The Fourth at USEP


My little cubicle is a mess. Yes, I’m happy that I no longer have to prepare for my six different subjects but I’ve got a lot of papers to check before I can finally say that the sem’s over. Sigh. I wish I could just skip the checking part and just call the random function to generate the students’ grades. Haha..

Ayy.. four months..


Happy with some of students’ mobile projects

I’m really quite impressed with the projects presented by some of my students. It’s really great. I am glad that despite the very short time that we were able to discuss about midlets, they were able to come up with original and entertaining mobile applications. Hopefully, they will not forget what they have learned about J2ME and be able to make use of the skills that they have acquired and later on make money out of it. However, there are still those that disappointed me a lot. There were students who presented mobile applications that they have downloaded from the Web. What irritates me most is that they don’t even understand the code! Argh! Good thing that (so far), those who made original projects outnumbered those who just downloaded source codes.