Golf and Driving

My husband loves playing golf with his parents. Now that the weather is perfect to go outdoors and play under the sun, we are set to spend more weekends in the golf course.




I can’t play golf though. The closest thing I can go with a golf club is at Top Golf, where they have those big ass holes and I am not under the sun. He he.


But I am excited to drive the golf cart. Derek promised to teach me how to drive in reverse using the golf cart. 🙂 So it doesn’t really bother me much that I’ll be spending about 4 hours under the sun. So, everybody happy this Saturday! 😉



How do I get blogging back into my system?

I have tried many times to get blogging back into my system. But obviously, I failed.
I’ve had so few posts since I’ve been here in Austin. Life just got so busy.
Especially now that I am married. It’s hard to find a personal time and to be alone with my thoughts.

First, the question should be why? Why should I blog? Why is it important to me?
Well, blogging is my way of untangling the thoughts in my brain. It helps me reflect and figure out what are the areas that I need to focus on in life. It helps me stay grounded and in touch with my inner, true self. It helps me silence out the noise of the world.

So how do I get blogging into my system?
1. I am thinking of setting aside a regular time to blog such as Friday and Sunday evenings.
2. Blog from my phone instead of my tablet or my laptop. It is the most accessible device and I have it with me all the time.
3. Start right now.

Kickstarting Monday – our usual weekday

I woke up an hour and a half early today. Hubby’s alarm went off earlier than usual. He forgot to move it back to the usual 5am alarm. As usual, we would hug and say our ‘I love you’s’ before he leaves. I love our morning ritual. But I hate it when he leaves. Oh well, we gotta work to pay the bills and prepare for our future. I wanted to go back to sleep so bad but after an hour of trying, I gave up.

As usual, I had my early series of meetings with our Offshore team. I did code reviews, answered questions, followed up on their tasks. By 8:30, Arvin picked me up and we continued working at the office. It was an OK-day. I found the bug in my code and finally tested it end to end. I’m back on schedule.

I went home to my husband at 5:30. He was playing on his Xbox and looked happy. I thought I could get away with not doing my workout but nope, he noticed and went to the bedroom to remind me to get my butt working out. I dragged my feet and reluctantly worked out for 20 minutes. Derek was cooking while was working out so when I was done and took my shower, food was ready. At 9pm, we are ready to go to bed. Recharging for yet another working day.

Day 1: Driving Lessons – Basics

I had my very first driving lesson today. My husband agreed to teach me the basics. I was a little doubtful at first. I didn’t think it was a good idea to let him teach me how to drive because I was afraid I’d get into his nerves and he would be impatient and agitated with me. I reminded him several times before our session to have more patience when teaching me.

So we went to get the rental car from my projectmate, Arvin at IMT Apartments and went to the parking lot of the nearby store, At Home (formerly Garden Ridge). I was happy to see that there wasn’t a single car parked. A great day for my first day of driving lesson.

My husband, Derek, first taught me how to:
1. adjust my seat so I am comfortable to move my feet and turn the steering wheel
2. adjust the mirrors so I can see the cars at the back, at my right, and at my left
3. step on the gas and keep it on a steady state (this was the hardest for me). The car was still parked when he was trying to teach me this so the car didn’t move when I stepped on the gas.
4. step on the brake
5. turn the steering wheel to the right, left, and straight ahead

Finally when I was comfortable with stepping on the gas and keeping it at 1.5, he allowed me to switch to Drive. When he told me to release the brake, I got a little startled that the car started to move. Well, you can’t blame me, after 31 years of existence on Earth, it was my very first time to be on the wheel of a car (ATV didn’t count). So I told him I wasn’t ready yet. But he told me I had to calm myself down and relax. I was shaking! I could hardly hold my feet steady because they were shaking and my hands were cold as ice. I was so nervous. Excited. Scared. I didn’t want to hurt my husband nor the car nor anybody else.

But Derek told me we will be fine. The car is moving slowly. Anyone can walk faster than the car. Lol. We were moving at 5MPH.

So I trusted myself and my instructor and released the brake. I turned the wheel left and right when he told me to. I was doing pretty well, doing left turns, right turns, and going straight ahead. Finally he trusted me enough to allow me to hit on the gas but just a little bit. Fifteen minutes before our first session was over, I was a little bit more confident. It was a good day. My dear husband, the love of my life was patient enough to teach me. Someday I’m going to look back at this day and smile. 🙂 This is how I started to drive.

Pre-32 Post 31: Looking back at the year that was

This is it! I’m officially out of the calendar in one week! I’m turning 32 next week! I can’t believe it. Time flies. So fast.

Dated. Said Yes. Got Married. Now Living Happily with the Love of My Life.

Joined project. Learned. Batch. Interface. Team. Friends. Offshore.

Miss -> Mrs. 🙂

Austin. Houston. Arlington. Waco. San Antonio. Texas.

Want to blog. Words. Short. Back. Blog. Short. Sweet.