A Note in my Wallet

This note that I’ve kept in my wallet made me smile today. 🙂


This is a compilation of texts from my friends and family who comforted me when I had my heart broken  inDecember  2008. Now it’s no longer a reminder of a failed relationship but of love and friendship.

I am really thankful for this. These simple notes from you made my heart whole again.

Hayaan mo na lang ang mga taong ganyan. Be strong, stand up, pray to the Lord and continue your life. – Sir Dino

Don’t sour grape and don’t curse him, instead be thankful that he was once a part of your life. Treasure those memories, they are all part of growing up. At least you know now he’s too weak, unfit for you. – Sir Dino

Buing lage xa nalagot ko sa iya txt nimo. Dli man makabuot ang iya parents oi. Anyway, f mao na, xa ang nawalan, dli ikaw. Lucky keu ang lalaki s imu my oi. Ayaw kaguol, dli pjud cguro xa ang lucky guy. – Mae

Lagot jud ko nag icp s iya gbuhat nimu. Mahay jud xa s iya gbuhat. Ayaw na pag icp nya my ug ayaw na pagtxt ayaw na pagreply nya. Wala sa imu ang prob oi, ngkataon lng nga ang nakilala nimu way paninindigan. – Mae

Abi nimu galagot jud ko nya f kilala lng naku xa, ambot lng. Wala jud xay karapatan pasakitan ka my. Ayaw icpa na kaw ang dhado, my kay xa ang dapat magmahay nuh. – Mae

Ayaw paghilak my ha, dli xa deserving s imu luha. – Mae

F masakitan ka my, masakitan pd ko, f pued p gani, ako mangaway nya. Cge lng my, lalaki lng na xa. Daghan kaau s lyf dapat ikalipay nimo. Naa imu family , xla bya ato tinuod nga kalipay. – Mae

Enjoy ur day ha. I miss u my 🙂 hapi ko now ky mdyo ok nka. – Charisse

Kmusta ka na? Am praying for you – Maam Nimfa

I know nga it won’t take away d pain, bt just want 2 remind u how special u r n d eyes of many. Uv touched so many hearts. And we all beliv u dserv 2 b loved d ryt way… cherish d healing process te. It will make u a mor beautiful prson nsyd. Cant wait 2 c u again, renewd. – Ems

U mke me cry everytym u cry. Cz uv bn so spcl 2 me and im hurting too.. Seeing you cry doesn’t make u any lesser. In fact, uv gained my highest appreciation and admiration. Ur handling it well te. Kp it up! Love u te – Ems

D jud diay xa man enuf 2 face hs problems te. Maau nlng pd wla na mo ky coward diay xa. Dli angay nga sa ing ana nga lalaki ka mag submit. He cant b gud enuf 2 be ur man. – Ems

Hi my 🙂 are u ok today? I hope so. Wat matters is dat God is always der 4 u… – Charisse

Bsi katok na c *******. Go on wd ur lyf my. 4gt hm nlng.. Mkarealize rna madugay. Take care next tym ha. – charisse

Pg lingaw2 sad oi..hav fun. Pagwapa. Pparlor n everythin, ok? U celebrate lyf my… k? Aja – Fran

As long as my mai22long ako, count me in.. Juz giv urself a tym 2 heal n discern 4 things. Kaya mo yan! – Fran

Hes nt d strong man uv bn lukng for diay. Check tanan imong ideals. Katong mga obvious lng. Tong character part, daghan diay x. – Ems

Ate my, how r u? – Laiza

U wer strong enuf 2 take d risk knowing nga naay possibility nga d magwork out.. -Ems

Gago lagi na xa my. Kapangit. Ur left hanging wdout any closure. Duh, to hell wd dem. Y waste a lovely vcation 4 such. Sagdi lng my. We are hir 4 u. -Jose

Mamas boy jud diay. Lisud na my ky dli pud ko makadetect ug ingon ana. Pwo, hu carers. Nw u knw n jud. Sagdi lng, put ur gameface on n nman. Drs and ocean of boys out dr. – Jose

8s hard 4 a guy who just failed a grl to face her agen as soon as u want. Let hm take hs tym. Nsaktan pd guro xa nd hs stl coping wd 8. lisud ma fail. – Jose

Parents ka dyan! Hmp! Damay damayon pa jd iyang ginikanan. Xa ra to oi. Makagaba bya nang bugal bugalan p jd hasta parents. Pasumangil ra to nya oi. Kalimti lng na. makarma ra na. Anyway, lets jst enjoy d yuletide season. U have all the reasons 2 smile – Jay

Ul nvr 4gt ds xperience gud. It rili s worthy 2 luk back even on d pains. Cz d best lessons n lyf r from dos w/c left a meaningful scar n our hearts… – Ems

Alam mo npansin q te, uv handled ur pains gracefully. Vry womanly keu. Jesus has shaped u n2 a beautiful woman, insyd out. – Ems

I’m glad ur a survivor na. – Sir Dino

Yurs man to te.. Katunga s iya utok, lapok! – Baby

Tama lagi ko te, bayot man to – Tito Leven

No need to chat with that spoiled brat. It’s useless. I don’t respect persons taking advantage of the weaknesses of other people, most especially my friends. – Sir Dino

I can’t believe I’m seeing u cry for him my… Love tka and I’m always here for you. – Hannah


Author: Mylene

Disclaimer: My postings reflect my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, Accenture. I'm proud to be Filipina and a Bisaya. I am dedicated, motivated, and results-driven. I am an Aries. Bullheaded. Stubborn. I am a leader. I am a software engineer. I am a child of God. I am living and loving life! :) Leave a comment and subscribe!

3 thoughts on “A Note in my Wallet”

  1. Nalingaw ko pagbasa ani te. those days. Has it been that long? prang kelan lng tlga! The crying night at glan, the screaming afternoon at BQ, the unending crying ang laughing(both at the same time) over breakfasts and dinners even during snacks. OMG! Ang mga boys kay isog kaau. Murag manumbag na pero dli pahuli si ate mae. Murag mangsabunot man. Hehe..

    u finally won that battle. it was the first time i saw u so vulnerable and i’m glad to see u standing strong right now. U’ve even won another battle after that.

    Haaayy… I regret not having long chats with u wen we were reunited. What has gone into me? I’ve been missing u the past year, itching to chat and get updates but… well, i’ll be seeing u again and will never miss another opportunity to be inspired by your life again 🙂

    I also want you to know that I miss and love u so 🙂 And I’ve always been praying for u, especially now because a lot is going on in your life and there’s one sweet prayer that I’m whispering to the Lord. 🙂

    Stay fabulous! I love u te!!! Hugs to the nth level!

  2. Ems!!! Yah… super jd ko na touch ani.. na remember nako mo.. tanan nga nakiramay sa akong sadness ato…hehe. especially ikaw kay na witness jd nimo tanan. especially tong pagka discover jd nako. as in naa pa jd ko ato sa moment..

    I super cried when you left na and when I arrived in NAIA airport. I felt so alone. Tsaka I really regretted na we didn’t get a chance to bond sa Boracay. Dats why nagtext ko sa imo. hehe.. Kay mao jd akong feeling when I parted ways with you-know-who.

    Now I know ing ana jud diay ang feeling when you miss someone so much, see him/her again, and part ways again. Hay.. This is life. But it’s ok…we’ll see each other soon.. 🙂

    Take care!

    1. I love you Ems! I’m praying for you…for success in every aspect of your life. And may our prayers and dreams come true.. Tanan nga atong na share during those afternoon chats we had at BQ. Mwah!!!

      Mura na pd tag textmates ani. haha

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