So blessed at the Kerygma Conference 2012 Day1

I’ve  been tremendously blessed by the power worship and talks today at the first day of the Kerygma Conference. I’m overflowing with joy, wisdom, and happiness.

SMX Arena filled with KCon attendees
Excited attendees at the SMX arena entrance

This morning, Roselle Ambubuyog, the first visually impaired Filipina who became summa cum laude at Ateneo de Manila University gave a very inspiring talk. I wish I could get a transcript of her talk and share it to all of you so that you too, will be inspired by her life. It’s really one of the best talks I’ve ever heard. Many times during her talk, I would get ashamed of myself for allowing my weaknesses to overpower me and sometimes I get teary-eyed with how Roselle was able to rise and triumph over her weaknesses. I really admire and respect her, not only because of her achievements but more because of  her strength and faith. She truly is God’s champion.

The next talk was given by no other than Bo Sanchez himself. He was encouraging everybody to be the champions that God wants them to be. He said that spiritual transformation can only happen when we change our image of God. And not only that, we should also be open to the other media that God uses to reach us. He used the analogy of casette tapes and CDs. Before, we hear music through casette tapes.  And then CDs came along. Though some people adapted to this change, others were reluctant and didn’t want music to be in CDs because it would force them to buy CD players. Sometimes it can also be like that with our relationship with God. We are too stubborn to listen to God and live out our purpose.

Bo tells us to hold our plow. Stop waiting for what you don’t have and start working with what you have because eventually  you will have what you want! You have to start asking yourself this: what is your core gift? Give 80% of your time and energy to that core gift and only 20% to other areas of your life.

He also tells us to burn your plow. Give up what you have right now to enjoy greater things. Sometimes, when we become the “expert” in our area , when we become a 10, we settle right there and we no longer seek for greater things. Why settle for 10 when you can be an 11? You can be a 1 again, but in a higher level! Be prepared and seek for greater things! Get hungry again!

Be happy but don’t be content. Ironic, right? When I first heard this, I wanted to argue with Bro. Bo too. But his rationale was this: you can be happy with where you are right now, but you should not be content because you can help more people if you will become  GREATER. (Sounds like our company’s tag line: Be > than. 😉 )

I chose the Career stream for my afternoon talks.

Benedict Hernandez, Accenture’s BPO Lead, gave the first talk. He shared to us how he stumbled while choosing his career path. He started with being a teacher, and then he eventually joined the telcom company which later on bought PLDT and became SMART Communications. And then, he and his team saw the potential of the Call Center industry in being the next big thing. Etelecare was then formed and became the biggest call center in the country. He then joined Accenture as the BPO Lead because he sees that the Filipinos will not only be the first in the call center industry but also in other IT services as well.


The happiest people are those who have discovered their passion, their purpose, and had the courage to pursue them.”

The next talk was given by Jon Escoto, Feast builder.  Someone (I forgot his name) also gave a short puppet show, which was really funny and entertained the audience.


Jon Escoto said that there are 3 questions that you should ask yourself in order to find your career.

  1. What are you deeply passionate about?
  2. What can you do better than  many?
  3. What drives your economic engine?

Once you find the answers to these questions, find the intersection… and you will have your CAREER!

What are you deeply passionate about? + What can you do better than  many? = HOBBY


What can you do better than  many? +  What drives your economic engine? = JOB


What are you deeply passionate about? + What drives your economic engine? = FANTASY


The intersection of the three is your CAREER! 🙂

The third speaker was Chinkee Tan, an ex comedian who is now an inspirational speaker and a finance mentor. He shared how he sold tissues when he was still young to help his family make ends meet because his father lost money in their business.

Change your mindset, change your life
Rule #1: Never negative, always positive
Rule # 2: Never allow negative people to influence you.
Rule # 3: Never allow negative situation to stop you.

It was indeed a day full of worship, knowledge, and fun… 🙂

Watch out for my post on the 2nd day of Kerygma Conference 2012. God bless!