12 thoughts on “How to Open a Citiseconline account in 4 Easy Steps”

  1. hi My Lane,

    I have 5k intended in opening an account. Other requirements needed like bills, unfortunately I don’t have bills. I’m on renting a room only.

    i wanted to get an account the soonest.

    can you help me on this?

    thank you

  2. Hi My Lane,

    What if we live in province and don’t have bills. I’m on renting a room also. Is it still possible to have an account with them?

    Thank you. God bless

    1. Hi AD,

      I am not very sure how to go about your situation… If you were living with your parents, it would have been easier because they will allow you to submit bills as long as you share the last name with them and you have the same address.

  3. Hi im an ofw i would like to open an account I can start in 5k and can add monthly can u help me if i will just mail my requirements but no proofs of bills? I dnt have credit cards neither electricity bills pls do help me Thanks

  4. I was renting one place to another in manila..what if my address in my government Id`s are not coinside in my address right now. What am I going to do.pls help

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