I am back in ADDU… It’s pretty weird because unlike the previous times that I was here, I am now alone…..For more than two years, we always met here during weekends… Charisse, Jose, Ate Reir, Ate Fats, Sir Rogie, Ate Jing, Jong, Bren, Sir James…(Joseph, We enjoyed each weekend together.. having class, sharing knowledge… we especially loved our lunch and snacks together.. But now, after two years, we won’t being seeing each other that much… Nakakamiss, nakakapanibago…

My learning experience in Ateneo de Davao has been very rewarding. I didn’t only broaden my knowledge in IT, I also met a few wonderful people.. I will always be thankful for having the chance to have the best MIT education with them… All those beautiful memories with them will be kept in my heart.

Hehe.. senti moment… mingaw man gud kaau diri oi.. dugay abot si Sir Edwin, mingaw na ko sa akong mga masters classmates.. especially Charisse… =(