2nd Week at Austin

It’s now my 2nd week at Austin, Texas. So far it’s been great. I’m just not used to the chilly and cold weather but I’m doing fine. There’s no snow here but it’s still cold and the winds could send chills down your spine. Today the temperature is at 49F or 9C. I spend most of the time indoors and whenever I go out, I go running towards the car. Hehe. I’m soo not used to this weather.

Anyway, my Filipino officemates have been very hospitable and welcoming. They helped me and the newcomers settle down and get comfortable with our new home. We eat together a lot at home or in different Asian restos (where there’s rice) and just hang out watching TV/movies during the weekends.

I didn’t feel homesick during Christmas because we all gathered in one apartment and shared food, played Pinoy Henyo and exchanged gifts. Well, actually I just watched them exchange gifts because I wasn’t able to buy a gift. I especially enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts. They received very nice toys.. I wished I was a kid again. 😀

But New Year’s was a little lonely. We just went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory – where we waited for more than an hour (I think) because a lot of people went there ahead of us and we all waited for our turn to get seated. Because our dinner was delayed, we weren’t able to catch the fireworks display at the park and we all just went home 30 minutes before New Year. It was a little lonely. I could only hear a very faint noise of fireworks. Unlike in the Philippines where I could see the sky light up everywhere. I’m really not a big fan of firecrackers but I missed the noise and the lively celebration of New Year back home. I even used to get really mad at Papa and my brothers and sister for using firecrackers because I’m afraid that they might get hurt but I also looked forward to all the noise and colorful display during New Year. Papa and I used to love watching our neighbors’ fireworks displays every New Year… Oh well.. there are still lots of New Year’s in the Philippines that I’ll get to witness and enjoy. At least I also experienced a different way of celebrating New Year.

Life is very convenient here. Almost everything can be done with a touch of a button like the laundry, dish washing, etc. I still need to get used to lots of things here at my temporary home. I’m enjoying the journey and I’m looking forward to making beautiful memories here. 😉

Sunset at Outlet

wpid-IMG_20131229_085700.jpg wpid-IMG_20140101_175251.jpg


Author: Mylene

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