Questions, Answered Part 2

  1. What are my long term goals?

My long term goals include settling down with a responsible, loving and faithful husband who will serve with me in The Feast. I still have to meet this lucky guy though. Hehe. I also wish to homeschool my would-be children until they turn 10 and then they can go to a regular school. I also dream of going back to Davao and live in a home with a beautiful garden. πŸ™‚ Another long term goal is to develop our tiny farm into a farm resort where we can rest and commune with nature. These are more of big dreams than long term goals.. πŸ™‚

  1. How can I improve my processes?

Hmm. I could be more systematic and organized. I could document and take note of the things that worked for me (and why) and those that weren’t effective. I think it could also help if I choose my activ

  1. How can I get better?
  2. What are the things that I should continue doing?
  3. What is blocking me from doing what I really want to do with my life?
  4. Am I really happy?
  5. Am I making a difference?
  6. Have I been loving myself or did I try to please people in the expense of my own happiness?
  7. Am I learning new things?

Monthly Checkup: March 2018

Based on my WordPress blog history, i am most active with planning and reflecting during the month of March. I think this is because of my upcoming birthday.

So i thought of taking as advantage of this and start my monthly checkpoints.

I modified the checkpoint from

Work Focus

Challenges: What are the biggest challenges you faced this month?

Top 3: What are your Top 3 areas of focus for the month?

  1. Defect management
  2. Responding to issues with interfaces
  3. Dealing with difficult people in the team


How would you rate yourself in terms of relationships this month?

As a wife: Poor. Need to plan more solo time with my husband. Maybe look for a nanny who can watch her for 2 hours to have a date with husband for at least a few hours. Watch a movie or something.

As a mother: Very Good. I think I havr spent more than enough time with my daughter, I give her baths and put her to sleep.

As a daughter: Bad. Haven’t spoken to parents for 2 months. They are just not reachable. 😦

As a sister: Good. Talked to my borthers and sister.

As an aunt: Good.

As a friend: Poor. Don’t really know if I have someone I could consider a friend here in Texas. I mean I have a few acquaintances, work friends… but not really someone I could share my innermost thoughts and feelings with. Well, aside from my husband, of course. Just miss having a close girl friend I can pour my heart into.


Whole-Life Planning: For now, the life plan is just to stay afloat and enjoy life more. The past years I have been busy with so many milestones. I feel like now is the time to enjoy those milestones and to stay on top of them.

Pruning: Need to learn to automate and delegate.

Purposeful Experience: What kinds of experiences would you like to schedule into the upcoming month? More outdoor activities with family. Golf, swimming, picnic.

What experiences would help you enjoy life more? 1 week vacation every quarter. Need to see the ocean and smell the sea.


Time Logger chart:

Additional Questions

  • How do you feel about the work you’re doing right now? I think Im doing great work. I often get praisies and good reviews from my leads.
  • Do you feel like you’re doing your best work? Yup.
  • What are areas for improvement?Mentoring, automation
  • What do you perceive to be lacking in your work right now? Pretty content. Maybe to work from home more. Learn more about web services.
    • What do you perceive to be lacking in your life right now? Time with husband, relationship with parents and friends
  • What can you do about it? I can be more deliberate with how I choose to spend my time.

Gratitude Series #1

I’d like to start the day with a grateful heart. Thankful for the 6 hours of sleep, for the comfort of being at home, for a chance to start a brand new day, for a chance to be with my husband and daughter – to serve and love them, to contribute to my project at work, to improve the way I do things.

I am thankful for this life, that I am able to use my talents and abilities to help my loved ones and to better our lives.

Our first Airbnb experience

We landed at LAX yesterday around 10 am. After checking that it will take Uber 1 hour to get to our Airbnb, we took a taxi and after 30 mins, we were at the “Abbey Apartments building”. We were all tired from the early trip and looked forward to relaxing in our Airbnb home for 3 days.

Myka fell asleep in the taxi. She did so well in her first flight.

We went to the lobby of the building and introduced ourselves to the guard. Bryan, our host, already informed us beforehand that since we’re arriving on a Sunday, he won’t be able to greet us and left the key with the guard. It took a while for the guard to figure out where the unit was – not sure if it’s because he was new or because the unit itself was new.

The guard finally escorted us out of the building and to our unit, which was actually at the side of the building. It had its own entrance, which I thought was cool.

Everything in the unit was new, we were the first guests!

Myka and D liked it too!

What I liked most about it is that it is close to almost every place I wanted to go to – the Philippine consulate of course, and then Hollywood and downtown LA. The host, Bryan, was also very responsive. He forgot to install the shower head before we arrived and when I informed him, minutes later, he was at the unit with the shower head. πŸ™‚

Happy 34th Birthday to me!

I had a very restful night because my baby slept from 9pm to 12mn (I slept from 10:30 to 4am. Yay!) and D arrived and put her back to sleep. So I just went back to sleep until 4am when she woke up again. I was able to go back to sleep from 5am to 7am when MJ barked because the baby sitter arrived. I forgot to tell her that I took the day off to “relax” on my birthday.

I was delighted to see my husband’s little surprise for me downstairs.

I did the laundry, took care of Myka in the morning and had a chat with Bernie, who brought me a pot of beautiful yellow tulips.

D took me to the semi-empty parking lot at Cabela’s to let me drive the truck. It was very different from driving the car. 

After that we went to Chili’s to have a very early dinner and some alone time. We often joke that we’re very old people, eating dinner at 4pm! πŸ˜€

I still haven’t responded to messages on Facebook, I just couldn’t find time. But it’s ok, I’m sure people will understand.

I wanted to do my yearly reflections and vision board but I am too busy today. Maybe I can do it for 15 minutes a day. One of the things I want to do regularly from now on is to do a max of 30-min blog/reflection.

Sleep – 8! πŸ™‚
Baby – ~7
D – ~3
Laundry – 2
Friend – ~2

Goals for this week:

Getting back on my routine

I’m going back to work next Tuesday, Jan 24 and I’m really anxious about it. For one, I need to pass my driver’s test on Monday. Then I need to prepare everything for Myka and my mom before I leave the house.

It’s also quite busy in my project because we are nearing our delivery date so everyone is expected to do overtime. Plus I got promoted so I will be in my new role. It’s exciting but at the same time, I feel so pressured and a bit scared that I might not meet expectations.

I am also thinking about my mom’s travel back home. I feel sad that she didn’t get to do much during her vacation. We mostly spent time inside the house. I feel like we should have done more and went out more. It’s just really hard with Myka because she would cry in the car.

I know I just need to take this one day at a time. I can do this.


I came across an article on Hotel 101 – a condotel concept that is very similar to what I want to do with my condo. I wish I bought a unit here instead of Avida Centerra.

I’m still engrossed with my research on my condotel business venture. Based on my computations, I will get even only after 15 years (assuming that I only get 10 nights of occupancy in a month) – that is, if I don’t raise the monthly rent. Fifteen years is an incredibly long time for me to recover my costs.

Tourist Visa for Mom

My parents are on their way to Davao right now. Their flight to Manila is at 10:00PM. I’m kinda worried that they might not know their way or they might get lost. It’s their first time to go around Manila on their own. I have booked a hotel for them already, I am just worried that taxi drivers might trick them – and know that they don’t have any idea how to go from one place to another.

My mom will be going to the US Embassy at Manila for her tourist visa interview. I hope she gets it so that she can travel to US next year. I have planned for her to travel on January 15, 2017 so that she can help me look after my baby when I start going back to work. It is also my gift to her for her retirement. She has worked so hard so that we can finish college so I want to reward her for that.

Although I feel bad for my Papa, I just can’t afford to have both of them travel next year. And besides, I’m scared my father won’t be able to endure the 22-hour flight.

I hope and pray that the Consul gives my Mama a tourist visa…