Job Hunting Series vol.4

I wasn’t able to give an update on how my most recent job hunting went. So documenting it here to look back on my experience:

  1. I had a 4th round of interview with InfoSys. They scheduled another technical interview (seems like it was for another job posting) but none of the interviewers attended. They tried to reschedule but at that point I was no longer interested. Sorry, your loss!
  2. I also had the 5th round of interview – technical interview, 2 weeks after I had the 2-hour of take home coding exam. The interviewer was pleasant, asked me maybe 20 Java basic questions but then at the end, I felt that I wasn’t really a good fit with the role. He was asking questions about some other technologies, mostly front-end like Angular JS so I asked him “What are the skills I need to be the best fit in the role”? Both of us felt I’m not a good fit.
  3. I also had a technical interview with Amazon right after the coding part. I think I did well (not perfect) with the coding interview but again, when I asked about the role and if my current skills fit, I found out that I wasn’t the one they are looking for. They were looking for somebody who already had experience with machine learning because they role would be for an Alexa team. So, yup, no luck on that one either!

I did not have any luck looking for a new opportunity BUT the best part of this experience is that I learned a lot about the job hunting process here in the US and what skills I need to improve and acquire. Also.. I got extended in my current project until 2024!!! πŸ™‚

I am very thankful that I got extended in my current project because it took a lot of stress from me. It gives me and my husband some more time to prepare in transitioning our daughter to day care so he can go back to work. Also, we are not yet ready to move out of Austin, TX.


Insomnia Diary: Feeling Like Crap at Work Today

We started the night preps really early yesterday, Sunday. Ate dinner early, gave Myka a bath early, read books and we were in bed by 10pm. Still an hour late than scheduled but was still earlier than usual.

I was already feeling sleepy but my dear daughter was still wide awake. She kept on picking her lip and I tell her no, taking off her hands from her lips. I would tell her to hug me and I would hold her hands to prevent her from picking her lips. I would close my eyes and then hear a “pulling sound” and catch her pulling her lips again. I finally spanked her, she cried and I felt bad. Then when I checked, it was already 11:30pm! I got upset and anxious.

She finally fell asleep (I just let her pick her lip because that’s how she puts herself to sleep – but I really just feel bad seeing her bleeding lips/blood-dried lips the next morning) but then now I was wide awake!

I did all I can to fall asleep including:

  • breathing techniques
  • reading an actual book (7 Habits of Highly Effective Families)
  • listening to Sleep stories in my Calm app
  • breathing techniques again
  • drinking water (and peeing again.. and again)

At 4am, I finally decided to text my bosses that I might be late for work the next morning. And then somehow, I fell asleep.

I woke up at 8am, pondered on going to the office or just working from home… then just finally decided on driving to work.

Now I feel like I have a dull headache and my brain is just trying to shut down. 😦

What to do after a sleepless night?

Job Hunting Series vol.3

So I got some good news from my bosses. I am being extended in the project for another month. I am the only one they are extending so… whoa, lucky me!

My boss said people in the project love me and they want to keep me. Blush. Well, that’s good. And I was told that the extension should be good for more than a month. This is really good because we get to stay in Austin and I get to relax a bit and not pressured to look for another project right now.

BUT. I need to continuously learn new stuff like new features of Java (this is like my knife if I was a chef so I need to keep it sharp), new aspects of the system like Online component (I’m going to fix some Online defects moving forward), learn Angular JS, Big Data, Hadoop, these buzz words… New IT that interviewers look for.


Job Hunting Series vol.2

Topics I need to Review:

  1. Core Java
    1. OOP (Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism)
    2. Design Patterns (Singleton, Factory, Builder, Strategy)
    3. Generics
    4. Concurrency API (Thread)
    5. Collection API (List, Map, Tree)
    6. Algorithms, Regular Expressions
  2. Java Testing
    1. JUnit
  3. Server Side
    1. Servlets
    2. JSPs
  4. Spring
    1. Dependency Injection
    2. pom.xml, web.xml
    3. Spring MVC
  5. Hibernate
  6. Web Services
    2. WSDL, UDDI
  7. Maven, Git

Job Hunting Series vol.1

I have been with my current project since December 23, 2013. So that’s almost 5 years ago. This project is the reason why I was sent to work onshore by the company.

I have been promoted in this project in 2016 from Team Lead to Associate Manager. I have been recognized for being a consistent performer and even got Recognition points (around 200 + 100 + 50 + 20 + 10).

I did not worry about being rolled off because my roll off date in the job site was 2022. So I was caught by surprise when I was told a month ago that I am rolling off from the project by the end of October. Well, I take it back. When I heard that there will be a ‘massive’ roll off because of budget constraints, I already had a hint that if there will be a second batch, I will be one of them. I had that feeling because I am performing the same responsibilities with my boss. And he knows more than I do so it doesn’t make sense for both of us to stay in the project while other people are getting rolled off.

So here I am now looking for the next project. It’s been the 2nd week since my ‘active hunt’. And I have been invited for interviews both within and outside the company.

My very first technical interview was a shocker. I wasn’t prepared at all. They required for me to have a webcam so I bought one from Walmart the night before. I did dial in almost an hour before the interview and setup the camera and made sure it was working. But it didn’t work with the meeting room they gave so we had a bit of a delay until they just agreed and continued on with the interview (with me showing my video using Skype settings).

Anyway, they asked me about BASIC JAVA stuff. Stuff you would need to know to pass a Java certification exam (which, by the way, I did pass in 2012). Immutable? Serialization? ArrayList vs LinkedList, HashTable vs HashMap, HashSet vs TreeSet? Hmm… so I know these concepts but at that moment I couldn’t answer! Ugh. Stupid me. I never thought I would be asked these kind of questions. I needed a refresher! I needed to review! 😦

Okay so I failed miserably in that part. And then came the coding interview. I was also not aware that this was part of the interview. The recruiter never gave me a heads up. Oh well.. so I didn’t have an IDE installed in my computer but I didn’t really need one because they gave me a link to a collaboration site.

Test 1: Implement hashCode and equals for the given class.
Test 2: Given an array of numbers and a target x, find the numbers in the array that sum up to the target.

Whew. I did not fail completely in these coding tests. I was able to show them that I could code but my code had errors! Ugh! This was done without an IDE so I realized I had to train myself in coding without an IDE from now on. I can’t rely on Eclipse to do the imports for me, highlight the syntax errors, etc! Wow. So this is what it’s like doing technical interviews…

It’s a good start and I am now reviewing and trying to re-learn some concepts that I haven’t used for so long. I realized that being in the IT industry means you never should stop learning! And always try to keep up with the new technology otherwise, you could end up being jobless… and that is not a very good place to be.

Little Improvements

Today is a good day. I got enough sleep the night before so I was energized and inspired to do a 10 minute workout. Samsung Health has cool programs btw. So I didn’t need to pay for a subscription for an app (was considering 8fit for a while) every month to get some workout routines.

I think I also did a good job at work and was able to focus on the important things on my to do list. I realized slowing down and listening intently to meetings instead of multitasking works!

Doing things right is better than checking off things on my to do list!

I need to make this my motto in life because I tend to try to multitask so much that I let some things slip. And sometimes it is the small tiny details that matter most.

My plants are getting lesser every day. Well, winter is coming in about 2 months so I am not so worried about it. I just hope my grape and moringa trees survive the winter.

Daughter is also doing well. She started having a favorite movie, Moana. She watches it at least 3 times a day. She sings, dances and acts like Moana. When monsters come out, she also gets scared, runs to me, and bury herself in my arms. She amuses me.

Husband and I still need to spend some alone time together, just us. We need to have date nights but we just haven’t found someone to entrust our daughter to.

Our Family’s Journey to Wellness

My 2018 is all about overall wellness for our family.


  • Derek to feel more healthy, no emergency care visits, no more throwing up, no more stomach pains
  • Derek to sleep better, lessen dependency on sleep aids
  • Derek to feel happier, less anxious
  • Derek to gain weight
  • Mylene to sleep better and feel better
  • Mylene to lose weight, exercise and eat healthy
  • Mylene to find new dentist
  • Mylene visit derma and find a new OB
  • Mylene to take more PTO
  • Myka to eat healthy food

I will start to track our progress along with the bumps we encounter along the way.