Investing in Stocks Through Citiseconline: A Year After

I’m happy that a lot of my friends have given stocks investment a try. This is really good. It’s really wise to be financially literate while you are young and it’s still okay to take big risks. A lot of people have been asking me about stocks after I wrote my 2 previous posts on investing in the stock market through citiseconline. Well, I am not yet an expert in stocks. And I don’t think I will be in the near future. But by following the good pieces of advice from financial mentors, I know I am on my road to financial freedom. I would suggest that you subscribe to Bo Sanchez’s truly rich club, where he gives advices and tips to the members.

I am also very happy for our country, the Philippines. Our economy is doing good these days! I think P-Noy’s government has established its credibility and integrity. In my opinion, it’s really a big factor. Who wants to do business with cheaters? Integrity is one of the core values that we should all have. From taxi drivers, to street vendors, up to the business tycoons.

According to Bo’s update, ,we are in the right place at the right time! The entire world is not doing well financially but right now, Philippines is one of the economic darlings of the world! Can you believe it?! It really made me sooo happy to read that. And here’s the bigger, bolder, and awesome(r) news: the Philippines is expected to be one of the fastest growing economies from 2010 to 2050!  We could be one of the economic tigers in the world! Amazing, right?!

After a year of investing in the stock market through Citiseconline, I have become more conscious of our economy, politics, and the reputation of the companies that I buy. Investing in stocks is not for everyone. But if you are the type who loves learning and taking risks, then you can give this a try.


5 Nuggets of Wisdom from My Mentors

I have learned a lot from my different mentors in the company. Here’s a summary of what they’ve taught me:


  1. Sir Ogie – As a leader, you have to connect with your members. You have to talk to them and ask them about what’s going on in      their lives. If you notice that a member is no longer engaged, you have to      ask him if he has a personal problem and try to work things out with him.
  2. Ms Cathy – Don’t panic when there are issues in the project. It’s normal to have issues and you have      to handle them. Display grace under pressure. You have to be calm so that      you will have a clear mind and can think of the best solutions to the      problems. Also, your members will rely on you and they will be more onfident in themselves if they see their leader handling pressure gracefully.
  3. Ms Rizza – As a leader in the      corporate world, you have to be tough. There’s no room for the faint      hearted in this world. Clients can be tough and they can tear your      confidence into pieces. You have to learn to fight back and stand your      ground. You can’t just cry and lose. You have to show them what you’ve got      and deliver high performance.
  4. Daday – Be assertive. Earn      the trust and confidence of your peers and supervisors. You can’t just sit      around and wait for people to tell you what to do. Communicate your ideas      and let your voice be heard. Make them feel your presence and show that      you can contribute to the success of the team.
  5. Owee – Speak up! Learn to get      what you want out of your career and life by discussing it with your      supervisors and managers. Have a concrete plan and present it to people      who can help you achieve your goals.

Things I have learned from my recent trip

My recent trip to Boracay was a real breather. It gave me lots of time to think about a lot of things.

1. Change – Change can be annoying or pleasant, depending on your perspective. I’ve learned that a lot has changed in me, in my attitude towards life, and also in the people around me. I was a little surprised by how my friends have changed.. I somehow felt that I didn’t know them anymore. It felt a little strange. I was trying to look for that feeling of closeness/familiarity/warmth. But somehow…I didn’t feel it. I am not so certain why…but maybe it was because we were more focused on exploring the island and enjoying the activities.

2. Open – I realized that I should welcome more “new” people in my life. When I left Gensan, I really felt the pain of being separated from the people I’ve lived and worked with for 6 years in my life. That’s why I decided not to get too attached to people. I was careful not to get so close. I didn’t want to welcome people into my life because I was afraid of getting hurt again when life would separate me from them. But I realized that I needed to nurture new friendships too. My old friends have moved on with their lives and I also need to enjoy relationships with new people. I should get over my fear of losing people I love and just be open.

3. Relax – I often feel guilty when I am taking a vacation. I’d often think about work and the problems in the office. But I learned that I also need a break. Especially because I’m not feeling engaged with my current project. I needed a refresher. I needed to fill up my inspiration tank so that I’ll have more energy to enjoy work.

4. Love – Boracay is an island of love. Everywhere I look, I see couples enjoying their private time together. Holding hands while walking on the white sand or even while sunbathing. I even witnessed a lovely beach wedding and a prenuptial pictorial. The sight of the happy couples reminded me of being in love and dating at the beach. Ah, love!

5. Gratitude – I’m so thankful for all the blessings that God has given me the past year. For my promotion, my investments, my family’s successes, and this beautiful vacation. I know God has more beautiful things in store for me. 🙂



Jump in! Explore the Philippines: Boracay

Boracay has always been one of the favorite tourist destinations in our country, the Philippines. I wanted to know what charms locals and foreigners to this place. I was really excited to find out what treats are awaiting me on my  first time on the beautiful island.

I had fun during my solo time on my first day on the island. I walked barefoot on the white, fine sand and enjoyed the views of the different beachfront resorts.

I even took a glimpse of Piolo Pascual and KC Montero who were guests of a beach wedding. But actually, I took the photo below to capture the happy moment of the groom and the bride, not knowing that Piolo and KC were there.

I got hungry from the long walk so I decided to taste Jonah’s taco. They are actually known for their delicious fruit shakes. But I decided to try this one out. Yummy!!!

The next day while waiting for my friends, I got a hair braid and foot massage while eating ice cream. Hmm… this is the life! 😉 I’m glad I had my hair braided so I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. Neat!

Aside from its pristine beaches, it also boasts of a lot of fun activities that can be enjoyed by friends, families, and couples.

When my friends arrived, we had lunch and we started on our Boracay adventure! First stop: ATV!

I was really scared because it was my first time to drive and operate an ATV! I was even more tensed because I signed a waiver that I would be charged if I’d cause any damage on the ATV. Waah! So I focused on getting the thing to work smoothly. Right hand + downward = accelerate. Left hand = brake. Whew!

My heart would skip everytime we’re about to go down on a steep part of the trail but I was careful and I kept focusing on the road ahead. I had a lot of realizations while I was driving the ATV. Just like my first time in riding a bicycle, I kept in mind that the secret was to focus on the road ahead and believe in myself that I can do it. It’s really one of the secrets of life. Keep your eyes on the goal, focus on success and don’t think about failure. Because when I was learning to ride the bicycle, everytime I worry about scratching the beautiful cars on the side of the street, I’d always end up going to that direction.

It was really thrilling and fun! We also saw the whole of the island from the restaurant on top of the hill. I even touched a bayawak! It was scary.. it looked like a snake/big lizard/crocodile. Hehe.

After the ATV ride, we went for a swim in the clear waters of Boracay. At last! There were fishes swimming with us and some even nibbled at our us a fish spa.. 🙂 So cute!

We went parasailing on my third day on the island. It was beautiful! 🙂 At first I was hesitant and I was really thinking of backing out. But when we were already up there, it was not scary at all. It was relaxing. And I could see the deep sea below me!

After parasailing, we went boating and saw the beautiful resorts along the shores of Boracay.

We also snorkeled and saw only a few fish because we didn’t bring bread for them. We got hungry and ate all our biscuits on the boat. Haha.

We also went to Puka Beach to see the big waves and puka shells. It was also beautiful but I was scared of the waves. We met some Korean tourists and asked their guide to take this photo for us.

It was our last night on the island and we had a simple buffet dinner at a resto by the beach. After getting our tummies full, we strolled along the beach because we wanted to cross off one more item on Ate Doli’s to-do list: firedancing!

Luckily we saw some firedancers brightening up the shores of the island. We walked several miles to their direction.

The dancers were really hot! Haha. The gay dancers were even sexier than me! Argh! We were fortunate to have watched them before the rain poured heavily. We had to run a looong way to save our cameras from getting wet.

It was a really fun weekend getaway in Boracay. Hope you read this with Jump In by Jessica Sanchez and Apl de Ap playing in the background. 🙂 Jump in! Explore the beauty of the Philippines! It’s more fun in the Philippines!

All is set for Boracay!

Yey!!! Tomorrow is my flight to Boracay! I’m soo excited… to see the place for the first time, to take some time off work and Manila, and to see my girl friends!!!

For the first day and first night, I’ll be alone to reflect and have a solo tour on the island. The girls will be arriving the next day because they are from GenSan and will be stopping by Iloilo.

Looking forward to fun, laughter, and awesome bonding moments with the girls.. 🙂

Christmas is here!

It’s October! And Christmas season has officially started in the Philippines! Haha. 😀

In fact, I already bought a Christmas tree for our unit. It was requested by my housemates a year ago. And now, here it is! 🙂

We’ve put up the lights bought by Carlo last year:

We’ll be decorating our little Christmas tree until December. Oh, I am sooo excited for Christmas vacation so I can go home and spend time with my family! 🙂

Anawim: God’s poor

I just came home from our visit to the lolos and lolas in Anawim. Our ministry, the Ushers of Ortigas Feast decided that our bonding session for this quarter would be an outreach to our elderly in Anawim. Although the schedule was very difficult for me – I’d only have 4 hours of sleep from my midshift. We had to assemble at Valle Verde Country Club at 7am and I came home from work at almost 2 in the morning.

But I didn’t mind. I was eager to be part of the pilgrimage to Anawim. This week, almost every night, I dreamt of my own grandparents. As if they’re telling me that I should also visit them when I go home to Mangagoy. Every time I wake up, I’d remember them in my dream but I could not remember what they said. I miss them so much.

Their old house..
Their new house

As a child, I grew up in the love, care, and supervision of my lolos and lolas in both sides. And having been a lolo/lola’s girl has had a big impact and influence in my life. I give credit to them for having raised me as a loving individual. I am what I am today because I grew up in the unconditional love and kindness of my own grandparents. That’s why I thought that visiting the lolos and lolas in Anawim would make me experience that warmth again.

And I was not mistaken. When I saw them smiling and very much eager to meet us and spend time with us, my heart fluttered. Their smiles are priceless. Lola Grace even said that they are always very happy every time people would visit them because most of them are not allowed to go out of their shelter anymore because that would be too risky for them.

“Bumabata kami pag dinadalaw nyo kami rito. Bumalik kayo dito, anak,” was Lola Grace’s parting words. We enjoyed listening to their songs and watching them dance. At the same time, they were also entertained by our group member’s performances. It was a great and blessed day indeed, when we all experienced God’s wonderful love.

According to the head servant of Anawim, every time people go there, not only the elderly are happy, but they themselves will be happy because if the lolos and lolas are happy, they are much easier to please and take care of. Little did he know that we, the visitors are doubly happy because we made a difference in the day of the elders – we made them smile. And they made us smile too.

In my case, they also made me cry. Haha. Especially when it was time to say goodbye. I wasn’t able to control it, my tears just flowed from my eyes because I remember saying goodbye to my own grandparents when it was time for me to leave again. It always tore my heart to leave and see the longing in their eyes. Not knowing when, and if, I’ll see them again when I go home. Being far away from home since I was thirteen, saying goodbye after a break from school or work was always a pain.

But I left the shelter with joy in my heart, knowing that they are in good hands.

I thank God for blessing the earth with people like Bro. Bo and the benefactors, donors, servants, and Feast members who are willing to share their time, talent, and treasure to the abandoned elderly – the poorest of the poor.

Note: Anawim was founded by Bo Sanchez, a Catholic preacher. He was building huts that will serve as a retreat house when, one day, a wounded old man came. Bro. Bo’s heart was deeply touched that’s why he decided to build a shelter for the elderly. The place is really beautiful and well-maintained. That people would want to stay there when they get old. But Bro. Bo emphasized that one should strive, instead, to be donors for the poor elderly instead of being the ones who would need assistance.

So friend, while you are young, plan for your retirement and have an abundant life. So that one day, you can be a channel of blessing to others and help in God’s ministry. 🙂

I’m serving at The Feast Ortigas! :)

Meet my Feast Ortigas – Ushers family, with Sister Yang (the 5th from the left) as our beautiful and energetic leader. I love serving the Lord through the different ministries of The Feast and I hope more people would come to attend it and be blessed.

Meet Bro. Reggie and his wife. They have contacted me and asked me to join the Awesome Kids ministry so I can teach and be with the beautiful and godly children of The Feast.

I’ll be serving together with Teachers Joy and Henrick in the Kids’ ministry.