Child Development @ 19 months

Communication – still refuses to say mama but says others words like shoes, toes, head, foot, dog, dad or dada, no, hello and haha. She also uses hand signals for more, food, and no.

Socialization – she is better with being around people. Gives hugs and kisses to close family members, waves good bye to friends we occasionally meet and lets other people hold her after she warms up to them.

Food and feeding – she eats a lot and is not picky. She likes feeding herself using her hands, spoon or fork. She also tells us whenever she wants to eat or drink. She would come to us and point to the food or take our hand and pull us to the place where we usually put her food.

Motor skills – she started walking when she was around 13 months old. Now she loves taking walks around the neighborhood. She would take her shoes to me and say shoes shoes! And after I put them on her she would drag me to the door.

Sleep – she wakes up around 9 to 10am during weekdays and takes a nap around 3 to 4:30 or 5. Then goes to bed at 10pm. She does pretty good, sleeping throughout the night but I tend to sleep with her, mostly because I fall asleep when putting her to sleep.

Play – she loves watching and singing/dancing along with nursery rhymes on YouTube. We sometimes let her use her tablet during weekends. She also loves building blocks, and playing with her other toys. She is not yet interested in playing with kids her age. But loves to play with me – usually building blocks and Ring Around the Rosy

Emotional – She wakes up happy, smiling from ear to ear when she sees me or her daddy. I think she is a very happy baby. She is also very sweet. She likes hugging and kissing me and her dad, and also her dolls. She likes playing pretend with her baby dolls too. Putting them to bed or putting them in her toy cart, like how her dad puts her in the cart when they go grocery shopping.

Reading – she is interested in books but gets easily distracted or bored. She likes books that she can touch and feel.


Myka at 8 months

She has 2 lower and upper teeth now. She can sit up on her own and can stand for a long time with support. However, she refuses to crawl.

She mumbles and seems to respond to conversations.

She loves to pick food with her hands and shove them into her mouth. She can now move her food from one hand to another so she can eat the remaining food that she clasps in her tiny hand.

She has separation anxiety with me whenever I leave or whenever her dad takes her away from me so I could work.

She can’t quite say Daddy or Mommy yet but she mumbles the word dada.