In Need of Romance

I super love this Korean drama entitled “In Need of Romance”!!!

Ever since I started working on mid shift, I could only watch TV from about 12noon to 4pm. I was shuffling from channel to channel until this Korean drama caught my attention. The story line and the characters are all captivating! This is, by far, my most favorite Korean drama of all time! 🙂

Maybe because I can relate to it. Haha.

This is about 3 women in their early thirties (By the way, I’m not yet 30. But I can relate to their everyday dillemas). The story revolves around the careers, love lives, and friendship of 3 women. It’s almost like Sex and the City but hmm.. for me, it’s more romantic and fun.

The main character broke up with his 10-year boyfriend (and live-in partner) when she discovered that he was cheating.

And then she got romantically involved with the gorgeous owner of the company she’s working in (pogi!!).

This cute guy, her ex, wants to win her heart again. But…well.. he already cheated.. 😦 A relationship is so hard to mend when there are already trust issues. Sad.

Another character is looking for the man that she would one day marry.

And the other one is a career-oriented woman who “sleeps around” and never gets too attached with the men she dates for fear of being hurt.

I really, really love this Korean series and I hope I can get a DVD soooon!!! Can someone tell me where I can get a copy of this? I watch it at TVN – channel 75 along with SuperStar K! Love love love this series!!!


LDF: Long distance friendship

April, me, and Jessa in 2008

I met her 4 years ago at a family outing. She was a total stranger then. She was young, beautiful, and attractive. At first glance, people would really be drawn to her because she exudes an aura of youth and quiet confidence.

Jessa Gonzales Gomez

I felt at ease with her the first time we met and we had fun getting to know each other in that short time. I never had an idea that she would be a part of my life from then on.

I got to know her brother through her and because I was at a low point in my life at that time and I needed someone to talk to, I easily got really close with him. Jessa and I lost touch at some time but I always got news about her from her brother. One time when we were together, he shared that she was pregnant.

I was shocked and concerned because I knew that she was still in college. I knew she had dreams of helping her family when she graduates. I contacted her to make sure that she was doing fine and provided her the support that she needed. I am glad that she trusted me enough to share her struggles and feelings with me.

When I was in Japan and somehow lost contact with my family and friends, she was my constant chatmate. I shared to her the loneliness in being in a strange land, where you could not understand the people around you and she shared her experiences during her pregnancy. I was so glad that she was around and she was online most of the time during late nights in the Philippines (Japan and Philippines have a 2-hour difference, when it’s 8pm in Japan, it’s already 10pm in the Philippines). I was there for only 3 weeks but I was really lonely at nights because I missed texting her brother. Haha. :p

I never knew that our friendship was only a preparation for me so that I would accept my brother’s news one December afternoon of the same year. My brother told me that he got his girlfriend pregnant. I was really devastated at first because I had plans and dreams for him. I was really mad and disappointed. And then I remembered everything that Jessa shared to me. And it was then that I understood and accepted my brother’s situation. If Jessa’s experience hasn’t prepared me for that major news from my own brother, I could have been really furious.

Later she became a mom and gave birth to a beautiful, gorgeous boy, Zeke. I really admire how she and her hubby, both so young, have worked hard to give their boy a bright future. I met her again for just a second time here in NAIA airport last year, when she was bound for Doha. Funny because I was supposed to go to Doha 2 years ago but then my plans changed because of some circumstances. I really admired her courage and strength when I met her there at the airport. Leaving a very young son to face and work in a foreign land is never easy. And I knew she was just trying to be strong for her family but she did it… and now she’s reunited with them in Doha.

I’m really thankful to God for allowing her to be part of my life. I’m learning from her experiences and she has become so dear to me.

Jessa, thank you so much for the friendship and trust that you’ve given me. I admire you for the woman that you are and have become. You will always be a sister to me. You are such a blessing. 🙂

Remind me not to drink coffee at night

Yesterday my housemates and I went to Trinoma to look for clothes and shoes or just do some window shopping – ultimate girl bonding. But then when we were in the mall, I did nothing but eat and eat. I had chicken, rice, spaghetti and tropicoolers at Greenwhich, then ice cream at Thumbs Up, and then seafood at some Chinese fastfood. I felt like I can’t breath because I was sooo full. I couldn’t finish my dinner. And then I felt guilty and paranoid that I am getting so fat. (Oh, I am really getting fat!) So anyway, when I went home, I decided to drink coffee because my housemates told me that it would help in digesting all the food that I put in my stomach. And so while watching “Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi”, I drank coffee. At 30 minutes past midnight, I decided to go to my room so I can sleep. But hours passed by and I still couldn’t sleep! I prayed, read a book..but still no sleep came. Arggh!!! I was worried that I won’t be able to wake up in time for The Feast because I will be serving as an usher there. It was so hard for me to fall asleep…argghh! Insomnia strikes again! I decided to watch the movie that’s been lying in my hard disk for a while. Watching it made me remember that once upon a time, I was a girl sooo in love who would do crazy and illogical things just to make a boy feel special. That girl who thought that she was with the guy she was going to be with for the rest of her life but got her heart broken a number of times. Hmm… seems like such a long time ago. It seems so odd…when you try to remember how those times felt and you realize how that experience brought you to where you are now. It’s nice to be in love.. To love and feel loved… but right now, I am happy and content in having a heart that is at peace. Awww…what’s with all this lovey dovey stuff? I just want to sleep!!! Next time, remind me not to have coffee at night please?

Moments with Portal Team of Project M

Project M at Club Morocco, Subic

I joined the company in May last year and I was deployed to my very first project last October. At first I was really anxious because it’s my first ever project in  the IT industry and I didn’t have an idea about Oracle ADF framework. Luckily, my teammates (who were just a week ahead of me in learning the framework) shared their knowledge to me and helped me acquire the skills that I needed.It wasn’t a smooth ride. I actually made a few mistakes when I was just starting. But maybe those were blessings in disguise because I learned a lot from them and I made them early on so the cost was not that big yet. I’ll certainly not forget those learning moments…and the fun that the team had during our days and nights together.

Fun at the office

There were so many times when we stayed until the wee hours of the morning and there was even one time when we had an overnight at the office, working almost 20 straight hours just to meet the drop dates. There were “skirt days” – this is what my teammates called them because coincidentally, whenever I wear a dress or a skirt to work, we usually had to do an overtime because something went wrong with our app. It came to a point when my teammates would beg me not to wear a dress or skirt to the office. Huhu.. I don’t have nice legs like Toni Gonzaga but I just like being girly sometimes so I like dresses and skirts. Sometimes I’m just so lazy to wear pants… besides, it saves me a few pesos from my laundry expense because dresses are lighter. sad… 😦 But I wore dresses anyway. Usually because Cleopatra laundry shop wasn’t able to deliver my clothes the previous night or sometimes, I just feel like being girly. :p

During Ryan’s last day with the project@ Kuse: Super yummy Filipino dishes… first time that Mardolf really liked the food

Anyway, I and my teammates met a lot of challenges in the course of our development. And to be honest, there were times when I got so stressed out that I really thought of quitting. Good thing we cheered each other up and encouraged each other so that we’d have the motivation to give our best. We celebrated our tiny victories and each other’s birthdays, and we all loved eating so much.

Enjoying our favorite Ambers during Mardolf’s birthday
During Daday’s birthday blowout at Yellow Cab. Yummy!
Wala lang…videoke moments @ Greenbelt

We had our first successful “go live” last May and we celebrated it at Vikings. We really enjoyed the buffet with all the yummy seafoods and desserts. Super sarap! Super busog! 🙂

Portal Team @ the Go Live Celebration: Sir Ogie, Ryan, Camille, Patrick, Mardolf, Maan, and Daday (L-R)

Soaring high… jumpshot @ Club Morocco during the project outing

I’ll certainly miss my teammates but it’s time to move on and level up. 🙂

Condo design ideas

Today I had the chance to just  laze up in my bedroom and spend some quality me-time with my lappy. So I used this time to search for design ideas for the condo unit that I reserved at Avida Centera a week ago. I decided to buy a condo unit instead of a house and lot because after living in a condo for more than a year already, I realized that I love urban living and right now (and maybe 10 years from now), this will really suit my lifestyle. I really hate commuting and traffic that’s why a house and lot in the province isn’t so enticing for me. After all, all throughout my life, I never experienced travelling for almost an hour to and from my school or office. So I’d willingly trade a few pesoses for my convenience and comfort.

I have been wondering how I would design my 23 sq m studio unit in Avida so that I could easily lure guests to stay for a night at my “condotel”. I’m planning to turn this unit into a condotel as an investment so that people from Mangagoy or Gensan or Davao or Cebu… who’ll want to stay in Manila for a couple of days will be able to have the comfort and the accessibility to the areas they need to go to. Centera is located along EDSA and is just a few steps away from Boni MRT station, and a ride away from SM Megamall, Galleria, Trinoma, hmm..practically anywhere! It’s located at the heart of Metro Manila so it’s really accessible… The turnover will still be in 2015 – 3 years from now! But I’m already soooo excited to dress up my very own condo unit. 🙂

So I googled and read lots and lots of blogs and articles on maximizing small condo unit space and having function meet “fashion” in interior designing. And the ideas I got from IKEA and were really A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Here are some pics that I borrowed from their sites:

IKEA’s living room with loft bed – suitable for a young family.
From IKEA: The loft bed…this one is the view on top of the previous pic.  Nice idea, don’t you think? With a curtain for more privacy. 😉
From A queen-sized bed and shelves near the ceiling. More storage for my books! Yay!
From A sofa during the day…
From A bed at night… with cabinets for storage at the top to maximize space..
From A slim dining table can save lots of space. But I’d prefer a glass top to create an illusion of a bigger space

I learned that for interior designing of condo units, you have to keep in mind the following:

1. Choose furniture wisely. Measure their dimensions and choose those that are multi-purpose like a sofa bed – a sofa during the day and a bed at night, or a lounge with a storage area beneath it and storage bins that can serve as chairs.

2. Make use of your vertical space. You can install cabinets/shelves up to the ceiling to maximize space. But don’t overdo it so that your condo won’t look like a big storage room.

3. Paint the room with monochromatic or earthly shades because they can bring more depth and create an illusion of a bigger room. Make use of lights and mirrors too.

4. Use furniture or tables with wheels so that you can easily move them from one are to another, as needed. Also, choose those with glass tops so that the room will look bigger.

5. Choose a theme and plan ahead! 😉