DST Disorientation

Yesterday was the first day of DST (Daylight Savings Time). This is one of the days I dread in a year. You wake up and suddenly it’s an hour later than it’s supposed to be. And I dread the first Monday even more. It just makes me feel so disoriented. I wish Texas would opt out of this. It sucks even more because I start working at 6 in the morning!

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New Year, New Me!

There are so many things that happened in my life last year that I don’t really know where to start. The major event – literally life changing – that happened last year was getting married to my man, Derek. Now I have an unofficial new name – Mylene Sereno Beasley. It’s unofficial because I didn’t work on the paperwork yet. Not even in my company’s records. It’s only reflected in Facebook.

When I was single, I often read about women who didn’t change their last names when they get married and I thought, ‘Why?’ I didn’t understand why women would opt to retain their last names after getting married. Are they scared that they might have to change back to their maiden names if the relationship doesn’t work out? Questions like this popped in my mind. But now, I understand why. Here are some of my reasons why I haven’t changed my last name yet – or thinking against it:

1. I have been single for too long. Sounds funny but what I mean is, a lot of people know me by my maiden name. My blog is even named mylenesereno. I just don’t want to confuse people.

2. I am staying here in Texas on an H1-B visa. So I have to update my passport, visa, etc if I have to work on this name change. Hmm.. I am not really sure what the process is. I still need to research about it. But I get stressed just thinking about all those paperwork. But I know I need to do it anyway. I know I am just procrastinating right now.. oh well.

3. I am uninformed. I still need to gather enough information about all the work to be done. I don’t know if it really needs to be done. What are the advantages? Disadvantages?

Well of course, I want to honor my husband by carrying his name so I’m going to go through all this trouble anyway. :D

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Hello Blog World

It’s been months since I posted my last post on my blog. I’ve been really busy with my upcoming wedding, work, family/friends parties. I missed doing this. After the wedding, I will try my best to go back to posting regularly.

One of the things I’ve been busy with is our wedding website. I hope our guests would find it useful and informative because I’ve spent time on it. Haha.

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Protected: Wedding Songs

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Guest Post: My Sister’s Introduction

Below is a short introduction from my sister, Hennah Grace. She is working with me in keeping this website.


My name is Hennah Grace Sereño and my hobbies are eating (food that I want for the day), surfing on the net like on Facebook, and when I’m inspired – I write poems, quotations, and essays specialized in love.

This is my first time writing an article but I already have a background on this when I had my campus journalism in high school. I can spend 8 hours in a day working because I’m only staying at home with my baby. In two years, I see myself continuing my studies and fulfilling my dreams like having a stable job (working as a teacher), my family is living happily and we’re all set.

*Here are My 2 ways on how to make money online :

1. Writing/Blogging

2. Website Building

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Venue and Date is Set!

Ten days ago I have finally booked the venue for our wedding! After seeing the (over-the-budget!) prices of the other available venues, I became so determined to book our original venue. I and my fiance’s mom have already called their office and we both got the same sad ans depressing answer – it was already booked for November 8. I was actually considering to move the date to another available Saturday in November (1, 15, 22) as long as we have our wedding there. I was about to give up when I kept on getting the answering machine and being put on hold. It took me more than 3 long hours to finally talk to a human! (Note: My work was not affected because I put the phone on speaker and just waited for someone to pick up. I can’t even take my restroom break for fear that someone might pick up and I won’t be there to answer it). I was really just trying to push my luck when I asked if the Group Dining Hall is still available on my chosen wedding date. And lo and behold, the answer that I was waiting for was given unto me!!! Lol. I couldn’t believe my luck… I kept on asking the call center agent if she got the date and the venue correctly. Hehehe. It was really meant to be! I am having my wedding at McKinney Falls! Yey!!! :) mckinney 01_IMGP179_800x600 04_IMGP1786_800x600 08_IMGP1798_800x600 09_IMGP1799_600x800Photo Credits: McKinney State Park Website


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Planning for my Wedding

My wedding is four months from now and I am stressed.

I initially thought that the venue would not be a problem because we decided to have it at my fiance’s parents’ backyard. But now, the guest list keeps getting longer! And because of Austin’s unpredictable weather, we decided to have it at McKinney Falls Function Hall.

I was so happy and excited because the venue is just perfect – it has a nice ambiance, a kitchen, tables and chairs, and restrooms. Plus, the fee is just within our budget! I just have to book it for November 8 and we are all set! – Only that it is NOT available on November 8! Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! :(

So, what now?

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I found ‘The One’

Early this year, 2 months before my 31st birthday, I finally met ‘The One’. Funny how a lot of people told me before that the guy whom God has destined for me to be with was probably somewhere very far hence I haven’t met him yet.

They were right. He was in Texas all these time, that’s why our paths never crossed. And when the right time has come, we finally found each other. :)


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Invest Now…

Below is taken from the blog of Bo Sanchez of the Truly Rich Club.
Hope you will be inspired to invest in stocks after you read this.

Congratulations, TrulyRichClub Members—You’ll Get 30%+ Profit In One Stock!

My members are happy.

Last February 2013, I recommended to our TrulyRichClub members to buy the stock of a relatively unknown but great company that produces food ingredients.  My simple advice was, “Buy small amounts each month.”

Since a lot of people didn’t know the company, they asked, “Jeepers Bo, I’ve never heard of them before.  Why will I invest there?”

I explained, “Yes, you don’t know this company, per se, but you know the clients of this company.  They’re the country’s biggest food ingredients provider, serving companies like Universal Robina and Jollibee.”

When we recommended this very profitable company last February 2013, its stock price was P6.45.  After 15 months, it’s now P9.25.  That’s a whopping 43% growth.  (Note: To compare, your money in the bank grows at less then 1% a year.)

Some analysts believe that this amazing company will still go up, because it’s got a fantastic future; BUT because we’re very conservative, last week, I already asked TrulyRichClub members to get ready to SELL very soon if it reaches (or almost reaches) our Target Price.  And I asked them to transfer their money to our other recommended companies that we believe still have lower prices, especially one specific company that’s into power-generation.

Oh yes, in the past 15 months of buying this great company, there were “terrible” months when the stock went down, and some asked me, “Bo, I’m freaking out.  Gosh, I’m actually losing money!”

I smiled and said, “You may be losing on paper, but if you don’t sell, you’re not losing.  Just close your eyes and keep buying small amounts each month!”

Today, my TrulyRichClub Members are a happy bunch. Because now, they see their nice profits and understand how this entire thing works.

They realize that investing in the Stock Market isn’t a quick-rich scheme.  They realize that there will be terrible months when the Stock Market is really down and they’ll be terrified—but they also now know that it’s during those terrible months when they earn the most terrific profits IF they buy during those terrible months.  And all they have to do is “close their eyes and keep buying small amounts each month”—and they’ll come out as big winners in the end.

My message?  You have to invest every month for YEARS, and in due time, you’ll earn your MILLIONS.

Friend, do you want to change your financial future?

If you have not yet joined my TrulyRichClub, I’d like to personally invite you to join now.

Here’s why: Moving forward to 2015, I see incredible double-digit growth for MOST of our recommended companies.  Oh yes, there will be the usual “terrible” dips along the way, where you’ll be scared and want to strangle my neck for getting you into this, but in due time, you’ll realize that these dips are when you make the biggest profits if you buy during that time.

Are you ready to make a huge change in your financial future?

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Financial Freedom: Am I Ready to Retire in 5 Years?

Questions to ask myself:

1. Do I have debts/loans?
Yes, I have things to pay for such as:
a. Avida Centerra condo unit – BIG money! Hoping to pay half of it by end of first year of my GCP assignment. I am targeting to work hard and save up so I can get this fully paid and convert it from liability to asset… Aja!
b. Insurance – Sunlife and Prulife UK

2. Do I have a passive income stream?
I am thinking of the condo as my future passive income stream. That is, if I don’t live in it and I could rent it out for a fair price.

I am also hoping that my stocks at ColFinancial would be earning much by then. Right now, these are the stocks in my portfolio:

COL Financial portfolio

COL Financial portfolio

3. Do I have a fallback in case I badly need to work again?
Right now, I am single and I don’t have anybody to worry about except for my ageing parents. My siblings can take care of themselves. That’s why I could easily say I could retire in 5 years. But if ever I do get to have a family – or a baby of my own, I may have to rethink this early retirement thing… and if ever, I think I can go back to my teaching or IT career. The experiences that I’ve gained over the years would help me land a decent job.

4. Do I have a retirement fund?
Yes, I have a retirement fund but it’s not yet fully paid. I still have to work my ass up to complete my payments. But at least I am working on it already.. :)

Conclusion: Getting there! But life is full of surprises… I am just glad to do this evaluation and realize that my finances look good and healthy so far. But it does take a lot of hard work, planning, and discipline. How about you, are you starting to think about your retirement?

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