Struts 2: Interceptors

I am currently following the tutorial on Struts 2 at​.

I went through the tutorial on Interceptors but I still don’t quite understand the concept fully yet. However, I am now more familiar with using DispatchAction functionality in Struts2. I can put methods such as add, update, delete and execute in one Action file and do the necessary action mapping in the struts.xml file. I also found out that it is much better to use generalized action mapping by using the asterisk and {1} so that I don’t have to map each method to the corresponding action. This is also called Dynamic Method Invocation  using wildcard mapping.

I have also done the tutorial on validation in Struts 2. It is quite simple and straightforward. Another way to do it is by using an XML file but I haven’t made it work just yet (saving it for tomorrow). =)

I have learned quite a bit already and I’m excited to finish all the topics in the tutorial so that I could get my hands dirty building my first mini-project.

I still have to understand more about interceptors though. Hmm. That’s for tomorrow. Time to go home.



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