random morning thoughts on a wednesday

*sigh* i have to be more organized..
everything around me is a mess!
my mind is a mess..hmm..gotta try that mindmapping thinggie!

things to do:
1. send out sponsorship letters for SFD
2. facilitate float making for the intrams
3. prepare advanced excel tutorials
4. prepare midterm exam for OS (ACLC)
5. prepare for MY exam
6. check papers, record, compute! grrr! (i hate this job!)
7. help out in my different committees in the Intrams!


missin my family

i feel a pang of homesickness…i miss my folks…

been away from home since i was 13…

sigh… i love those people but i get to see them twice or thrice a year… =(

shifting my focus

ive decided to shift my focus. i found out that i have to render my return service until may. so while i could not do anything about my job at present, i should realign my short term goals and focus on the present.

i’ve decided to focus more on:

a. being an effective teacher to my students – that is, being well prepared and enthusiastic everytime i conduct classes (whew!)
b. making Software Freedom Day 08 for freeIT team successful
    – have a good outcome of the event
    – get more organizations, sponsors, schools, communities, and individuals involved
    – let EVERYONE have FUN during the event
c. preparing for the PhilNITS exam (i hope i still have the time)


career crossroads

i’ve been thinking about it for quite a long time… last night, i’ve made up my mind. i already know what i want. i have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.. 😉 hep hep, hooray!

i’ve been confused about the career path that i want to take. is it the academe,or the industry?

first, the academe…

this is not really my passion. this is not what i dreamt of. so if i follow steve jobs’ advice, not to settle..then i guess this is the wrong choice.

i like teaching, especially when i know i delivered a great performance (meaning, i’ve awed my audience – my students! 😉 i love it when i get to share my ideas and my learnings to my students. i love the interaction. i love their enthusiasm and most especially, i love learning (with and from them)

but i dont like the “other” functions of a teacher – that is, to check papers, prepare exams, compute grades, and most especially, having no choice but to FLUNK students…

maybe i could go back to this career when i get older.. when i no longer have the energy to
compete in the real world.. 🙂

and the industry..

yes, it’s a tough world out there where every man must struggle to prove himself. but hey, i just wanna take a shot at it. i don’t wanna die not knowing what it’s like to work out there. i don’t want to live a life full of regrets. i don’t want to give up on my dream…

on mentors

i just admire ms. sacha chua. it seems that everytime i need information about certain things that interest me, i could always find it in her blogs.

she really, really impresses me. i look up to her as my mentor. she’s a geek and proud of it. ü she amazes me because not only is she great in programming, she also writes and communicates very well.

recently, while i was preparing for my seminar on PHP/MySQL to be given to Holy Trinity, i remembered reading an article on her blog site about public speaking. so i went to my Bookmarks Menu and clicked on sachachua.com.. and sure enough, there were tons of information there…

i especially loved the video on the secrets of Steve Jobs’ public presentations.. he’s really good. and like sacha, i want to be a powerful speaker like him…

aside from her very informative and entertaining posts, sacha also takes time to reply to emails even to strangers like me. =D

thanks sacha!