Students’ Feedback

As suggested by one of my students in a Programming class, I have created this page on my blog solely for Programming concepts, exercises, tips, questions and solutions.Β This is because my site does not allow visitors to post comments.

Please feel free to post your questions, suggestions, comments or any concerns (related to our subjects) here. Thanks.


44 thoughts on “Students’ Feedback

  1. Gud EVE
    ma’am, may i ask for the member functions for class Queue ma’am for SuperMarket Simulation in Data Structure ma’am? para naa ko hint..hehehe
    cause i’m confuse of the given sample output..
    ma’am if pwede lng mn ma’am..hehe

    thank you ma’am
    God Bless

      • tnx ma’am.. πŸ™‚

        naa npud ko problem regarding mp on binary search tree ma’am
        nalibog ko sa problem na imu gihatag and wala ka naghatag sample output para naa mi guide..

        tnx ma’am
        God bless

  2. ma’am unta naa ta hand’s on lecture sa prog1 (knang dli daun graded ma’am).. pra mas msabtan unta namu daun ang application sa mga g’dscuss natu .. hehe lamat daan ma’am . more power!

  3. Ma’am, pwede ka maghatag ug sample tree para sa data structure?
    den kanang output nila sa inOrder, preOrder, ug postOrder… thanks daan ma’am.

  4. — hi ma’am ! . ahmm .. Suggest unta nako ma’am na sa FINALS , pd more “SIMPLE MP’s” ? para maka bawi me maam & @ the same time study me while solving .. & also maam , we’re luking 4ward sa “HAND’s ON LECTURE na dli graded”. Tnx ahead maam . More power to you ! πŸ™‚ GOD BLESS ..

    • i don’t really understand the question you’re asking kasi Java 2 ME is the platform… maybe you are referring to IDE? What ang pwede gamiton nga IDE for Java ME?

      – The best for me is Netbeans 6.5 or higher… Please let me know if tama akong pagsabot sa imong question ha.

      • ahh. yes! IDE di ay akong pasabot maam.

        nag ka problema lng ko kung unsaon pag integrate sa J2ME sa Netbeans, well, thank goodness na fix na jud. 100+ MB ang SDK. T-T

        bantog na dugay ko sa MP.. huhuhu!
        unta sakto2 pa ang grade sa MP pag pasa sa tuesday. hehehe!!

        thank you maam!

  5. Ma’am?..could we ask a favor about our upcoming finals..
    mam..lisud man ang mga lab nga imo gnahatag mam then m run out of time pud mi sa pag himo kay taas ang mga problem nga imo gnahatag..pde mam mg pasa mi ug mp’s pra mka bawi mi sa amua grades..
    …….. tnx mam and more power!

    • Hello Glaiza,

      Thanks for the feedback. I could not really promise you easier problems sa lab. Coz finding a problem easy or difficult is relative – it could be easy for you, but hard for me or your classmates, or, it could be easy for me but difficult for you. However, there are really certain problems which are “difficult”, which is just good so that I will know if you are really ready to proceed to the higher courses.

      One thing I can promise you though, is that I will give more MP’s this finals. And for Programming 1, I will conduct make-up sessions for the lost time so that I can also help you. I admit that kulang jud atong time for the lectures. Kay I have to divide you into 2 batches sa lab – leaving me no more time for hands-on lecture. And we only have 1 hour and 30 minutes for the lecture.

      We will have extended lectures/consultation on Wednesday (up to 6pm) . Those who have classes at 5pm may not attend the sessions but it’s up to them to catch up with the lessons. I will also make sure that I will discuss new lessons only from 3:30 to 5. Issues or clarifications will be entertained from 5 to 6 pm so that those who cannot attend will not miss any topic.

      There are just too many of you and I could not really remember your names. But I’m really thankful for your feedback. πŸ™‚

  6. Ma’am excited nami sa project ka2ng gina ingon nimo ka2ng 1st meeting n2.
    Pero dli p2 oras buhaton daghan pami dapat matun-an sa imo ma’am. Pls always
    share your knowledge, skill and Psychological aspects in C ma’am para sa Tagumpay.

    Ma’am salamat hapit nami ma hawud. Balang araw ako ay gagawa ng isang libro sa
    Turbo C/C++ in tagalog ang approach. Tabangi ko ma’am ha pls.

    Kung daghan ka problema karon ma’am ayw surrender. In John 16:33 Jesus said: The world will make your suffer. But be brave. Because I have defeated the world.

    Nasa atin ang TAGUMPAY…

    • thanks joemar..

      πŸ™‚ Nalingaw ko sa imong msg. Hehe. I’m happy nga na fil nimo nga hapit na ka mahawod. That’s gud.. As I’ve said, practice lng jd na sya.. If you want to be good at something, ingon pa ni Bo Sanchez, do it 10,000 times. God bless!

      • magandang araw mam…

        nais ko lang malaman…
        bakit nwla ang aking msg mam…
        tabangi jud ko sa akong libro mam ha…

        paalam co-author ko.

  7. about node:
    if you have this node ma’am:8,21,12,10,17,11
    10 17
    maging ganito ang form nya ma’am dba.if the user want to delete the node right part man sya sa tree dba,so ang pina ka lowest value ang magreplace sa deleted sa example,10 ang pina ka lowest na dapat mag puli sa 12.pano yan maam, may eleven sa baba ng ten…


  8. — ur always welcum ma’am πŸ™‚

    we don’t have a class this Friday maam . Ma postponed na sad ang Lab exam ? batch 2 man ko maam . luking 4ward for ur response .

    God bless :j

  9. Ma’am, ok lng ma’am e delete nimo akong comment ma’am.^_^.

    C Viktor gud nag comment anang isa ka joemar ang name. Kanang nag greet og magandang araw sa sugod.

    Basta mag comment ko akong name na ginagamit kay naay Emperador.

  10. ma’am, I will just ask a question if ever bagsak mi sa prelim ug midterm,
    naa pay pag-asa na makapasar??
    and unsa ang dapat buhaton aron makabawi??
    tnx ma’am!
    God Bless :))

  11. maam, unsay filename sa project proposal format sa prog 3 ???
    kay ‘murag’ wala mn gud sa CS 210 Files maam…
    and karun na jud tung monday ipasa maam??

    salamat sa pagtubag daan maam..! πŸ™‚

  12. hi ma’am.,
    sa atung finals gd ma’am
    manghanyo unta mi na
    MP projects na lng amung FINALs ma’am
    sa laboratory.,
    hehe ., suggestion lng nmu na ma’am.,
    i hope u think of it.,
    kay para makabawi mi ug ang uban namung classmates na taas grado sa finals.,
    kay PAIT mn gud tong midterm ug prelim na grades.,
    unta lng, hikapon ni LORD imuhang heart! hehe
    kabalo mi ma’am stress na kaau ka! hehe
    God Bless ma’am!.,

  13. Gud Afternun maam! πŸ˜€

    ma,am, i just want to suggest sa Data Structure na subject..

    if ever bagsak tas pde pa maangat, can we take removal exams maam? plz. plz. plz!

    thanks maam! take care! Godspeed! πŸ˜€

  14. gud morning ma’am πŸ™‚

    ma’am ask lng ko if unsa problema sa ako web application ma’am if when ipa run nko xa dili xa mu run then maghatag xa og statement na “The module has not been deployed”… unsa ako dapat buhaton ani maam..?
    tama mn unta ako pag-extract sa tomcat…

    hoping that you can reply ASAP para makapasa nko..
    tnx ma’am

    • Follow up info regarding on my assignment:

      same as your web application na imu gi upload sa imu site kay dili pud xa mag run then same statement japon ang magprompt “The module has not been deployed” wala nko kabalo sa ako buhaton..

      pls reply daun maam..thank you..

      • Have you run the TomCat server already? Make sure that you have already seen the play button beside the TomCat icon. Then, build all java files before you run the application.

  15. gud morning ma’am

    about my web apps:
    i didn’t see the play button beside the icon of the tomcat..
    to figure out what was the problem, I run the tomcat, specifically the “startup batch file”, then it stated in the command line that “SEVERE: Coyote connector has not been started” unsa pasabot ani ma’am mali ako pag extract og pagconfigure sa tomcat?

    unsay problema ani ma’am?huhu
    thanks for the hint..pero naa pjud problem..
    please help me ma’am..

  16. ma’am… i’m your student from data structures day.
    i would just like to extend my comment about our final project.
    i am a third year student who just got back from our 1 week trip in manila.
    i think it is quite unfair for me and my course mate in Field Trip and Seminar because our time for doing the DS project is limited compared to the others. If those who can present their project today will be lifted from the exam then it would end up like the ones who took FTS will be the only ones taking the examination this Thursday. Other subject teachers extended deadline for those who joined the Field Trip.
    We would like to ask for some considerations from you.

    thanks ma’am. πŸ˜€

  17. Gud evening ma’am…
    just wanna ask what could be the problem when ang files nako sa netbeans kay mukalit lang ug ka read-only tapos dli niya ma save ang mga bago na mga changes? Mali kaya pad install nako ma’am or may settings xa na namali nako? Im using netbeans 6.9.1… naguba man gd ako usb ma’am kaya wla koy copy sa installer sa version like sa lab…

    pls help ma’am. dli nako masave ako program.. ='(
    tnx ma’am. God Bless =)

  18. gudpm mam,

    ask lang poh ako mam nanu nakapasar man ang nagacheat kaysa sa wala nagacheat sa stat?
    mas nipasar pah ang wala nagapaningkamot kesa sa nanggahot….
    looking 4wd for a reply mam…tnx,

    • Now that you have stated that some people who cheated in my class passed, can you please provide any evidence to prove it? I would gladly change their grades… habang it’s not yet too late coz I’ve not submitted my grades yet.

      Sa dinami dami nyo naman kasi in my class, 63 students in a laboratory-turned-lecture room, it is really hard for me to catch students who are cheating.

      Thank you.

  19. good eve maam^^. ngumusta lang ko..

    pag naa ka time maam pls.pls.pls .i update ni nga site maam..
    hehehe daghan man gud ko ma tunan.. dli nako sige ug google…

    tnx maam..more power and god bless^^

    • Hehe.. Thank you so much Patrick!!! I am glad that you really inspired me to update this site.
      Actually, I’ve been thinking about updating this site lately but I didn’t have the right motivation to do it.
      Now that you’ve asked me, I will really try my best to find some time to do it.

      How’s USEP? Godbless! =)

  20. Gamit gyud kaayo ni imong site ma’am bha sa tinuod lng. Ginagamit gihapon nko ni hantod karon.

  21. Hi, ma’am taga DNSC diay ko.,Tnx diay a2ng gi2dlu nimu nga Struts2 Sa amo.
    TAz naa kay Theme nga pondu dha maam na pang Cai,”Computer Aided Instruction”?Tnx daan Ma’am.Go Blessed.

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