For the year…

2011, the year when:

  • I joined (and left) Active Rail Web Technology Solutions as a Web developer. A team of wonderful people (Ate Dulce, James, Ate Joie)
  • I got reunited with my tres marias girlfriends Ems and Laiza
  • we celebrated my niece Nycah’s first birthday
  • we said goodbye to Tatay
  • I celebrated my birthday with Namang/Tair family at Rizal
  • I started working at Accenture
  • I met and lived with my housemates at 423 (Carlo, Aldrin, Jo, Ate Lyn and Matel)
  • I worked with OSM and Portal Team

For all the changes, achievements, trials surpassed, people met, triumphs, ups and downs… thank you dear Lord! 🙂