Invest in the Stock Market Now!

If you want to invest in the stock market, the best time is NOW!

Now – when the stock market is still temporarily down and when you just got your 13th month pay (or whatever is left of it) – and your Christmas bonus! 🙂

Now you can buy great companies (blue chips) like AC (Ayala Corp), BPI, BDO, SMPH, and JFC at relatively low prices! But don’t just jump in without learning the basics of the stock market. Learn only from the best mentors from the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez and open an account in Citiseconline.

Happy Investing and Cheers to a Financially Free 2014!


Not a single post in October

October 2013. Not a single post.

It’s been a super super busy month for me. A work-related change took me by surprise and would potentially change how I’d spend my December and the whole of 2014. I’ll have to wait and see… It’s both exciting and somehow scary.

Aside from that, I also got real busy in “real” project-related stuff and at the same time, team building activities, which I really enjoyed. 🙂

There were also lots of fun and learning activities in church such as the card-making project of the Awesome Kids Ministry and the culmination of JEWELS (which deserves a completely separate post because I learned A LOT in that session).

To top it all, I also had a cool (literally) escapade with my Gensan friends in Baguio. That trip is extra memorable coz my wallet got stolen while camwhoring on Session Road. Tsk2.. That was stressful. But thanks to my great and supportive friends, we were able to block all the cards in my wallet. Yes, I lost cash and some very valuable ID cards but I gained the support and comfort from my friends. I gained real treasure, something that lasts a lifetime. 😉





Goodbye October 2013, hello to a more jampacked November!