How Should I Deal with Cheating in My Class?

I really hate it when I see students cheating in my class. Not because I don’t want them to pass the course, but because I want them to LEARN. Cheating doesn’t help them because they will be dependent on their classmates for their answers. More importantly, it won’t help me help them because I would not know in which areas they are weak and I could not assess if they really understood the lessons or not. =(

Corruption starts in the classroom. Cheating, even in its mildest sense, should not be tolerated, especially in the classroom. But I am confused on how to deal with it appropriately. Should I confiscate and throw their papers? Send them out of the classroom? That would be totally humiliating and they might never recover and just drop out of the course (Toink!). Or I could just stare at them until they melt. But some students are just so immune and makapal na ang mukha. They won’t even budge. Sigh.

I’m tired of telling them to keep their eyes on their paper, not to discuss their answers with their classmates… Hmm…

I should not tolerate cheating… but how???


Author: Mylene

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14 thoughts on “How Should I Deal with Cheating in My Class?”

  1. good day, well initially you should talk with your students on a heart to heart basis, on a very personal approach. then explain to them the discipline and the consequences they will get if they opt not to cheat or if they cheat. the reasons why some students try to cheat is because of social and genetic factors. but if you touch their sympathy and cooperation, give them strict condition and penalty for cheating and explain to them your lessons well which they may not be able to understand, then you are on the right track. because the purpose of a teacher is to teach the students to learn whatever subject or lesson they are suppose to learn and not to expel or downgrade them. that will have a long lasting impact on their lives in the future and so it defeat the purpose of you being a teacher. encourage, motivate and give them the drive to learn, but never to cheat. you are in complete command inside the classroom.

  2. Napakadali lang e deal ang mga mag-aaral na nandaraya.

    Huwag mong isipin na pandaraya ang kanilang ginagawa. Kundi ito ay pagtutulungan.

    Sa sitwasyon na tinutulungan ng katabi ang kanyang kaklase ito ay hindi pandaraya. Ito ay pagtutulungan. May mga taong hindi malawak ang kaisipan na nagsasabi kapag palagi mo daw tinutulungan ang isang tao siya aasa nalang sa iyo.Ika nga huwag mo siyang bigyan ng isda kundi turuan mo syang mangisda.

    Sa aking paniniwala ang kasabihan na ito ay may katalinuhan subalit walang karunungan.

    Ang dapat gawin ay sabay kayong mangisda para marami kayong isda na makuha.
    At malalaman ng taong iyon kung paano humuli ng maraming isda.

    Utos ng Diyos na tulungan ang nangangailangan. Kaya sundin natin ang utos ng Diyos hindi ang mga tradisyon ng tao.


  3. good day ma’am! students do cheat bcoz they don’t really know how to answer or they got a lacking informations in a certain subject. Maybe the effective way to avoid cheating in your class is to provide the students all the informations they needed in your subjects and letting them understand the lessons deeply. Through this, students will find no way to cheat because they can answers all the quizes and exams by themselves and they won’t bother to look at other’s answers. i just like to suggest that you would rather start your class by a short prayer .. Godbless

  4. OK. 1st I’ll start w/ what is the educational system we have in our country..
    Teacher’s might look at it in a different way but for me, education today is not that good enough. We or the university lacks some of the necessity in learning. As a student I am very well interested in my subjects ( for some ). There are fields in education that we want to learn, and there are some people who’s interested to this and that ONLY.

    *Note: Students go to school nowadays, for it’s a new adventure w/ friends, allowance,etc.. They go to school wait for the bell instead of going to school and LEARN!.

    My point here is.. Why have these minor subjects ? I am pretty sure that, students cheat mostly in their MINOR subjects. It’s because they are not into it, and then the teacher’s will just respond. “It is essential ..etc”. I know we need to have those subjects. I mean basically but still it’s somehow a hindrance to our major subjects. screw MINOR subjects. really.

    Also let’s face the fact that PEOPLE learn, via environment. And I think we I.T students need not to write these and that..(notes) right ? and these notes are merely intended for ENUMERATION. WHAT? ENUMERATION? that’s what we have here.. ENUMERATE. =FAIL->EDUCATION?->FAIL.

    Now cheating.. It’s cheating when you copy and paste.
    that’s the point right? .. that’s why we have this Copyright’s.
    Shit happens in Situations like these:
    exam, quizzes, and ORAL.
    well. guess what? it’s just enumeration.
    there’s no point in memorizing .. I ain’t gon comprehend.

    Now .. How to stop cheating..
    I can’t stop it .. there are cheating at the moment for some reasons..
    There’s this cheat that is sick. I mean totally dependent.

    I am not in a certain position to have this .. but I feel like it to post it in here.
    I am one of you’re student and is hopeful enough that you can understand students nowadays. We’re lucky to have you as a teacher, who is open for comments.

    Suggestion: ( on how to prevent cheating )
    Try to have a certain problem just one.
    So if you have 40 students then you’ll have 40 different questions. 😉

    What subject are you referring to?
    Do teacher’s consider some forms of cheating?
    Do teacher’s really teach nowadays *phils.?

    “Let’s try to innovate. I do.”

  5. FOR ME, OPINION lng nako ni ha. :))

    kung ako ang teacher, i shall be a “pro-choice” kind of teacher.

    It’s their own choice, if they cheat they fail mentally.

    In minor subjects that is, pero sa programming subjects. I don’t cheat. :))
    I hate memorizing kc ee, mas fun ang logic. parang sudoku kc ang programming. XD

  6. Cheating is wrong! I feel students who do this are either lazy or rebellious. When I present the data,and then ask them to write about what they think about the subject, and they plagiarize I take it very personally. How can I help them if they won’t put forth any effort???
    “Feeling Defeated”

    1. Hi penny.. yeah, ur absolutely right. Cheating is wrong. I guess we just have to motivate students more so that they would be encouraged to do original work. Or find more creative ways on how to check on their progress. Don’t give them tests where cheating is the easiest solution.

  7. While I believe cheating is wrong, I myself did the whole cheating thing for a major part in 2nd year and 3rd year. But I was a smart kid, and while I didn’t really admire the fact that my classmates were very smart for dummy-memorizing important dates in History, and also rules in grammar in both English and Filipino, or the different kinds of toilets found in the Philippine community, I also realized that when I got into college, most likely my classmates would not be copying off of other people. Or that if I could copy off of other people, it would be an entirely difficult to do so. (I have proven this to be untrue! :))

    So I stopped cheating, and started studying and memorizing, and making charts and reading my lessons, and that’s when I realized that studying was so effing hard, it almost made me cry when I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to remember.

    I believe that the educational system should find other ways to motivate a student’s mind and realize that memorizing what kind of toilets there are in the Philippine community, or memorizing the different laws of grammar is good to know, but not really essential once they get to college. We should be able to change the way a student learns, how a student should have the proper insight about the subjects that they’re learning in school. I know I felt good when I was able to answer test questions with ease because I studied, but a student who cheats won’t know what that feeling is until they are able to take an exam that they know they will be able to ace without cheating, and that once they do, it would count towards their grades at the end of the school year.

    Just a thought! 🙂

    1. Wow! Such a great insight, Cynthia! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.. Your ideas could be the building blocks of a new approach to education – it should be fun and really interesting

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