I Love Life!

I love life retreat participants.
Photo Credits: JPaul Hernandez


I’ve just had one of the most awesome weekends of my life. I attended the Love Life retreat conducted by the Feast Ortigas for the Singles community at CCT Tagaytay. I didn’t only have an intimate personal encounter with the Lord, I also gained a number of new friends both from the participants and the servants.

We left Manila at 7am yesterday and arrived at Tagaytay at around9am. We were all delighted to see the venue and excited to check out our rooms. And yes, the retreat fee of 1,800 was really worth it!


Bro Jan Silas of Makati Feast gave the first talk on “Loving yourself”.  His talk really struck  me because I know that I have not been loving myself enough. I am incapable of loving others because I could not love myself the way God loved me. There are so many times when I could not accept myself for my flaws, shortcomings and failures. I have been very hard on myself. Bro Jan reminded us that God did not make junk. As the song goes, God says, “Child you are.. .more precious than silver. Child you are… more costly than gold. Child you are…more beautiful than diamonds.”

There is also a beautiful article snippet from Kerygma that I want to share with you:

 Those chains that have bound you for so long – you don’t have to settle for those anymore. Jesus has resurrection power to set you free! If you’ll commit yourself to resurrection living, you can confront those monsters from your past that have haunted you and defined you for way too long. You can face those fears, move beyond that bitterness, and throw yourself into doing some things that will last forever!

Tell Jesus that you’re tired of business as usual – that you’ve been settling for a life that’s too small, that’s only as big as you can make it. Sell out to His plans, His power. We stand by Jesus at the empty tomb that He blew away and hear Him say, “Break free from the bondage called ordinary living! Put no limits to the miracles of God in your life and ministry! Attempt big things for God. Dream big dreams. And give nothing less than your all. You’ve got the power – the extraordinary life! This is your calling!

I was really blessed by the talk by Bro Jan and by the sharing of Sister Arci. I wouldn’t spill the rest of the talks in the retreat for the benefit of those who will be joining the May session but I just want to share that the poignant message that I received from God in the retreat is to see myself that way He sees me, to love myself, and forgive myself…because He doesn’t want to allow sin to keep me away from Him. He wants me to be faithful to our covenant because He will never break His promises. 🙂

Friend, you can do nothing about your past, but you can do something about your future – Bro Vic

Here are some of our pics during the retreat. I’m really happy to have made new friends. I have isolated myself ever since I transferred to Manila and often I felt “friendless” because I left my friends in Mindanao. But I know I should also make new ones to fill up my love tank as I continue to cherish and nourish my sweet old friendships. 🙂

Our room at CCT Tagaytay :)
Our room at CCT Tagaytay 🙂


Aia.. can you be my prayer partner? 🙂
My roommates and new found friends Bambi, Aia, Kaye, and May
My pretty roommates and new found friends Bambi, Aia, Kaye, and May
Mahangin at super ginaw! :)
Mahangin at super ginaw! 🙂


IMG_8592 IMG_8585 IMG_8579


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9 thoughts on “I Love Life!”

    1. Thanks kat! Yah.. mis u 2! U know wat,i’m attending the friday session of yoga and it’s much, much better than the sunday session. Hope ur doin well.

  1. Hi sis, ang ganda naman ng sharing mo. The retreat is indeed a beautiful experience with the Lord! Im also blessed kse i met you! Hope makapag bonding tau soon. God bless you sis! 🙂

  2. Hi Ate My!!! Wow, parang na-rekindle ang saya na naramdaman ko nung retreat when I read your blog. Thanks for this! Natuwa ako kasi may special photo tayong dalawa! wow! Hope all is well sayo. See you sa reunion! :))

  3. hi sis! awesome blog! so blessed with the retreat and had a great time sharing lots of kikay stuff with you girls! Im looking forward to see u again! 🙂

    1. Yesss sis! 🙂 I’m excited to bond with you girls! Unfortunately I can’t attend the reunion ‘coz I’m going home to Mindanao. 😦
      Some other time nlng ha.

  4. hi 🙂 just wondering if you know a retreat like this, this 2014??? as i need activity like this to figure out my life..


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