The books and I

I’ve spent one of the best weekends here in Austin. I’m on my 9th week here and so far I’ve been having a good time. Except that I miss my books and reading so much. I know I can’t buy too many paperbacks and hard covers while I’m here because it would be expensive to ship them back home when it’s time to leave.

I have flirted with the idea of buying Kindle Paperwhite. It’s about $119 and based on the reviews, it’s the best e-book reader yet. But my friends persuaded me to get a tablet instead. And when we were at Best Buy, I saw SamSung’s Galaxy Tab 8.4 and I liked it! But it was a little over the budget at $400. Luckily, I only transferred $300 from my savings to my checkings account. It was  supposed to be enough for the Kindle and a week of grocery or any other expenses. I went home empty handed and decided to think about the purchase.

I spent the first half of my Saturday searching for the best device to satisfy my hunger for reading. I considered Kata T3 because it was cheap and seemed to have good specs. But I’ve read some people saying that the after sales were bad so I decided against it. If I was in the Philippines it could have been easier to get an exchange from an Owtel shop if ever I got a defective device (just like my i1) but since I’m in the United States, it’s wiser to get a device from a known company.

By lunch time, I decided to go for Google’s Nexus 7 ($239 +19.72 tax = $258.72) and ordered it from Amazon. It had good reviews and seemed like a good deal. It will be arriving on Tuesday!!! Yey! But I still can’t wait to get my hands on a book. I desperately want to read one already. Luckily, it’s already the beginning of Spring here and the weather was perfect. I decided to walk to Target. It was actually my first time to go there and I was amazed that it was only about a 10-min walk from my apartment. Perfect!!!

When I was already in Target, it took me a long time to choose the book to bring home. There was just too many that I want! But I decided to settle with “Until the End of Time” by one of my favorite authors, Danielle Steel. Her novels always moved me and brought me to tears. I loved it! 🙂

Oh, if only I could just read for a living… I share the same fantasy with Bo Sanchez.. to work as a guard of a lighthouse in an island accompanied by a gazillion books. And there would be food delivered to me… all I’d do is to read books from sunrise to sunset… hehe


Author: Mylene

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2 thoughts on “The books and I”

  1. Do you have local library there? I suggest you open an account. I have been using and abusing my local library. They have a great selection of books and DVDs from old to new to newest. Swear! It saves me tons with regards to my entertainment.

    As for kindle, I do have it too and I also borrowed Ebooks from my local library, free!

    1. Hi pinasforgood!
      Thanks for the recommendation.. I truly appreciate it. ☺ Actually I and my friends are already planning to go to a nearby local library! I’m excited! When I saw your comment, it really made me smile coz you seemed to remind me of this often pushed back task of going and registering to the local library.

      By the way, can you share some of your good reads? Thanks a lot! ☺

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