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9 Ways to be More Productive at Work

I got this article from Call Center Feast newsletter. By the way, The Feast Call Center is held at The New Horizon Hotel at 7 30 am every Saturday. You are invited to come, join us and be blessed! 🙂 I want to share this article with you so that we can all be more productive at work.

Wondering why you can barely find time to eat your lunch while your co-workers are enjoying their breaks? Or, thinking you’ve got a bigger workload or that you’re a harder worker? Think again. It may be that they have already mastered certain time-saving skills and habits that you haven’t – until now. Read on to discover the nine workplace habits that will boost your productivity and lower your stress levels.

1. Take a break.
Yes, you read it right. Contrary to the usual practive of skippping meals just to finish some tasks, taking a break can actually boost your productivity. Taking breaks is like hitting the reset button. It helps you empty out your brain cache so you have room to refill it, says Christine Hohlbaum, author of The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in our 24/7 World. First and foremost, she recommends taking lunch everyday and leaving your desk to do it. “When you have a working lunch, it’s just not very efficient. At some point you;re going to lose attention. It’s really important to take time off because otherwise your brain will reach a saturation point. When this happens, it becomes hard to focus on even the simplest task. At that point, you need to push away from your computer and take a break.

2. Start the day right
Study shows that if an employee is in a bad mood when they arrive at work, whether because of familial problems or a stressful commute, it can decrease their productivity by as much as 10% that day. So unless you come to the office everday in a great mood, start your day with 5 to 10 minutes of time dedicated to decompressing. Create a ritual. Maybe it’s meeting in the coffee break room or going around the office to greet everyone.

3. Exercise
According to MSNBC, researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK found that professionals who spent 30-60 minutes on their lunch break working out experienced an overall performance boost of about 15%. Workers reported better time management skills, an increased abitlity to meet deadlines, and felt more satisfied witht their day.

4. Choose the right food.
You are what you eat, and eating a heavy mid-day meal will often make you feel sleepy for the rest of the afternoon. Try a salad or something a bit lighter so you won’t lag. The key is keeping your sugar levels steady throughout the day according to Kari Kooi, RD, corporate wellness dietician at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, who recommends three light meals and 2 snacks at regular intervals. Heavy meals can make you feel sluggish because they require more energy to digest. A quality lunch will consist of a fiber-rich carbohydrate, like water-rich veggies, and a lean, protein, like chicken or fish. When you hit midday slump, Kooi suggests going for proteins like mixed nuts and fruit instead of the usual energy-zapping pretzels, cookies, or candy, which cause your blood sugar levels to spike and then drop and may even make you hungrier.

5. Get More Sleep
We all know that sleep is important. Getting enough gives us energy, memory and mental clarity. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to weight gain, depression, and even cancer and heart problems.

6. Keep a flexible to-do list
Making a daily list of to-dos is a great way to stay on top of your work. However, there is one pitfall, it can make you inflexible. A lot of people feel their day’s been wrecked if they have to change their plan, but the most effective people understand that that’s part of the job. Start your day with a plan and continually update through the course of the day to note the items that haven’t been done or to add tasks as they crop up.

7. Say NO
It’s easy to get distracted or overwhelmed at work. But one of the secrets of highly productive people is that they learn when and how to say no. For starters, say no to whiners, complainers, and distracting people. One way to do that is by wearing headphones. It sends the message that you’re busy and it drowns out the noise as well. When it comes to saying no to the boss, do it with tact, but firmly. Ask him to prioritize what’s most important given what’s on your plate. It’s your responsibility to tell your manager when you’re overloaded. If you continue to accept new tasks, management may assume you have the time to complete them. Don’te be shy about asking your boss to prioritize your workload and help you offload tasks that can be completed more efficiently by someone else.

8. Balance your workload
Different tasks require different level s of concentration, which you can use to your advantage. Prioritization is key. Start by identifying the tasks at hand into 2 categories: weeds and intensive work. Weeds are small, manageable things such as handling email, phone calls, and minor organizational tasks. Intensive work is anything that requires an extended period of concentration, such as management tasks, preparing presentations, writing, or editing. Miscellaneous routine tasks are like weeds in your garden; we all have them, and no matter how often we try to get rid of them, they never go away. Yet they have to be handled, and pulling a few weeds can provide a restorative break from more intensive work.

9. Put Perfectionism in its place
While turning in perfect work has been encouraged since kindergarten, that attitude can be counterproductive if it’s not managed. It’s important to pick your battles. Women by nature, are somewhat perfectionist. So we need to distinguish what requires perfectionism. Of course, you want to put your best foot forward in all situations, but if you’re trapped for time, prioritize. If you’re writing and informal memo to a co-worker, give it a quick look and spell-check it but resist the urge to re-read it 2 times over. If, on the other hand, you’re creating a brochure for your company or preparing an important presentation, then that’s the time to put all of your perfectionist tendencies to good use.

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So blessed at the Kerygma Conference 2012 Day1

I’ve  been tremendously blessed by the power worship and talks today at the first day of the Kerygma Conference. I’m overflowing with joy, wisdom, and happiness.

SMX Arena filled with KCon attendees
Excited attendees at the SMX arena entrance

This morning, Roselle Ambubuyog, the first visually impaired Filipina who became summa cum laude at Ateneo de Manila University gave a very inspiring talk. I wish I could get a transcript of her talk and share it to all of you so that you too, will be inspired by her life. It’s really one of the best talks I’ve ever heard. Many times during her talk, I would get ashamed of myself for allowing my weaknesses to overpower me and sometimes I get teary-eyed with how Roselle was able to rise and triumph over her weaknesses. I really admire and respect her, not only because of her achievements but more because of  her strength and faith. She truly is God’s champion.

The next talk was given by no other than Bo Sanchez himself. He was encouraging everybody to be the champions that God wants them to be. He said that spiritual transformation can only happen when we change our image of God. And not only that, we should also be open to the other media that God uses to reach us. He used the analogy of casette tapes and CDs. Before, we hear music through casette tapes.  And then CDs came along. Though some people adapted to this change, others were reluctant and didn’t want music to be in CDs because it would force them to buy CD players. Sometimes it can also be like that with our relationship with God. We are too stubborn to listen to God and live out our purpose.

Bo tells us to hold our plow. Stop waiting for what you don’t have and start working with what you have because eventually  you will have what you want! You have to start asking yourself this: what is your core gift? Give 80% of your time and energy to that core gift and only 20% to other areas of your life.

He also tells us to burn your plow. Give up what you have right now to enjoy greater things. Sometimes, when we become the “expert” in our area , when we become a 10, we settle right there and we no longer seek for greater things. Why settle for 10 when you can be an 11? You can be a 1 again, but in a higher level! Be prepared and seek for greater things! Get hungry again!

Be happy but don’t be content. Ironic, right? When I first heard this, I wanted to argue with Bro. Bo too. But his rationale was this: you can be happy with where you are right now, but you should not be content because you can help more people if you will become  GREATER. (Sounds like our company’s tag line: Be > than. 😉 )

I chose the Career stream for my afternoon talks.

Benedict Hernandez, Accenture’s BPO Lead, gave the first talk. He shared to us how he stumbled while choosing his career path. He started with being a teacher, and then he eventually joined the telcom company which later on bought PLDT and became SMART Communications. And then, he and his team saw the potential of the Call Center industry in being the next big thing. Etelecare was then formed and became the biggest call center in the country. He then joined Accenture as the BPO Lead because he sees that the Filipinos will not only be the first in the call center industry but also in other IT services as well.


The happiest people are those who have discovered their passion, their purpose, and had the courage to pursue them.”

The next talk was given by Jon Escoto, Feast builder.  Someone (I forgot his name) also gave a short puppet show, which was really funny and entertained the audience.


Jon Escoto said that there are 3 questions that you should ask yourself in order to find your career.

  1. What are you deeply passionate about?
  2. What can you do better than  many?
  3. What drives your economic engine?

Once you find the answers to these questions, find the intersection… and you will have your CAREER!

What are you deeply passionate about? + What can you do better than  many? = HOBBY


What can you do better than  many? +  What drives your economic engine? = JOB


What are you deeply passionate about? + What drives your economic engine? = FANTASY


The intersection of the three is your CAREER! 🙂

The third speaker was Chinkee Tan, an ex comedian who is now an inspirational speaker and a finance mentor. He shared how he sold tissues when he was still young to help his family make ends meet because his father lost money in their business.

Change your mindset, change your life
Rule #1: Never negative, always positive
Rule # 2: Never allow negative people to influence you.
Rule # 3: Never allow negative situation to stop you.

It was indeed a day full of worship, knowledge, and fun… 🙂

Watch out for my post on the 2nd day of Kerygma Conference 2012. God bless!


Got my Oracle Certification: OCJP, Java SE 6 Programmer Success Kit

Yey! I finally got my OCJP 6 Success Kit:

Why get certified? Well.. for a course like Information Technology, which doesn’t have any board exam, we rely on these certifications to prove to future employers that we have the skills that they are looking for. It’s only one of the passports/tickets to success. I am of course, fully aware that it’s not necessary for everyone to have this. I have teammates and friends whom I know are highly skilled in Java (and other programming languages) who don’t get certifications at all. But it’s also a bonus to add to your resume.. 🙂

A Note in my Wallet

This note that I’ve kept in my wallet made me smile today. 🙂


This is a compilation of texts from my friends and family who comforted me when I had my heart broken  inDecember  2008. Now it’s no longer a reminder of a failed relationship but of love and friendship.

I am really thankful for this. These simple notes from you made my heart whole again.

Hayaan mo na lang ang mga taong ganyan. Be strong, stand up, pray to the Lord and continue your life. – Sir Dino

Don’t sour grape and don’t curse him, instead be thankful that he was once a part of your life. Treasure those memories, they are all part of growing up. At least you know now he’s too weak, unfit for you. – Sir Dino

Buing lage xa nalagot ko sa iya txt nimo. Dli man makabuot ang iya parents oi. Anyway, f mao na, xa ang nawalan, dli ikaw. Lucky keu ang lalaki s imu my oi. Ayaw kaguol, dli pjud cguro xa ang lucky guy. – Mae

Lagot jud ko nag icp s iya gbuhat nimu. Mahay jud xa s iya gbuhat. Ayaw na pag icp nya my ug ayaw na pagtxt ayaw na pagreply nya. Wala sa imu ang prob oi, ngkataon lng nga ang nakilala nimu way paninindigan. – Mae

Abi nimu galagot jud ko nya f kilala lng naku xa, ambot lng. Wala jud xay karapatan pasakitan ka my. Ayaw icpa na kaw ang dhado, my kay xa ang dapat magmahay nuh. – Mae

Ayaw paghilak my ha, dli xa deserving s imu luha. – Mae

F masakitan ka my, masakitan pd ko, f pued p gani, ako mangaway nya. Cge lng my, lalaki lng na xa. Daghan kaau s lyf dapat ikalipay nimo. Naa imu family , xla bya ato tinuod nga kalipay. – Mae

Enjoy ur day ha. I miss u my 🙂 hapi ko now ky mdyo ok nka. – Charisse

Kmusta ka na? Am praying for you – Maam Nimfa

I know nga it won’t take away d pain, bt just want 2 remind u how special u r n d eyes of many. Uv touched so many hearts. And we all beliv u dserv 2 b loved d ryt way… cherish d healing process te. It will make u a mor beautiful prson nsyd. Cant wait 2 c u again, renewd. – Ems

U mke me cry everytym u cry. Cz uv bn so spcl 2 me and im hurting too.. Seeing you cry doesn’t make u any lesser. In fact, uv gained my highest appreciation and admiration. Ur handling it well te. Kp it up! Love u te – Ems

D jud diay xa man enuf 2 face hs problems te. Maau nlng pd wla na mo ky coward diay xa. Dli angay nga sa ing ana nga lalaki ka mag submit. He cant b gud enuf 2 be ur man. – Ems

Hi my 🙂 are u ok today? I hope so. Wat matters is dat God is always der 4 u… – Charisse

Bsi katok na c *******. Go on wd ur lyf my. 4gt hm nlng.. Mkarealize rna madugay. Take care next tym ha. – charisse

Pg lingaw2 sad oi..hav fun. Pagwapa. Pparlor n everythin, ok? U celebrate lyf my… k? Aja – Fran

As long as my mai22long ako, count me in.. Juz giv urself a tym 2 heal n discern 4 things. Kaya mo yan! – Fran

Hes nt d strong man uv bn lukng for diay. Check tanan imong ideals. Katong mga obvious lng. Tong character part, daghan diay x. – Ems

Ate my, how r u? – Laiza

U wer strong enuf 2 take d risk knowing nga naay possibility nga d magwork out.. -Ems

Gago lagi na xa my. Kapangit. Ur left hanging wdout any closure. Duh, to hell wd dem. Y waste a lovely vcation 4 such. Sagdi lng my. We are hir 4 u. -Jose

Mamas boy jud diay. Lisud na my ky dli pud ko makadetect ug ingon ana. Pwo, hu carers. Nw u knw n jud. Sagdi lng, put ur gameface on n nman. Drs and ocean of boys out dr. – Jose

8s hard 4 a guy who just failed a grl to face her agen as soon as u want. Let hm take hs tym. Nsaktan pd guro xa nd hs stl coping wd 8. lisud ma fail. – Jose

Parents ka dyan! Hmp! Damay damayon pa jd iyang ginikanan. Xa ra to oi. Makagaba bya nang bugal bugalan p jd hasta parents. Pasumangil ra to nya oi. Kalimti lng na. makarma ra na. Anyway, lets jst enjoy d yuletide season. U have all the reasons 2 smile – Jay

Ul nvr 4gt ds xperience gud. It rili s worthy 2 luk back even on d pains. Cz d best lessons n lyf r from dos w/c left a meaningful scar n our hearts… – Ems

Alam mo npansin q te, uv handled ur pains gracefully. Vry womanly keu. Jesus has shaped u n2 a beautiful woman, insyd out. – Ems

I’m glad ur a survivor na. – Sir Dino

Yurs man to te.. Katunga s iya utok, lapok! – Baby

Tama lagi ko te, bayot man to – Tito Leven

No need to chat with that spoiled brat. It’s useless. I don’t respect persons taking advantage of the weaknesses of other people, most especially my friends. – Sir Dino

I can’t believe I’m seeing u cry for him my… Love tka and I’m always here for you. – Hannah