Five+ things I love about my place

When I was thinking about my big move to the big company in  the big city, I was lucky enough to be given a wise piece of advice from one of the smartest girls on the planet.

She told me to

Find a place close to where you work, if possible, or close to public transit so that you can get to work.

So when my friend brought me to this place (it was the first place I checked), I decided right then and there that I am going to stay here. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made because I love it here!

Five things I ♥ about this place:

1. accessibility – I think I developed an issue with commuting when I stayed in MSU’s Bachelorette’s Quarter. It frustrated me when it took such a long time for me to get a ride. Sometimes I’d had to walk more than a hundred meters and wait for almost an hour just to get a ride. It really got to my nerves because patience isn’t one of my virtues and I put such a high value on my time. That’s why I am absolutely happy when I step out of the door and the buses or the train is just a few steps away! Great! Plus, it’s situated in a very strategic location that it’s really convenient for me to move from one company site to another. I have been to 4 company sites and these were my routes and fares:

a. Eastwood (Quezon City) – aircon bus to Robinsons Galleria (12 pesos) + FX to Eastwood (25 pesos); going back: jeep to Cubao (8 pesos) + MRT (11 pesos)
b. Cybergate 2 (Mandaluyong City) –  just my two happy feet! 🙂
c. MSE (Makati Stock Exchange) – aircon bus (12 pesos) * 2  = 24 pesos
d. McKinley Hill (Taguig City) – MRT to Magallanes (11 pesos) + FX to McKinley (20 pesos); going back: jeep to Guadalupe (13 pesos) + deluxe bus (10 pesos)

2. it’s furnished! – I’ve learned that it isn’t very wise to accumulate stuff (appliances, cabinets, furniture) when you don’t have any intention of settling in the place. I invested on those stuff when I was working in GenSan and right now, most of them are stocked in my aunt’s house, unused, gathering dust, and losing their value (depreciating) every day. I sold some of my appliances at very low prices too, just to dispose them and at least get some returns on my investment. Yes, they were important to me when I was living in GenSan and they really served their purpose. But right now, I couldn’t afford making the same mistake. I am not even sure how long I am staying here and moving from one place to another with a lot of things is really costly. So, it’s really a smart idea to move into a place that’s already furnished! 😉

3. the pool & company gym – One of my goals this year is to learn how to swim (this skill just might save a life someday and it’s one of the greatest ways to stay fit and lose tummy fats). And I am so glad that they have this at my place. The company gym is of course, is in the company building, which is just a few meters away so I could use it during the weekdays absolutely free! So there’s no more reason for me not to stay fit! Cool.

4. access to my necessities – I am sure that I won’t starve to death now as long as I have money. When I stayed in BQ, even if I had money but was feeling lazy or tired, I couldn’t easily grab a bite because it was so far from civilization (exag!) But now, there are plenty of food to choose from and the mall is just at the other side of the road. And even if it’s already really late in the evening, McDo can save my tummy. Aside from that, there are drug stores, laundry shops, loading stations, mini groceries, shops, fruit stands, internet cafes, ATMs, and a lot more… And one of the best things is that it’s just a few meters away from a Catholic church. What more can I ask for?

5. great people – Before I moved in to this place, I prayed that I would be with good people. And the prayer was answered. When I moved in, I carelessly left my laptop at the lobby and I was so thankful that the guard gave it back to me. Aside from that, Ms. Ellen has been really responsive to my requests and needs so far and she has helped in making my move as smooth as possible. My house mates are all friendly and we are beginning to get to know each other more. Looking forward to a great bonding moment with them! 🙂

I don’t know how long I am going to stay in this place. It’s indeed costly but it’s reasonable. I am glad that I found this place and it’s really convenient for me. And oh, didn’t I mention security and safety on my list above? It should be on that list! I have discovered that there are a lot of apartments and boarding houses around the area but one of my officemates told me that it’s not advisable to stay there because he lost around 100k (Macbook + high end camera) : thieves were able to break into their apartment. Aside from that, I didn’t have to worry about water getting inside my room and damaging my property. I and my things were pretty safe and dry during typhoon Falcon. Thank God. And oh, one last thing, I have a beautiful view outside my window especially during sunsets and evenings where there are fireworks displays). Amazing treats. God, I am really grateful. 🙂


Author: Mylene

Disclaimer: My postings reflect my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, Accenture. I'm proud to be Filipina and a Bisaya. I am dedicated, motivated, and results-driven. I am an Aries. Bullheaded. Stubborn. I am a leader. I am a software engineer. I am a child of God. I am living and loving life! :) Leave a comment and subscribe!

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