Guest Post: My Sister’s Introduction

Below is a short introduction from my sister, Hennah Grace. She is working with me in keeping this website.


My name is Hennah Grace Sereño and my hobbies are eating (food that I want for the day), surfing on the net like on Facebook, and when I’m inspired – I write poems, quotations, and essays specialized in love.

This is my first time writing an article but I already have a background on this when I had my campus journalism in high school. I can spend 8 hours in a day working because I’m only staying at home with my baby. In two years, I see myself continuing my studies and fulfilling my dreams like having a stable job (working as a teacher), my family is living happily and we’re all set.

*Here are My 2 ways on how to make money online :

1. Writing/Blogging

2. Website Building


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