I got out of the Rat Race!

I got out of the Rat Race!

Last Saturday, I played the Cashflow game for the second time. And this time, I was the second player to get out of the Rat Race! Yey! It was a lot more fun because the other players were also very fun to play with and were so much into the game, particularly Ate Joy. She is an accountant so she was really so good in numbers. I learned a lot from her. She analyzed opportunities carefully and was really diligent in keeping her books. Well, after all, she’s been balancing books practically her entire life. She was so keen on checking if it’s worth seizing an opportunity.

There were a lot of things that  I learned from playing the game that I missed learning from just reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. One of these is the timing in buying stocks. During my first time to play the game, I was over confident that I had an edge over the other players because I was already buying stocks through Citiseconline. But I lost money because I was not smart enough in buying and selling stocks. So in my second game, through the wise advise of my co-players, I was able to buy and sell in the stock market at the right time. And this was really an eye opener for me. And I wish to apply it in real life. Through my Citiseconline account.

I am also happy because in this second time of playing the game, my profession was closer to reality. I was an engineer (I was a truck driver during my first time). I got downsized twice but the funny thing was that even though I was downsized (I lost my job), I even had more cash on hand because I gained a lot of money when I sold my stocks at the right time. Maybe it was just luck, but it could really happen in real life.

This inspired me to get better in buying the right stocks at the right time. And since I won’t be able to study and focus on trading in stocks (this is not my core skill), I will become a member of Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. 🙂 Besides, they offer a lot of books and CDs to increase financial literacy.

If you are still reading this, then I guess you are also interested on being financially literate and getting out of the rat race. So I advise you to play this game! It is really fun and it serves as a “laboratory” where you could experiment and explore opportunities in making money. See you outside of the rat race! 🙂


Author: Mylene

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