Help, I’m addicted to Candy Crush!

I downloaded Candy Crush on the first day that we had Wifi at home and I… am addicted! Help! 😦 I don’t wanna be like that guy!

temp..bzeyhjwg candy crush

I don’t wanna be addicted to this. It’s sucking up all my free time! I only get to do the things I have to do when I lose all my lives and I have to wait for several minutes (or hours) to play again. Oh my…

Yes, it’s a good way to pass time when I’m commuting, in the bus, in the FX, (not in the jeepney – that’s scary!).. But my goodness!! It’s all I ever do all day! This can’t be happening!!!!

How can I help myself:

1. Limit playing to bus rides only.2. No Candy Crush at home – except when I get all my chores done! My room is a big mess already!
3. Uninstall? Noooo… ! Okay, I’ll just moderate. Can you give me a life so I can play again? Please???


P.S. Marvin wrote a very informative post explaining why our stock market is currently down. Read on! 🙂

P.P.S: Watch this funny video by my now favorite Youtube star, Ryan Higa: 🙂


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