Venue and Date is Set!

Ten days ago I have finally booked the venue for our wedding! After seeing the (over-the-budget!) prices of the other available venues, I became so determined to book our original venue. I and my fiance’s mom have already called their office and we both got the same sad ans depressing answer – it was already booked for November 8. I was actually considering to move the date to another available Saturday in November (1, 15, 22) as long as we have our wedding there. I was about to give up when I kept on getting the answering machine and being put on hold. It took me more than 3 long hours to finally talk to a human! (Note: My work was not affected because I put the phone on speaker and just waited for someone to pick up. I can’t even take my restroom break for fear that someone might pick up and I won’t be there to answer it). I was really just trying to push my luck when I asked if the Group Dining Hall is still available on my chosen wedding date. And lo and behold, the answer that I was waiting for was given unto me!!! Lol. I couldn’t believe my luck… I kept on asking the call center agent if she got the date and the venue correctly. Hehehe. It was really meant to be! I am having my wedding at McKinney Falls! Yey!!! 🙂 mckinney 01_IMGP179_800x600 04_IMGP1786_800x600 08_IMGP1798_800x600 09_IMGP1799_600x800Photo Credits: McKinney State Park Website



Planning for my Wedding

My wedding is four months from now and I am stressed.

I initially thought that the venue would not be a problem because we decided to have it at my fiance’s parents’ backyard. But now, the guest list keeps getting longer! And because of Austin’s unpredictable weather, we decided to have it at McKinney Falls Function Hall.

I was so happy and excited because the venue is just perfect – it has a nice ambiance, a kitchen, tables and chairs, and restrooms. Plus, the fee is just within our budget! I just have to book it for November 8 and we are all set! – Only that it is NOT available on November 8! Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! 😦

So, what now?