Super lazy Saturday

I am a couch potato today!
Just sugar crush, movie (beautiful creatures), and TV(The Voice) all day…


Not to mention food trippin and no exercise at all! Not an ideal Saturday… but good relaxation time for an almost-sick me!

Hoping to do some chores and read my homework before the day officially ends.

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Fighting flu virus


pure kalamansi – first thng n d morning. Before any solids or liquids n my tummy.

And 1 hour aftr, healthy breakfast plus bioflu.


Praying that this works! I don’t like getting sick!

Late night calls with onshore counterparts + cramming for Feast bulletin’s layout + sick people around me = abnormal sleeping hours = sick me!

In my 2 yrs at the company, I’ve never filed a sick leave. Of course I get sick, but I feel that I get sicker if I stay at home and nobody’s gonna take care of me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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Simply because he is my father!

He’s pasaway. He’s hard headed. He’s emo. But I love this guy.

He is my first travel buddy. When I was younger, I always tagged along wherever he went – even if he didn’t want me to. I could never forget the time when we rode the pumpboat back to our town and the boat almost sank because it was raining so hard and the waves were so big. The boat was rocking back and forth but just one look at him gave me an assurance that I would be okay. I knew he would keep me safe. And he did – because he is my father.

DSC06365Our trip to Enchanted River is one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever had. One day during my vacation at home, I was complaining that my friends from other places have already been at Enchanted River while I – who was a local of Hinatuan, haven’t even seen the place. He immediately said “Ta, adto ta, mag motor lang ta.” (Come, let’s go. We’ll just ride the motorcycle). I was thrilled because we haven’t had a trip – just the two of us – for a long time already.

enchanted_river_wd_papaHe’s usually very emotional… especially when he’s had a few drinks. It’s the only time when he gets the courage to talk to us and tell us how much he missed us. Papa is more emotional and cheesy than Mama. Just this May, I was surprised to receive a text from him:

iloveupaThe once very strict father has now mellowed down. I used to get really frightened when I am not yet home by 5pm and I hear his angry voice calling me. I’d go home running right away. But now, we are the ones who would call him to go home. Hahaha. Once when he was out so late, I texted him asking why he isn’t home yet and he should be home already. He replied explaining that it’s been raining hard and that he’s just waiting for it to stop so he can go home. A few minutes later, he was home. Hehe. Times have certainly changed.

But sometimes I get really annoyed at him because he is pasaway – he doesn’t take care of his health and finances well. But despite all his imperfections, I still love him – simply because he is my father.

Papa, you may not be the best father in the world, but I know how much you love us. I hope you take care of your health because someday, if ever I do get a chance to walk down the aisle, I want you to walk with me. Hehe. I love you so much Papa! ๐Ÿ™‚

Help, I’m addicted to Candy Crush!

please let me finish this level on candy crush today
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I downloaded Candy Crush on the first day that we had Wifi at home and I… am addicted! Help! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I don’t wanna be like that guy!

temp..bzeyhjwg candy crush

I don’t wanna be addicted to this. It’s sucking up all my free time! I only get to do the things I have to do when I lose all my lives and I have to wait for several minutes (or hours) to play again. Oh my…

Yes, it’s a good way to pass time when I’m commuting, in the bus, in the FX, (not in the jeepney – that’s scary!).. But my goodness!! It’s all I ever do all day! This can’t be happening!!!!

How can I help myself:

1. Limit playing to bus rides only.2. No Candy Crush at home – except when I get all my chores done! My room is a big mess already!
3. Uninstall? Noooo… ! Okay, I’ll just moderate. Can you give me a life so I can play again? Please???


P.S. Marvin wrote a very informative post explaining why our stock market is currently down. Read on! ๐Ÿ™‚

P.P.S: Watch this funny video by my now favorite Youtube star, Ryan Higa: ๐Ÿ™‚

Philippine Stock Market is Down

The stock market has been down for about 3 weeks already. Experts say it’s because of the recent recoveries of the US economy. Foreign investors are pulling out their money after getting their gains from our market and investing in the US.

Should I be worried? Yes, I admit I got a little wary when I saw my stocks’ prices going down. But I was reminded by my financial mentor, Bo Sanchez to “think long term”. It’s actually the best time to buy stocks because the prices are lower. But you have to be cautious in choosing the stocks – invest only in diamond stocks.

Good luck and happy investing!

P. S. Found a nice, informative article by Marvin Germo explaining why the stock market is down:

Top Ten Things To Do on a Holiday Staycation

10. Do the laundry

9. Clean my room

8. Cook

7. Food tripย  Play Candy Crush

6. Shop Read Yahoo News and other people’s blog posts

5. Listen to music while reading a good book

4. Watch a movie

3. Chat with friends – met Kathleen (my high school friend) in Jollibee and we went to Azul Spa for a

2. Go for a swim Prepare clothes/plan for the rest of the work week body massage. Yey! I deserve it. I haven’t had a body massage for a long time already. 300 pesos for a relaxing, soothing massage! ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Blog

Hooray, it’s Independence Day! Wow, I love holidays! Unfortunately I didn’t plan ahead so when I woke up, I really didn’t know what to do. So I just played Candy Crush, checked my FB, replied to messages, read the book that I won in the raffle yesterday (project’s townhall) – Morning Rush Book 2, cooked food, played more Candy Crush, washed some garments, cleaned the bathroom, watched TV, read Internet articles/blog posts, and blogged!

It could have been great if I visited some “historic” spots this Independence Day – Yahoo came up with this list – but I just want to savor the rest day. Maybe I can visit Corregidor some other time.. maybe next year?

Corregidor. Photo Credits:
Corregidor. Photo Credits:

Hello rainy days!

Goodbye summer, hello rainy season!

It’s June and it marks the start of the rainy season. And for us here in the Philippines, it’s the start of the dreaded “typhoon season”. Hopefully there won’t be any disasters this year and our government have programs in place for disaster prevention/preparedness/recovery. After all, we really should have learned from our traumatic experiences.

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But I used to really enjoy the rain when I was younger and I was still at home in Mangagoy. I used to play paper boats and bathe in the rain around the neighborhood with my friends. Ahh.. the simple joys of being young! ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

The Feast Song: Draw Me In by EmmanuelWorship

This song touches my soul.

Draw me in to the holy of holies
To the place
where the heart knows no fear
Where brokenness collides with redemption
Where Your grace
and your glory appear

Draw me
Call me
Draw me in…

Iโ€™m stepping in
to the currents of mercy
Letting fall
all the shackles of self
Bending low,
where the cross meets the humble
And my sin
is exchanged for Your grace

Draw me
Call me
Draw me in…



Draw me in
to the heart of the Father
And His ache
for His image in pain
Let the fire
that You yearned to enkindle
Be the flame
that burns within me

Draw me
Call me
Draw me in (repeat)

FOR ME(repeat Ch)

For me…
For me…

No eye has seen
No ear has heard
What our God has prepared for us(repeat)
No eye has seen…
No ear has heard…(repeat)

(c)emmanuelworship 2012