To My Grandparents in Heaven

I miss having someone to call my Nanay (lola/grandma) or Tatay (lolo/grandpa). Now that they’re gone, all I have are precious memories of the times I spent with each of them.

Three years ago, I wrote about how much I missed my three grandparents but I still felt happy because I still had Tatay Primo. Now I feel sadder because I lost him early this year.

He died on the day I was supposed to leave for Manila. I cancelled my trip and went home with a heavy heart. But I’m thankful that I was still given a chance to see him for the last time. I miss him a lot and it would feel strange when I’d go home and he’s no longer around.

Oh, I miss my grandparents. I miss being an “apo”. But I know that they are happy now. And I’m glad that I was able to spend precious moments with them while they were still with me here on earth. We really have to make the most out of our short time here with our loved ones coz life is too short.