5 Nuggets of Wisdom from My Mentors

I have learned a lot from my different mentors in the company. Here’s a summary of what they’ve taught me:


  1. Sir Ogie – As a leader, you have to connect with your members. You have to talk to them and ask them about what’s going on in      their lives. If you notice that a member is no longer engaged, you have to      ask him if he has a personal problem and try to work things out with him.
  2. Ms Cathy – Don’t panic when there are issues in the project. It’s normal to have issues and you have      to handle them. Display grace under pressure. You have to be calm so that      you will have a clear mind and can think of the best solutions to the      problems. Also, your members will rely on you and they will be more onfident in themselves if they see their leader handling pressure gracefully.
  3. Ms Rizza – As a leader in the      corporate world, you have to be tough. There’s no room for the faint      hearted in this world. Clients can be tough and they can tear your      confidence into pieces. You have to learn to fight back and stand your      ground. You can’t just cry and lose. You have to show them what you’ve got      and deliver high performance.
  4. Daday – Be assertive. Earn      the trust and confidence of your peers and supervisors. You can’t just sit      around and wait for people to tell you what to do. Communicate your ideas      and let your voice be heard. Make them feel your presence and show that      you can contribute to the success of the team.
  5. Owee – Speak up! Learn to get      what you want out of your career and life by discussing it with your      supervisors and managers. Have a concrete plan and present it to people      who can help you achieve your goals.

Author: Mylene

Disclaimer: My postings reflect my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, Accenture. I'm proud to be Filipina and a Bisaya. I am dedicated, motivated, and results-driven. I am an Aries. Bullheaded. Stubborn. I am a leader. I am a software engineer. I am a child of God. I am living and loving life! :) Leave a comment and subscribe!

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