Reaping harvests in 2012

Year 2012 has been the start of reaping harvests. And I am thankful for a lot of things that God has given me this year. Here is a list of the things I am thankful for this 2012:

1. Permanent job for Jong (my brother) as a fireman.

2. Graduation, passing of Nursing board exam, and acceptance of Gringo (my other brother) in RN Heals (P-Noy’s program for nurses). Also, Jerryl’s (cousin) passing of Agricultural Engineering exam and Josephine’s (another cousin) passing of Teacher’s board exam.

3. My promotion to Team Lead. This was really unexpected but something that I am really, really grateful for.

Fun at the office

Fun at the office

4. Reunion with Gensan friends and trip to Boracay.
5. Project experience as a Java programmer and passing as an Oracle Certified Java Professional.
6. Parents’ 30th anniversary and gift trip to Manila.

7.  Serving at the Feast and attending the Kerygma Conference for the first time.


8. Acquisition of condo investment and gadgets – Sam, Non, and Kata.

9. Outreach activity at He Cares Foundation.

10. Reunion with my family.


Thank God for all the blessings this 2012! 🙂


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