Personal retreat

I’ll be blocking next weekend for some me – time. I know I need this much needed break to be alone and think about the answers to the questions I wrote on my previous post.

I need this because I’ve been feeling tired a lot lately and I don’t seem to enjoy all the things that I do anymore. I often catch myself wanting to go home in the middle of the day at the office. And I feel half – hearted in doing my jobs in church. 😦

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Blog birthday

It’s my blog’s birthday! I started blogging 8 years ago. My first post was on July 2005 at the now defunct Friendster. The second post was made 2 years later but was still on July. So technically my blog is really just six years old. 🙂

I used to write rants and just anything on my mind because somehow I knew nobody reads them. Until I got inspired by Sacha’s witty posts  and started  writing posts that would somehow be useful to others.

One of the simple things that give me joy is when people take time to leave comments on my posts to give more insight, to let me know that my post helped them, or just to ask a question.

It amazes me that I have met a lot of cool and interesting people through my blog. This blog also helps me keep in touch with my friends and family. It gives them an idea on what I’m doing, feeling and thinking. I also use my blog to let loved ones feel special on their special days.

Blogging has also helped me think and make important decisions in my life – such as when I was contemplating on leaving the academe in favor of exploring the real world of IT.

Blogging helps people get a glimpse of my personality, gives them a window to my heart and mind. However this can also give people a false sense of knowing. I often tag my posts as private when I don’t want strangers to read about them.

A few years ago, I used to write about very personal stuff, but I started to filter my posts when I noticed that my students are starting to read and follow my blog. At that time, I decided to write more about “work – related” stuff and use my blog to reach out and get feedback from my students.

When I joined the industry, I was  prohibited to blog about work because we are dealing with very confidential stuff. For a while I stopped blogging. For months my life revolved around my work. There were very exciting and valuable experiences I’ve gained on my first project that I was really tempted to share but I loved my job and I can’t risk losing It. Anyway, I got active .church and found new interesting things to share.

As my blog turns 6, I wish to share more interesting stories and learnings in this wonderful journey called life. 😉

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I haven’t been (really) writing in this blog for months. All I do is create collages of my recent activities.

I miss writing. I miss hearing and reading my thoughts. When I do feel like writing, it’s either I’m commuting or I’m in the office.

Blog sites are blocked in the office so I can’t write on this WordPress blog. Although we have an internal blog site in the company, I’m too busy at work to really have the time to spend a few minutes writing my thoughts so I usually have to stop myself from day dreaming about writing.

There are a lot of things in my mind right now. Questions I’ve been wanting to ask myself. Sometimes I just wanna sit with myself and really draw important answers to questions that are bugging me for quite some time already. I’ve been very busy with work and ministry activities lately. I haven’t had the time to  just meditate and think about where my life is heading. It’s already mid-year and I haven’t had the time to check my goals.


  1. Do I still enjoy what I’m doing on a daily basis?
  2. What do I want to accomplish?
  3. Is it worth it?
  4. Where am I headed?
  5. How do my daily activities help me achieve my long term goals?
  6. What are my long term goals?
  7. How can I improve my processes?
  8. How can I get better?
  9. What are the things that I should continue doing?
  10. What is blocking me from doing what I really want to do with my life?
  11. Am I really happy?
  12. Am I making a difference?
  13. Have I been loving myself or did I try to please people in the expense of my own happiness?
  14. Am I learning new things?

Great buys: Pretty Footwear

Oh, I just so love these pretty things I bought at a thrift stall at Divisoria yesterday!


I spotted the pink slippers first and bought it for 150 pesos! Thats almost 4 USD! I tried it out immediately to check if it is comfortable. I was happy for my feet’s comfort that I went back and tried to look for another great find. Then I spotted the red shoes! It is sooo pretty..the color, style, heel and the price really suits my taste! Amazing! I walked around the mall today and my feet didn’t hurt like crazy unlike my other more expensive shoes! For 150 pesos! Yey! 🙂


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Minion rush

I got addicted to Candy Crush so I decided to uninstall it. However I discovered Despicable Me’s Minion Rush and I got addicted again!!! What’s worse, I’m so poor at it, I keep on repeating the same level over and over again! Grr… So after a day of trying it out, I decided that it would be healthy for me if I just uninstall it. 😦 Sad… But at least I could keep my sanity!


I’d miss the cute minions though.

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Faith @ Work: 3 C’s to be a good Leader

I would like to share something that I got from Kerygma’s July edition. Actually this is from the column Faith @ Work by Ariel Driz.

1. Commit to excellence and to your organization’s success. Give it your all.2. Competence: Work hard to get better, not to prove you’re better.
3. Care for people: People skills is probably the most important skill you will need as a manager. 😉


Long distance + friendship + technology = amazing!

Whew! I love Information Technology! When used properly, it can really make a (good) difference in people’s lives and relationships.

I’m so happy to have used Google Hangout. It makes me feel closer to my girlfriends Laiza and Ems.. feels like the old times. Just can’t share food with them though. Hehe. But it’s still fun! 😉

solo_pics with_niecesThere they are with their nieces.. I miss my niece Nycah.. if she’s here with me, the tita-and-niece hangout would have been complete.. hehe.. This is the new way of hanging out! Supah Cool! Now we’re officially cyber friends! 😀