Making the most out of Weekends

I have a problem.

I don’t know how to spend my weekends. A part of me wants to use weekends efficiently, like getting lots of household chores done. Another part of me wants to just relax, chill, and get lots of rest so I have more energy to work on the following week. I feel restless. When I sit or lie down to take a nap, I feel guilty, like I need to do valuable or meaningful work. My ex-housemates in Manila used to tease me that I am always out and busy with something.

When I have free Saturdays, I’d be out to do some errands, visit relatives/meet friends, or volunteer for charity/church work. My Sundays were usually full – with church services and ministry work, groceries, and preparing for the work week.

Now that I am in Texas, I feel lost again. I know there are lots of things to do and sometimes when Sunday evening comes, I feel like I just lost a weekend to nothing. Yes, I’m weird..hehe. Well last week, I tried to plan my days, weeks, and months. I put all my plans on my calendar and carefully allotted time to each activity.

I am a planner. But I find it hard to execute. For example, my schedule for today includes jogging/walking, laundry, and yoga. I tried to go out for a jog this morning at around 8am. Walked about 5meters from the house and decided that it’s too cold. Hahaha. So I went back home to eat my breakfast – juiced 2 oranges, and later decided that I’m still hungry, so I ate rice and salmon. I used the machine for the laundry – just basically putting my dirty clothes in, put them in the dryer, and arranged them in the closet. Laundry done!

After that, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to go out to the mall or even to IKEA to look for some stuff like table, lamp, etc. But I don’t have a car, I can’t drive and none of my friends want to go out. So I’m stuck. 😦 So I just watched Philippine news at ANC on my phone and tried to get updated with the latest events in my country. I wanted to do some research and read code but I don’t feel like being a geek now so my lazy self convinced me to drop it.

I’ll be attending the birthday party of my officemate’s lovely 3-yr old daughter so I have something to do in a while. We’re also planning to watch Frozen tonight so.. the rest of my Saturday is full. :p

I wish I could jog or do Yoga next week. I’m so lazy!!! AND getting FAT!


Author: Mylene

Disclaimer: My postings reflect my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, Accenture. I'm proud to be Filipina and a Bisaya. I am dedicated, motivated, and results-driven. I am an Aries. Bullheaded. Stubborn. I am a leader. I am a software engineer. I am a child of God. I am living and loving life! :) Leave a comment and subscribe!

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