the increase in passing percentage of Davao for PhilNITS exam

Author: Mylene

Disclaimer: My postings reflect my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, Accenture. I'm proud to be Filipina and a Bisaya. I am dedicated, motivated, and results-driven. I am an Aries. Bullheaded. Stubborn. I am a leader. I am a software engineer. I am a child of God. I am living and loving life! :) Leave a comment and subscribe!

4 thoughts on “Life as a 26 year old”

  1. Hi Mylene. Napa-visit lang. Nakita ko ang site mo through Bro. Bo’s post(sa comment). Follower din ako ng mga blogs ni Bro. Bo. Very active ka pala sa SFC. Accomplished teacher pa. Ingat lagi & God Bless diyan sa atin.

    1. Thanks Cris! I used to serve at the Ortigas Feast. Right now andito ako sa Austin Texas. I’ve tried to contact the Feast here but didn’t bet any reply. Don’t drive din kasi kaya hirap din makapunta.

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