Globe Tattoo Wifi@Home

Ok, finally it’s here! Tattoo@Home Wifi. Based from the speedtest (
globespeedNot bad.. right? I availed of the 999 plan for speeds UP TO 1 Mbps. We have to pay for the Wifi router for 1000 pesos – about 350 per month, for 3 months.. on top of the 999 bill.

Seems good. Right now, I’m satisfied because I will be able to work from home. πŸ™‚


Finally time for Wifi @ Home: Cost – Benefit Analysis

I’m frustrated with the speed of my Globe Tattoo stick here at GA Tower. I think it’s really time to be generous to myself and get at DSL/Wimax connection. I have been trying to convince myself that it’s TIME to get a Wifi connection, but of course, there are a lot of factors that I should consider:

1. How long will I be staying at my place? Since the lock-in period would be at least 2 yrs.
– So far, I don’t have any plans of moving out or going anywhere – not until 2015.
2. How much time would I stay at home? This is an important factor to consider in deciding between a pocket wifi or dsl
– With an upcoming project, I’d probably be at home by 9pm during weekdays and leave at 8am in the morning. That’s 11 hours minus 8 hours of sleep, so I’ll have 3 hours of surfing time during weekdays. I’ll also have about 10 hours during weekends.
3. How much would it be?
– Since my housemates and I agreed to divide the cost amongst ourselves – and there’ll be 4 of us – 1099/4 = 275. Since I’ll have 3 (hrs per wkday) * 22 + 10 (hrs during wkends) * 4 = 106 hrs per month. That’s about 2.5 pesos per hour every month! Hmmm… not bad! πŸ™‚


1. I also really need to have more access to the Internet because we finally have DSL connection at home (Mangagoy, Bislig, Surigao del Sur) and I’d want to get in touch more with my loved ones at home.
2. I can blog MORE! Yey!!! I’ve been wanting to blog regularly but oftentimes I don’t have Internet connection when I’m inspired to write – it’s not really a big problem because I can always write online, but it’s nice when you can just publish anytime. Plus, I’d like to have more images in my posts – which is sooo darn difficult and annoying when you have a super slow connection. Upload speeds could really wear you down and stress you out!3. There’s just a loooooot of benefits in having a faster Internet connection. DUH. :p

Cheers to a faster Internet next week! I’m so excited πŸ™‚

Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

DSC01330 DSC01418


I grew up in your care for 12 years. I still remember when my grade six adviser gave us a homework to kiss our mothers and say “I love you”. I didn’t know how to do it because as a family, we were not used to being vocal and expressive. But being a “good student”, I didn’t want to go to school without doing my homework. You were washing the dishes and getting ready for work while I was waiting for the perfect timing.. You were surprised to see me at the living room after you’ve dressed up and got ready to go to work. You even scolded me because I would be late for my classes. With a heavy heart, I went to school without doing my homework.

I cried when you “forced” me to apply for the entrance exam at Philippine Science High School. It was already the deadline for the application and I still haven’t submitted my application forms. I was scared of taking the exam for 2 reasons: one, I might fail and you’d be disappointed. Two, I might pass and I’d have to live far away from you. After your long sermon about Pisay being the best school for me and that you and Papa might not be able to send me to John Bosco anymore because of the expensive tuition fee of the private school, you went with me to school to ask the school’s basketball team to submit my application to Pisay because they had a game at Davao City during the weekend. My application papers wouldn’t have made it on time without you.

I passed the Philippine Science High School entrance exams and I didn’t really know what to feel. I was proud to be one of the 2 students in our school who passed the 2 entrance exams but I was also very scared. I just turned 13 years old then, and I had to live far away from home. I never understood how you were able to let me go at such a young age. I looked forward to your visits to Davao and even begged you to take me home with you. Since then, I learned to hug, kiss, and say I love you once again.

I may not have known it then, but now, I know, that it must have been hard for you, too. But you had to secure my future and you knew that it was the best school for me. Obviously, you made the right decisions.

If I would have to write about every single thing that you’ve done to keep our family together, I’d probably have to keep on writing for days! You almost single-handedly raised us because Papa is pasaway. Hehe. (But of course, we all still love him). You would wake up so early in the morning to wash our clothes, cook breakfast and go to work. I didn’t notice all those things before, until one day, I woke up and there was no food at the table. You didn’t wake us up to have breakfast. And after knocking on your door for hours and you didn’t respond, Papa had to destroy the lock and we found you on the bed, sleeping like a rock.

I could recall how scared I was back then. I was only (I think), 14 years old. And it shocked and scared me to my core. It took me a few minutes before I realized what you did. There was a pad of empty sleeping pills on the bed. Luckily, Nanay went there and helped us wake you up and vomit all those pills that you took. You were so groggy and almost unable to open your eyes. I was angry for what you did but the fear of losing you was way bigger than my anger. Thankfully, nothing serious happened to you. But I would never forget that incident…

Growing up as teenager, far away from home, you weren’t always by my side.. you weren’t there…when I needed a mom to soothe my troubles and ease my heartaches… but I knew that you are working hard to keep our family together and give my siblings and me a good future. You have always trusted me, supported me, and believed in my capabilities.

We had one big fight and I saw how much I hurt you. I never imagined that I could hurt you like that. I made you cry and I didn’t speak to you for more than a week. Good thing that we were able to patch things up after you sent me back to Davao to “cool off”. Hehe. Contrary to what you’ve always thought of me, I am not a perfect daughter. I can be a pain in the ass, too. Stubborn and maldita. But I realized how much I love you and I swore to myself that I won’t make you cry again and that you’d be proud of having me as a daughter… so you see Ma, everything happens for a reason. Haha. Because from that day on, I made a vow to help you in putting my brothers and sister through college. And I’ve been faithful to that vow because I love you so much.

Mama, we may not have a perfect mother-and-daughter relationship, we may have been living far from each other for the past 17 years of my life, but rest assured that you are always in my heart everyday. I pray for a time that we would live close to each other again in the future. Thank you for teaching me to fly and be independent at a young age. I will always be grateful for all your sacrifices for us. I pray that you’ll have more years to celebrate Mother’s Day with us. I miss you and love you so much! You are our supermom! πŸ™‚

DSC06361 DSC09875DSC05134

I kiss my past goodbye

Dear God,


I know that you always want the best for me. Although you have shown me how great your love is, still I have chosen to hurt and disobey you many times. I traded Your perfect, unchanging love for fleeting moments of worldly comfort and desire. Father, thank you for giving me endless chances to start anew, for your infinite stream of forgiveness, for your blood that washed away my sins and made me pure again. Thank you for giving me hope, and a promise of a blessed future. I pray that you give me strength to turn away from the temptations of this world. May I give glory to you as I live out my life’s purpose. May you be the center of my life. I embrace tomorrow with you and kiss my past goodbye.

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To a true friend on her birthday

15-12-06_1402 tres marias

We’ve been friends since the year 2000. That means it’s been almost 13 years of friendship. We came to know each other when we took up BS in Information Technology at MSU-IIT. Our friendship deepened when I became President of our department org – JITS and she became our Treasurer. We also became group mates in several school projects, experienced the same struggles, challenges and fun that college life had to offer.

We have fond memories of celebrating Valentines day in one of the streets of Iligan – sharing our “love” problems – as if! Hehe. Those “problems” seem so childish now but they felt like life-and-death situations back then. Oh, puppy love. :p

After graduating from college, I worked in MSU, at Gensan – her hometown. She resigned from her first job at STI to work with me at MSU. And there we felt like being in college once again – but on a whole different level. I worked as an IT instructor and she was a programmer at the Computer Center. We witnessed how each other matured, fell in love, got hurt, and survived life’s trials.

She has always been my confidante, my shoulder to cry on and my “encourager”. As they say, big things come in small packages. She may be small, but she definitely has one of the biggest hearts in this universe. Other people may see her as maarte, mataray, or suplada. But for us who really know her, she’s probably the sweetest, kindest and most supportive friend one can ever have.

Β Han, although we are now miles apart, we have managed to still keep in touch of each other regularly. I feel that you are really just around the corner. And I am really,Β  really grateful to you for that. You know what, you are the only constant thing that has remained in my ever-changing world – for 13 years (except for my family)! People have come and go, I’ve been to different places, worked at different offices, but you have been with me all through this time. You don’t know how much I treasure that. I’m really lucky to have you. As a friend, I really couldn’t ask more from you. You are just amazing!

Always remember that I am your friend and will probably be for the rest of our lives. I wish for your true happiness. May you always be a great mom to my godson Yoel, a loving wife to your husband, and a caring daughter and sister. I pray that you’ll always have good health and you’ll never be hospitalized for any sickness again. Continue to be the strong and beautiful woman that you are. May we continue to grow in our faith in God and offer our weaknesses to Him – our main source of strength and inspiration. I love you, my friend.

P.S. I’ve been wanting to make this post for you but for 2 years, this time of the year has always been very busy for me. And now, here it is… I hope (and I know) that you will have a great day today. We’ll continue to be awesome at 30! Enjoy your day!!! Happy, happy, birthday! Sending hugs and kisses!