Child Development @ 19 months

Communication – still refuses to say mama but says others words like shoes, toes, head, foot, dog, dad or dada, no, hello and haha. She also uses hand signals for more, food, and no.

Socialization – she is better with being around people. Gives hugs and kisses to close family members, waves good bye to friends we occasionally meet and lets other people hold her after she warms up to them.

Food and feeding – she eats a lot and is not picky. She likes feeding herself using her hands, spoon or fork. She also tells us whenever she wants to eat or drink. She would come to us and point to the food or take our hand and pull us to the place where we usually put her food.

Motor skills – she started walking when she was around 13 months old. Now she loves taking walks around the neighborhood. She would take her shoes to me and say shoes shoes! And after I put them on her she would drag me to the door.

Sleep – she wakes up around 9 to 10am during weekdays and takes a nap around 3 to 4:30 or 5. Then goes to bed at 10pm. She does pretty good, sleeping throughout the night but I tend to sleep with her, mostly because I fall asleep when putting her to sleep.

Play – she loves watching and singing/dancing along with nursery rhymes on YouTube. We sometimes let her use her tablet during weekends. She also loves building blocks, and playing with her other toys. She is not yet interested in playing with kids her age. But loves to play with me – usually building blocks and Ring Around the Rosy

Emotional – She wakes up happy, smiling from ear to ear when she sees me or her daddy. I think she is a very happy baby. She is also very sweet. She likes hugging and kissing me and her dad, and also her dolls. She likes playing pretend with her baby dolls too. Putting them to bed or putting them in her toy cart, like how her dad puts her in the cart when they go grocery shopping.

Reading – she is interested in books but gets easily distracted or bored. She likes books that she can touch and feel.


Thinking About How to Spend My 2 year old’s birthday

The moment I learned I was pregnant, I already imagined throwing a birthday party for her. It’s going to be Star Wars-themed. Of course, she’s named Jedi after all.

I have looked into Pinterest tod look for inspiration. She’s going to have a BB8 cake, Storm trooper cookies.. you know, the entire Star Wars ensemble.

I ordered balloons and stressed out about her giveaways. I searched all over the web on how to decorate the house and make a back drop for her grand birthday party.

But months before her first birthday, I realized I didn’t want to stress her out. She was still so shy at the time and would cling to me for dear life when she’s surrounded by strangers and even my friends or family she doesn’t see often.

So my husband and I decided we are going on a family trip on her and his birthday. Her birthday is just 30 years and 364 days before his. 🙂 We went to LA and Seattle and enjoyed our family time. It was a very intimate, simple way of celebrating her first birthday and congratulating ourselves for surviving the 1st 365 days of her life. I think it was the best decision we could have made as parents for our dear little girl. She felt loved, secure, and happy with the undivided attention of her parents.

We took a lot of pictures at the zoo during her birthday and at the forest (forgot what its name was – husband said it was where part of Twilight was filmed).

Now 7 months before her 2nd birthday, I am already planning (again).

  • How many guests to invite?
  • What time to have the party?
  • What food to serve?
  • Where to hold the party?
  • When to have the party?
  • How to set up the house?
  • Do I really want to stress about this??? Haha. I’m just NOT used to throwing parties and entertaining people. I would rather sit at the back or in the corner away from the crowd. Maybe my husband has rubbed off on me, being a loner and anti-social. Haha. I want my daughter to have fun but at the same time I don’t want to be stressed. Oh, well.. we will see how it goes a few months from now.

Thinking About How to Enjoy Life More

My husband and I are both home buddies- We just like to stay in the house on weekends and holidays. But now that Myka is bigger, I’d like to go out more and do fun activities outdoors. But I don’t have any idea what to do or where to go

Here’s a list:


  • gardening
  • swimming
  • camping
  • walk in the park
  • fishing


  • go san Antonio River walk
  • waterpark
  • weekend vacation

Myka at 17

She is such a big girl now!

  • Walks
  • Runs
  • Dances
  • Feeds herself
  • “Sings” along nursery rhymes
  • Loves watching ABC Kids TV songs in YouTube
  • Sleeps an average of 10 hours uninterrupted
  • Separation enxiety but stops crying after a minute
  • Plays with strangers, she is more friendly
  • Uses and operates her tablet. I don’t like her playing on it for a long time though
  • She doesn’t like sharing her toys with other kids. We want to expose her to other kids and learn to socialize

Our first Airbnb experience

We landed at LAX yesterday around 10 am. After checking that it will take Uber 1 hour to get to our Airbnb, we took a taxi and after 30 mins, we were at the “Abbey Apartments building”. We were all tired from the early trip and looked forward to relaxing in our Airbnb home for 3 days.

Myka fell asleep in the taxi. She did so well in her first flight.

We went to the lobby of the building and introduced ourselves to the guard. Bryan, our host, already informed us beforehand that since we’re arriving on a Sunday, he won’t be able to greet us and left the key with the guard. It took a while for the guard to figure out where the unit was – not sure if it’s because he was new or because the unit itself was new.

The guard finally escorted us out of the building and to our unit, which was actually at the side of the building. It had its own entrance, which I thought was cool.

Everything in the unit was new, we were the first guests!

Myka and D liked it too!

What I liked most about it is that it is close to almost every place I wanted to go to – the Philippine consulate of course, and then Hollywood and downtown LA. The host, Bryan, was also very responsive. He forgot to install the shower head before we arrived and when I informed him, minutes later, he was at the unit with the shower head. 🙂

Myka at 8 months

She has 2 lower and upper teeth now. She can sit up on her own and can stand for a long time with support. However, she refuses to crawl.

She mumbles and seems to respond to conversations.

She loves to pick food with her hands and shove them into her mouth. She can now move her food from one hand to another so she can eat the remaining food that she clasps in her tiny hand.

She has separation anxiety with me whenever I leave or whenever her dad takes her away from me so I could work.

She can’t quite say Daddy or Mommy yet but she mumbles the word dada.

Mama Got Her Tourist Visa!

with mom

Yay! My mom got her tourist visa! She’s set to visit us here next year, January 15, 2017. I’m excited and at the same time worried. It will be her very first time to travel alone. And she’s not very good with texting and updating me whenever she travels. It’s always my sister or father – whoever she’s traveling with who updates me wherever she is. Well, I know everything will be fine. And I really hope she’ll enjoy her time with us here. She truly deserves this vacation. 🙂

Tourist Visa for Mom

My parents are on their way to Davao right now. Their flight to Manila is at 10:00PM. I’m kinda worried that they might not know their way or they might get lost. It’s their first time to go around Manila on their own. I have booked a hotel for them already, I am just worried that taxi drivers might trick them – and know that they don’t have any idea how to go from one place to another.

My mom will be going to the US Embassy at Manila for her tourist visa interview. I hope she gets it so that she can travel to US next year. I have planned for her to travel on January 15, 2017 so that she can help me look after my baby when I start going back to work. It is also my gift to her for her retirement. She has worked so hard so that we can finish college so I want to reward her for that.

Although I feel bad for my Papa, I just can’t afford to have both of them travel next year. And besides, I’m scared my father won’t be able to endure the 22-hour flight.

I hope and pray that the Consul gives my Mama a tourist visa…