3 Keys to Lifelong Learning

Brian Tracy (in his book “Get Paid More and Promoted Faster”) said that all of us have to dedicate ourselves to lifelong learning. I like it so much that I want to share it. All of us have to do upgrades on ourselves… 🙂

3 Keys to Lifelong Learning:

1. Read at least one hour each day, and more when you can, in your chosen field.
1 hour per day = 1 book per week = 50 books per year = 500 books over the next ten years       😀
– daily practice of continuously reading in your field will make you one of the best-educated and (not necessarily, but hopefully) highest paid  people in your business

2. Listen to audio programs
– while in cars, or jeepneys, traveling, washing clothes, or even doing the grocery!
That’s why I need to buy that Ipod Shuffle! or Philips MP3 player.. My old Apacer doesn’t work anymore (and it only has 256 MB! Hehe.. It had its moments of glory in 2005)

3. Take every course and seminar that you can find


It’s a cruel world after all… :(

Anna, Peachie, Me, and Leah (4th yr Hiskul roommates)

Yesterday, on my way to GenSan, I thought about my younger sister, Hennah, and how we disapprove of her “too many” ear piercings. And then the thought of Anne crossed my mind. She was my classmate in first year high school and a roommate during 4th year… She also had many ear piercings.. She had this “cool” and “tough” image but deep inside, she’s really sweet, sensitive and caring.

Peachie, Leah and I would tease her and try to hug her (because she hated being too mushy and senti). She would frown and push us away, but since we think she’s cute and amusing when she gets really annoyed and irritated, we’d tease her even more. She would plead numerous “Ayaw Lei! Ze (Peachie)! Samok My bah! Bai, ayaw bah!” We knew that after a while, she’d just laugh along with us. I was happily reminiscing our high school memories on the bus. Somehow, I got a little disappointed that our supposed reunion or mini get together at Davao during the weekend didn’t push through.

An hour after I arrived in BQ, I was so shocked when I received a text from Pierre that Anne passed away last Sunday. I thought it was a stupid joke. But Love and Pierre confirmed the news. According to them, Anna was driving their Vitara and apparently, she was shot by a holduper.

It’s such a terrible way to die and my God, we are too young to die! I really pray that Anna’s death will be given justice. ‘Coz we can never bring her back… I hope she’ll find rest… eternally with the Father. And that her family are coping well with their loss… their beloved bunso…

Anne, though we lost touch after high school graduation, you’ve been, and always will be a dear friend. We love you and we’ll miss you…

LOL…just when I got addicted to Twitter…Robin Padilla and Wowowee were trending topics! :D

Super Saturday + lappy + TV = one girl addicted to Twitter (with Wowowee and Robin Padilla trending!)

Super funny…Wowowee and Robin Padilla are trending topics worldwide on Twitter! Hahahaha… talk about viral.

I am supposed to work on getting my first app (blog) to work on CakePHP but I got addicted to Twitter instead. Oh well, my app’s not working anyway… better be entertained by the tsismosas on the net. Haha.. Really funny.

Seriously though, why can’t I get that blog app running on CakePHP??? I have done the installation correctly (I guess) coz the Cake’s homepage is displayed:

but when I go to the posts home:

Help… I have done everything on the installation guide… configs, saving the files in the correct directories… over and over… but it still won’t work!!! Is it time to give up and just forget about frameworks? 😦

Reunited with PHP

I am reunited with one of my passions: programming.

When I was in high school, our Comp Sci teacher gave us a project, which was to develop a simple system using C++ and Dbase4 (if I remember it right). Dianne, Chami and I chose to create a “gatepass” system for the dormitory. During that time, we really didn’t have a clear idea nor a strong foundation on system development. But the project got me up and thinking for several nights. That was the time when I decided… that I will take up a computer-related course in college.

True enough, I now hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Information Technology.

One could easily be confused and overwhelmed with all the programming/scripting languages available. I wrote my first Java program when I was in 2nd yr college and used it extensively until my Data Structures II class. However, during my 3rd year in college, there was much hype about web development and PHP (back then it stood for Personal Home Page). I watched how the upperclassmen created their web projects using PHP, got curious and decided to try it. Well, I liked it – and created the Room Allocation System – our group’s ticket to graduation.

I forgot all about PHP – and programming in general – when I started teaching at MSU. I got reunited with PHP only when I studied at AdDU for my Master’s degree. Again, I used PHP for my project – Speech Driven Online Learning Module for Oral Communication and several other required web projects.

And now, I conduct seminars for PHP (now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor) beginners. I love these opportunities because it rekindles my flame for PHP. ^^,         But I have realized that I haven’t grown as a PHP coder. I’ve done my research and looked around the web. And I found out that there’s been a lot of progress in PHP. There are now a number of frameworks available and I’m so excited to try them out. By the way, for those who are interested, I found a very informative and helpful site that discusses and compares the most popular PHP frameworks.

I hope that I will be able to deliver an effective seminar to the students at HTC.

Never A Voter :(

I deeply regret my decision not to go home to vote.

On this election day, I am sitting in front of my laptop and TV here in BQ like I always do. And it suddenly hit me that I only get the chance to vote once every six years! 😦 So sad. Sayang. What a wasted opportunity.

Why didn’t I go home???

Well, last week, I traveled back and forth Gensan and Davao, which really stressed me out. I originally planned to go home for the election (supposedly my first time) but decided not to because I’ll be so “bugbog” na naman sa byahe.

I almost decided to go home today but when I calculated the time, I would arrive at Mangagoy at around 6-7pm.  By then, the election is over. Next time, I will make sure that my vote will be counted. Whew.. I have to wait for another six years.. 😦

It’s really too late. This event has taught me very important lessons about making important decisions.

  • If an event will occur rarely (like once every six years), grab that opportunity.
  • Your job is not everything. Missing a class won’t make you evil. ^^,
  • Get out of your comfort zone.