Just the firewall!

I was wondering why my MySQL wouldn’t work.. how come my scripts are not working.. why I couldn’t connect to my database. It took me a while to figure out that it was just ESET Nod32’s firewall that was blocking my applications! Arggh!

I am now setting my firewall in policy-based mode but it’s also annoying when it asks my permission every time an app tries to have inbound and outbound communications. Well, maybe it’s better to create rules and just switch to automatic filtering mode. I still like and want ESET Nod32 as my antivirus. It has protected me from malicious softwares and viruses for some time already. Thanks, ESET! 🙂


Some teaching tips from University of Virginia

I came across a website that has a lot of teaching tips for the university. I’m hoping that I could put into practice what I’ve learned.

* Instructors should break down lessons into manageable chunks, and couple each lesson with practical application.
* Students appreciate it when instructors relate their own experiences, through anecdotes. It provides both real world examples and personal touch that students find appealing.
* Students would exert effort for the course if they perceive that effort spent on preparation yields a corresponding payoff in the final grade.
* To keep students thinking, begin the course or the lecture with questions that will help you understand what they are thinking.
* To introduce new topics and find out students’ assumptions, ask them to jot down their answers on their own and combine answers later in a small group.
* When a student asks a question, instead of answering it yourself, ask for an answer from other members of the class.
* Ask questions throughout the class, to motivate students to participate.
* Allow time for questions at the end of the lecture.
* Do a one-minute paper at the end of the class. Students can write down what they consider the (a) main point of the class and (b) questions that need clarification.
* One surprising insight: ask questions to which I don’t have an answer. Questions without direct answers come in 3 varieties: a) those that have no answer b) those that have debatable answers c) those that I don’t know yet have an answer

I want to quote this from an article on “Some Answers About Questions”:

Now the teacher becomes a moderator, not a fountain of wisdom, and this demands a whole new set of teaching skills: listening, summarizing, clarifying (only when necessary), and making connections. The teacher listens, and redirects the conversation by summarizing. Not easy, moderating requires a solid knowledge of the subject, perceptive listening skills, tact, diplomacy, and leadership.

A couple of related tips:

* Be willing to admit error – it makes it easier for students to do so.
* Try to help the student feel more and more confident as time goes on – never judge a student’s idea as stupid, even when it proves undefendable. Show interest in each student’s contribution, and be interested.
* Keep thinking about the education process.

I have a long way to go to being the most effective “professor” I wish I can be.

God’s Love!

I’ll be sharing about God’s love tomorrow. This would be my first time to speak for the Singles for Christ community. I’m excited and at the same time anxious… All I want is for the participants of the Christian Life Program to see how God has shown His love to me.. 🙂

I’ve been asked to speak for the community before but I have turned them down a number of times. But this time, I was the one who volunteered! Hehe… Maybe God really wants me to do this for Him.

I want to share three lessons I’ve learned about God’s love:

1. God loves you. Period. No ifs, no buts. He just loves us unconditionally.

There was a time in my life, when God gave me everything I ever asked for. In 2008, I had an overdose of God’s love. I was so blessed in my career, I finished my Master’s degree on time, I passed exams, I got hired by the company I always dreamed of entering since college, I was blessed with a part time job that paid well, I had good health, rich friendships, a happy family… and sabi ko pa kay Lord:  “Lord, lubus-lubusin mo na. Give me a lovelife.” And true enough, a man came into my life with all the qualifications on my checklist. I was so happy! Everyday, I thanked the Lord for all the blessings He’s given me. I felt so undeserving. At the back of my mind, I was wondering.. “What have I done to deserve all this?” During that time it was so easy to say, “Wow, God, you love me talaga.. ”

2. God’s love moves in mysterious ways.

I was so happy until one day, I started losing the things that I thought were most valuable to me. And the first was when “Mr Right turned out to be Mr. Wrong.”  I was so hurt and nagtatampo kay Lord at that time. Sabi ko, “Lord you’re so unfair! What have I done to deserve this?. Do you really love me? Coz if you do, you won’t allow me to get hurt like this!” Everything started falling apart. I rejected the offer at my “dream” company, I didn’t have a part-time job, I was hurt, confused, and I was broke.  But during those times when I was at my weakest, I found strength in God, and I could feel, more than ever that He loves me. I found comfort in Him. It was then that my personal relationship with Him grew better. When everything else in my life fails and disappoints me, I knew that I could count upon His unconditional love. We may not understand how God allows us to get hurt, how these  seemingly ugly pieces of the puzzle fits in our vision of a “perfect life”. But we have to trust in His love, believe that He has great plans for us, plans to save us and not to harm us, plans of a good future filled with hope. And I quote in Isaiah 55: 8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not your ways, says Yahweh. For as the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts above your thoughts.”

3. SFC is God’s love.

I first attended the SFC CLP in 2008 but I completed it only in 2009. Why? Because in 2008, everytime I went to Socoteco, my mind was elsewhere – thinking about my world – work, career, family… Aside from that, I felt like my life was “too ordinary” compared to the lives of my groupmates. But in 2009, when I attended the CLP once again, I realized that this is one of God’s answer to my prayers. I looked forward to each Sunday, for the CLP. It was where I found comfort and an affirmation of God’s love – through the talks, sharing, and of course, the friends I’ve gained.

God really loves you and me. No doubt about it. May God be praised! 🙂

Update: A pic of me sharing about God’s love

Bowling 101

It’s the start of the summer fun! Weeh!

We had fun at Tokyok’s Bowling Lanes yesterday. We kept the pin boys happy by not knocking down any of the pins. Haha.. The balls just kept on going to the canal instead of hitting the pins.. hmm.. I wonder why.. 😀

Anyway, we had fun, and that’s what matters. 🙂 61 points… not bad for the first time, ;P

Life as a 26 year old

What was life like when I turned 26?

Emotional. I hate to admit it but it’s been the most emotional year for me. From day one of turning 26, my life revolved around someone and trying too hard to make a sort-of relationship work. It was very…challenging. My 26th year revolved around someone I don’t even really know and who was a hundred miles away. I know it’s weird and I won’t exert too much effort in explaining how it happened but I’m honestly glad that it’s really over. Though it was a difficult year, I don’t have any regrets. I’m even satisfied with how I was able to handle all the problems that came my way. It’s funny how I still really stuck to the relationship even if I already knew right from the start that it was going to be really difficult. I settled for texting everyday. Haha. I actually read some of my posts last year and it goes:

May 14, 2009: Hmm.. I did something crazy today. I said yes to someone without knowing if I really meant it or not. I do not know.
I can’t be serious with this! OMG! But does it matter? Whatever. We’ll see where this one leads to. 🙂

May 19, 2009: I know it’s too early to say goodbye. But I think it would be better this way. Put an end now and save myself from misery. It’s way too complicated. I can’t trust you. I don’t even think that you are serious enough to commit to this kind of relationship. We both know right from the start that it’s going to be hard. I could not risk hurting again. Not now. Not yet. The wounds from the past have just healed.
For a while, I thought we can have a future together. But right now, a future together just looks too bleak. I have to stop myself while I can… I’m sorry.

I find it really funny…all the attempts of saying goodbye, cutting the so-called “relationship” were all in vain.. and it lasted for almost a year. Knowing that he wasn’t right for me, and that he might just hurt me in the long run didn’t stop me from taking the risk. Hmm.. It’s OK, even if it didn’t work, everything is reall just part of growing up. ;p

The Singles for Christ community also played a major role in my life the past year. A lot of activities that I engaged in, places I’ve been to and people I’ve met were because of my involvement in SFC. It has truly enriched my life in many ways, especially because I was able to nurture my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Career-wise though, I couldn’t say that I’ve achieved much, except for the training I had in Japan. But now, I’m proud to say that I’m looking at teaching in a different light. I am happier with my profession as a teacher and I hope I can be more effective in the coming years.

There weren’t a lot of speaking opportunities for me this year. And the seminars/trainings that I’ve attended or conducted were few, maybe because I accumulated too many absences because of my 3-week training in Japan and could not afford to leave my students.

By April 2011, I hope to read this post again and see that I have:

  • a more happily committed relationship
  • maintained rich relationships with my family
  • completed a software project I can be very proud of
  • traveled to Camarines Sur (SFC Icon! Yey!)
  • conducted training on a specific skill or new programming language
  • cleared my CHED return service for my Master’s degree
  • applied for a PhD grant in Japan, Canada, Australia or US (Aja!)
  • reached my target savings
  • continued to support SFC activities and given tithes to the church
  • learned to swim
  • learned to drive
  • learned how to bake cookies or make a delicious new dessert recipe
  • a garden with more veggies
  • form a computing varsity
  • contibute to the increase in passing percentage of Davao for PhilNITS exam

Summer 2010

Looking forward to a fantastic summer this 2010! 🙂

Things I want to do this summer:

  • CLP Sundays
  • badminton! yeah
  • scuba diving… cool
  • do one complete software project, possibly in Visual C++ or Python
  • nature trippin! wanna try spelunking..
  • wall climbing!
  • zip line!!! yahoo!!!
  • of course, what is summer without swimming? yey…

What’s with birthdays?

Funny how birthdays can be the extremes – happiest and saddest points in your life.

Maybe it’s because of the pressure to make the day extra special – family and friends, good food, fun and exciting memories, greetings, and gifts.

Yesterday was my birthday. With no family by my side, no good food (ate breakfast at Jollibee at 11:30 am)… It was kinda depressing. My family was so far away and I was not in the mood to celebrate with friends.

But I’m thankful that my family and friends managed to make me feel good through their greetings. I am also extra grateful to Serge and Eman for the surprise calls, Ems, te Revs, Shan and Charisse for their gifts, and to everyone who greeted me in Facebook, Friendster, and text.

Well, it was just another day and I’m thankful that I survived. Together with the SFC community, I celebrated Aisa Baroy’s debut on my birthday at Phela Grande. It was a sweet escape from the pressure of “celebrating” my birthday. Haha.

Birthday Reflections…

A. What are the greatest lasting memories of the past year?

  1. Crazy trips to Bukidnon and Ozamis
    Hmm.. I call these crazy trips. Crazy. Fun. Memorable. Definitely lasting memories…
    This is number one on the list tlaga (Bawal mag react ang friends..hehe). Well, it’s funny how so many things could happen in a year. Exactly one year lng jd ang iyang entry and exit… Sometimes in life you have to take risks and just enjoy the moments.
  2. Japan trip
    First time to go overseas + Japan + all expense paid + new acquaintances = totally awesome experience!
  3. Singles for Christ
    July 26, 2009. From the CLP, Regional Conference, International Conference, retreats, households, dance sessions, and fellowships… the Singles for Christ GenSan community has changed my life for the better. I’m glad I’ve these people in my life.
  4. Marielle Jenaycah
    At first when I learned that my brother got his girlfriend pregnant, I was really devastated. But when I’ve accepted it, and especially when I saw my niece, everything changed. My life takes a halt when I’m with her.
  5. Preparations for Libya: documents + Manila trip
    Libya opportunity got me confused for a while. Underwent a lot of stress and crises along the way yet the plans never materialized.  But I’m still happy for the experiences.

B. What did I learn this year?

  • I learned to overcome my fears and to be better in relationships. I learned to take more action so I can achieve my goals. I learned that you don’t have to fear being hurt and losing. I learned that I won’t be happy in Libya. I learned that sometimes, you just have to take a shot at happiness. I learned that “Hindi lahat ng tama, dapat. At hindi lahat ng dapat, tama.” I also learned that you really just have to live life in order to enjoy it. You can’t play safe all the time. This year I was more fearless, bolder, and happier.

C. What were my biggest challenges or obstacles?

  • Matters of the heart. Staying or letting go.
  • Career decisions. Still, staying or leaving.
  • Accepting that my dreams for my brother will no longer come true.

D. Who are the most interesting people I’ve met?

  • Charie and Baby Nycah
  • Jetro and Jessa
  • Melanie and Marich

E. How have they changed my life?

  • They changed my life in so many ways.
  • Charie and Nycah – new people to love and care for
  • Jetro and Jessa – taught me a lot of things about love, life and everything in between
  • Melanie and Marich – learned a lot from them too

F. How I am different now than I was at the start of the year?

  • It’s amazing how a year passes by so swiftly. So many things have happened – both good and bad, best and worst. There were hellos and farewells. But this year is probably the year that I’ve gained the most friends and new people to love and care for. They have inspired me, saddened me, confused me, hurt me, and me happy.
  • My 26th year is a year of relationships…and that is what I’m most thankful for.

Questions were taken from Sacha’s post on the top 13 questions to ask yourself.

Grades for IT120 and CSC121

Due to the insistent demand of my students, I am now posting their grades for everyone to see. (?-?) Note to students: I have only posted the grades of those who passed.

CSC 121:
Acebes – 3.0
Ayaso – 3.0
Barcelona – 2.0
Cabe – 3.0
Canete – 3.0
Calalang – 3.0
Degallado – 2.5
Hicban – 2.5
Jamerlan – 2.25
Lastimosa – 1.25
Mamalompong – 3.0
Martizano – 3.0
Mulod – 3.0
Napi – 2.5
Narvaiza – 2.5
Odan – 2.0
Panogot – 3.0
Perales – 3.0
Robles – 3.0
Sabanilla – 2.0
Sanchez – 2.75
Santos – 2.75
Villaruz – 2.75

Acebes – 3.0
Almio – 3.0
Ayaso – 2.5
Barcelona – 1.75
Cabe – 2.75
Cerbo – 3.0
Degallado – 2.25
Dulay – 3.0
Jamerlan – 2.5
Lastimosa – 2.0
Leja – 2.25
Mamalompong – 3.0
Martizano – 3.0
Mulod – 3.0
Napi – 2.0
Narvaiza – 2.75
Odan – 2.5
Oro – 3.0
Perales – 2.5
Sabanilla – 2.25
Santos – 2.5
Vargas – 3.0
Villaruz – 2.0

Failed: 15/37

Where is Jesus in your life?

I read the daily bible reflections from Kerygma today and it spoke about how the risen Jesus accompanied two of his disciples on their journey and they were talking about Him, but were not able to recognize that it was already Him walking with them.

These people were lucky to have experienced walking, talking, and eating with Jesus Himself. While all we have today is the Bible and the stories about His miracles and teachings.

Where is Jesus in your life?

I have always been a devout Catholic: goes to mass, prays the rosary, attends church activities, says my prayers before and after sleep, and I am even a member of Singles for Christ. However, I couldn’t give an answer to the question. And it bothered me.

Last Friday at 5 am, I joined the procession for the Stations of the cross with my aunt and walked for two hours commemorating Jesus’ way of the cross. I was honestly in prayer, but I was not really paying attention. When I was supposed to reflect about Jesus’ suffering and death for my sins, I was praying FOR something else… a better career, blessings for my family, a stronger heart, forgiveness for my sins. Now I realize that I have always been ASKING from Him and don’t really have a personal relationship with Him.

No wonder I feel empty. It’s like Jesus is a genie who can make my wishes come true. When they do come true, I rejoice and thank Him, but when they don’t, I feel bad and make “tampo”. I may be turning another year older in less than a week but my spiritual growth has been stunted.

Where is Jesus in my life? He is in my whole being. And I pray that when people see me, they will see Jesus in me. I also pray that I will be able to walk with Him everyday of my life.