February: Reunited with People I ♥

It is indeed the love month. I got reunited with most of the people closest to my ♥. Ah, love… I wish I can get to spend some time with other people I love. Life is really about spending time with people who make our lives worth living. 🙂

Nycah(my niece) and Mama at Davao, Ems & Laiza at Enchanted Kingdom, Rosemarie & Jemarie (and other relatives) at Montalban Rizal


Doing Work that I ♥

Wow. My first week with Active Rail Solutions was awesome. I had a great time re-learning PHP and applying the object-oriented approach. I never tried learning OO PHP before because I simply didn’t feel that I needed to. I was content with Java for OO coding and I was comfortable with the old PHP because my codes worked anyway. But when James showed me the dynamics of using OO PHP, I saw its potential for speeding up development work and I really appreciated it.

I really loooovee NetBeans too! Again, I only used NetBeans for Java before but now that it also caters PHP coding, I prefer it over Dreamweaver. It’s all because of its code-completion/intelligent coding feature. I sometimes miss the WYSIWUG feature of Dreamweaver for web development (forms, images, etc.) but I get a cleaner code without the automatically generated codes/scripts from Dreamweaver.

I also love HeidiSQL. It’s such a great tool for database management. It’s so easy to use and I think it has a very smart user interface. I used to create scripts for my database and type out all my queries on the MySQL console. Well, it would still work for me but I’d prefer to use tools such as HeidiSQL. Why waste valuable development time? ^^,

I can’t help but thank all the developers of these super wonderful Free and Open Source Software. You’ve made our lives sweeter…THANK YOU!!!

I’ve realized that I really liked doing this kind of job. I enjoy it so much that I could not even notice the hours passing by. I still get that giddy feeling when I am able to make the system do what I wanted it to do. That emotional, happy, fulfilling moment that just makes me want to shout for joy and smile triumphantly to myself. Wow, it reminds me why I took IT as my major in college. I’ve been seeking for this yahoo feeling for a very long time…a very long time…

and what makes growing in this field a lot better is the awesome team that I belong to. Extremely talented, generous, patient, helpful and – most importantly, humble human beings.

Struggling Twenty Something

I stumbled upon Bianca Gonzales’ blog and found her posts witty, inspiring and informative. Maybe it’s because we’re both 27 that’s why I could relate to most of her struggles, discoveries and adventures in life. Her posts were really fun to read but one really struck me and motivated me to write this post. It was her birthday article last year entitled “I honestly can’t wait to turn 30″.

I can’t help but smile at the familiar thoughts like “there is so much anxiety that comes along with being in your 20′s” coz “it is the age where you decide what you want out of life – in love, career, friendship, where to live, where to travel.. ” My gosh, can I soooo relate! :) I wrote a similar post entitled How I Survived My Quarter-life crisis about 2 years ago. But even up to this day, I still find myself struggling with twenty-something issues, big time!

On my 27th year, I underwent through sooo many changes – job, relationship, family, places, people. I feel like I’ve grown and learned about life last year than I ever did in my whole life. I know some people might say that I’ve been reckless, impulsive, and have made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions. But for me, it’s really all about growing up, taking risks and discovering oneself. I took the plunge. I explored. I made mistakes. :p

Aside from making mistakes, I believe I really discovered and learned so many things about life, about who I am, how things, events, and people make me feel, and what I really want to do with my life. I also discovered who my true friends are, who really cared, who mattered, and who wanted to stay in my life.

I can’t wait to turn 30! 🙂

Satisfied with my Globe Tattoo Stick

I bought my Globe Tattoo a week ago (January 28). It cost me Php 1,245.00. I feel that it was a Sulit buy because it was bundled with 125 hours surfing time and 2,000 texts to Globe/TM for 30 days. Not bad.

The signal in my room isn’t that good though. I have to go outside to get a better signal. But I’m still quite happy and satisfied with it. 🙂

Regular rate is 5 pesos for 15mins or 20 pesos per hour. Unlimited surfing per day
will cost 50 pesos.


Happy Birthday Tatay!

My grandfather celebrated his birthday yesterday, Feb 2.

I think he’s now 84. And he’s been bedridden for more than 4 years. Sometimes it’s hard to take care of him, especially when he wakes you up every 2 minutes at night to change his lying position. You’d both end up sleepless. And while he sleeps during the day, you’d be busy doing other chores, which could really wear you out. My mother and aunts would sometimes tell him that they’d leave Earth earlier than him if he won’t give them a good night’s rest. I’ve been his yaya for a few nights and I couldn’t agree less.

Looking at him lying on bed all day and all night makes me think more seriously about life – about how we should enjoy each moment while we still can. Sometimes it makes me sad that we couldn’t really stay by his side and talk to him as much as we can – because I know that that’s what makes him happiest. It makes me equally happy to be able to listen to his stories and get a glimpse of how he lived his life when he was still young and strong. Though I admit, it could sometimes get annoying when he keeps on asking the same questions over and over again..but I love him and I’m grateful that we are still given a chance to be with him.

Happy birthday Tatay! We love you!