How to parallel park

Drive forward. Straighten up the wheel. Put in reverse. Back up til you see the cone in front of the car. Put in drive. Go near the cone so that it is arm’s length from the car. Reverse until the pole is aligned to the back seat door lock. Turn the wheel all the way to the right. Reverse until the pole is aligned to the passenger seat’s door lock. Turn the wheel to the left 1 full turn. (Sign of the wheel should be up). Reverse until the pole is aligned with the door knob. Turn the wheel all the way to the left.. and watch out for the curb.


Driving Lesson Day 3

I’ve been driving on the highway,  freeway,  downtown area (including Congress), neighborhood,  university area,  hills (Mt Bonnel)!

It really helped that my 3rd instructor from driversed is really calm and nice. All of them were nice and I learned a lot of different techniques from them but Mr Marques is different because he made me believe in myself.  He was really right when he told me that he specializes in making his students conquer fear.

I am really happy that I am now more confident with driving. I still need lots of practice but at least I am at a point where I am able to trust myself to make good decisions, control the car, and relax.

I just need to practice on:
1. Learning when to step on the brakes
2. Maintaining speed
3. Knowing where to go on a complete stop,  because sometimes I go over the line or way too far from the line.
4. Keeping a safe distance from other cars.
5. Changing lanes safely
6. Checking my blindspots
7. Making a safe right turn

Overall I think enrolling in driversed is a good idea and investment in myself. It pays to learn from the experts and to have good and patient instructors.

I hope by December or January I will be able to take my actual driving exam.

One day, a post!


I wanted to watch the last installment of Hunger Games but my dear husband wants to watch it tomorrow. Road is too busy right now and he hates driving when it’s too busy.

So here we are,  relaxing at home. Him playing his video game, MJ happily cheering on her bone and me practicing on my doodles.

There’s something I want to remember about today. I woke up around 4 in the morning and remembered something special about today. I started crying silently but I was getting choked up so I started breathing quite heavily.  My husband noticed and started hugging and comforting me. I’m so glad and thankful I have him in my life.  I love him a little bit more everyday.