My Steps to a Stress-free Life

1. Chill! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Breathe!
2. If the work load seems impossible, for heaven’s sake, SAY NO!
3. If the boss won’t take NO for an answer, go to step 1 and tell him “I told you so” when you won’t meet his expectations. Tell him to do step 1 too! 🙂
4. Learn to delegate! With the overload given to you, you can’t possibly do everything yourself! Some people will be happy and are much willing to help you.
5. Organize your stuff so you won’t waste time looking for things.
6. Make sure to have some fun, spend time with people who matter to you and spend some quality bonding time with them – AND STOP thinking about work when you’re at it.


Be Happy!

I am feeling a little low today. I don’t know if it’s just because of my monthly visit or what. Hormones. 😦 I got depressed yesterday but I thought this morning that I’ll feel a lot better because it’s out.

But I feel worse! Or maybe I chose to feel worse. Until I heard Miley’s song “Bottom of the Ocean”:

It’s been in the past for a while
I get a flash and I smile
Am I crazy
Still miss you, baby
It was real
It was right
But it burned too hot to survive
All that’s left is,
All these ashes

Where does the love go
I don’t know
When it’s all set and done
How could I be losing you forever,
After all the time we spent together
I have to know why I had to lose you
Now you’ve just become like everything
I’ll never find again
At the Bottom Of The Ocean

In a dream, you appear
For a while, you were here
So I keep sleeping,
Just to keep you with me
I’ll draw a map,
Connect the dots
With all the memories that I got
What I’m missing,
I’ll keep reliving

I don’t know
When it’s all set and done
How could I be losing you forever,
After all the time we spent together
I have to know why I had to lose you
Now you’ve just become like everything
I’ll never find again,
At the bottom of the ocean

This is it
Let go

You don’t have to love me for me
To baby ever understand
Just know I love the time we both had
And I don’t ever want to see you sad
Be happy
And I don’t wanna hold you
If you don’t wanna tell me you love me babe
Just know I’m gonna have to walk away
I’ll be big enough for both of us to say
Be happy

Be happy

I really didn’t notice all the other lyrics… just the voice that keeps on saying “Be happy”. And I remembered what my mentors always say about happiness. It is a CHOICE! It’s great because you can choose your emotions at any given time. It may take a lot of practice at first, but it’s true. You can choose how you want to feel! That is good news! 🙂 So right now, I am choosing to feel happy by thinking happy thoughts… hmm.. thinking about what I’ll do with my first salary makes me happy. Thinking and planning for the future make me happy! I look forward to treating my family to a delicious meal! Yey! Yummy! Food makes everybody happy. 🙂

Happy Monthsary to Me and USEP!

Wow. Has it been just one month?

Too many things have happened already. It feels like forever. I’m amazed that I am just celebrating my first month with University of SouthEastern Philippines (USEP). I have learned so much in just one month. I am handling six different subjects… Programming 1 (C/C++), Data Structures (C++), Programming 3 (Java), Structures of Programming Languages, and… tentenen… Trigonometry and Statistics!

Well, I’ve always loved Math and I could have taken the course Applied Math if I went to UP. But gosh! It still took me by surprise… I never expected that I will be teaching Trigonometry and Statistics! I wish I took Ems, Mae and Ate Doli with me so I can just let them be my guest instructors.. Geez…. But of course, I still managed to… well, uhm.. teach the two subjects.

It’s really a struggle. Every single teaching day is a struggle because I have six preparations and four of them are new to me (Prog 3, SPL, Trigo and Stat). Thank goodness, it’s been a month and I’m still alive! Yey! God is good! 😀

I am really thankful that God has given me good health, a brave soul and tons of wonderful, generous, loving people. I am sure without my support group, I could have lost my sanity already. Hehe. I have someone to kulit when I feel so lonely already and he has been very patient and supportive (thank God!). I have a very loving family… Mommy (and Tito Leven) who cooks food and even prepares baon for me. I am so, so, blessed. Of course, my friends… Ems who always remind me I can do it, that I can reach my goals and fulfill my vision. Hannah, Laiza, Charisse, Mae and Ate Doli whom I miss so much send me texts to brighten up my day.

One of the major changes in my life is eating lunch alone but I’ve managed to live by it and just be thankful for the peace and quiet that I have in my cubicle. And I don’t have to check every once in a while if I have food stuck between my teeth. And I could chew my food well coz I don’t have to hurry so I can take part in the chika. I no longer have to worry if I choke due to uncontrollable laughter when someone says something really funny or stupid. Wow, indeed, you really just have to look at the brighter side of life and choose to be thankful. 🙂

My Institute of Computing co-teachers and staff have also been so supportive and helpful, going out of their way to make me feel welcome and sharing their books and tools with me. Even the students have been very friendly and cooperative. Most of them delight me because they have met my expectations and have motivated me to plan ahead and do my work better.

I still have a long way to go in fulfilling my vision but I believe that now, I am one step closer. May God be praised! 🙂 Happy 1st Monthsary!

How Should I Deal with Cheating in My Class?

I really hate it when I see students cheating in my class. Not because I don’t want them to pass the course, but because I want them to LEARN. Cheating doesn’t help them because they will be dependent on their classmates for their answers. More importantly, it won’t help me help them because I would not know in which areas they are weak and I could not assess if they really understood the lessons or not. =(

Corruption starts in the classroom. Cheating, even in its mildest sense, should not be tolerated, especially in the classroom. But I am confused on how to deal with it appropriately. Should I confiscate and throw their papers? Send them out of the classroom? That would be totally humiliating and they might never recover and just drop out of the course (Toink!). Or I could just stare at them until they melt. But some students are just so immune and makapal na ang mukha. They won’t even budge. Sigh.

I’m tired of telling them to keep their eyes on their paper, not to discuss their answers with their classmates… Hmm…

I should not tolerate cheating… but how???