Investing in Stocks Through Citiseconline: A Year After

I’m happy that a lot of my friends have given stocks investment a try. This is really good. It’s really wise to be financially literate while you are young and it’s still okay to take big risks. A lot of people have been asking me about stocks after I wrote my 2 previous posts on investing in the stock market through citiseconline. Well, I am not yet an expert in stocks. And I don’t think I will be in the near future. But by following the good pieces of advice from financial mentors, I know I am on my road to financial freedom. I would suggest that you subscribe to Bo Sanchez’s truly rich club, where he gives advices and tips to the members.

I am also very happy for our country, the Philippines. Our economy is doing good these days! I think P-Noy’s government has established its credibility and integrity. In my opinion, it’s really a big factor. Who wants to do business with cheaters? Integrity is one of the core values that we should all have. From taxi drivers, to street vendors, up to the business tycoons.

According to Bo’s update, ,we are in the right place at the right time! The entire world is not doing well financially but right now, Philippines is one of the economic darlings of the world! Can you believe it?! It really made me sooo happy to read that. And here’s the bigger, bolder, and awesome(r) news: the Philippines is expected to be one of the fastest growing economies from 2010 to 2050!  We could be one of the economic tigers in the world! Amazing, right?!

After a year of investing in the stock market through Citiseconline, I have become more conscious of our economy, politics, and the reputation of the companies that I buy. Investing in stocks is not for everyone. But if you are the type who loves learning and taking risks, then you can give this a try.


Author: Mylene

Disclaimer: My postings reflect my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, Accenture. I'm proud to be Filipina and a Bisaya. I am dedicated, motivated, and results-driven. I am an Aries. Bullheaded. Stubborn. I am a leader. I am a software engineer. I am a child of God. I am living and loving life! :) Leave a comment and subscribe!

28 thoughts on “Investing in Stocks Through Citiseconline: A Year After”

  1. Ate, na read nako ni kay BO and I am interested to know more about the stock market.. But, wala ko idea on how to start.. I cannot subscribe man sa yaha book. huhuhu help.. I am starting to read his books.. how to be a blessing magnet first but naa pa sa pinas ang book wala pa nadala dre 😦 online pako ga read start. Super I love BO!

    1. Korek Jes!!! I’m glad nga ga read kag books ni Bo. As in dako kaayo sya nga influence sa akoa.
      And I will teach you how to get started sa stock market. 🙂
      Magsabot ta ug subscribe sa iyang Truly Rich Club. In fairness, dako jud ug tabang sa pagpili ug stocks nga paliton.
      I hope you can really start investing Jes..habang early. God bless our finances! Mwah!!!

  2. thanks for sharing this!i’m one of those who are bound to study til’ we’re 30 hahaha!so i need to save up and invest..hope i can learn quickly..more power!

    1. Hi Kates! I’m glad that you will be starting to save up and invest.. It’s always never late to start. Good luck and let me know of your progress! 🙂

  3. Hi Lene, thanks very much sa info. Nagaplano sab ko mag-invest sa stocks pero naa pa koy daghan gusto mahibal-an bahin sa stock investment maong cge pa ko basabasa..pero mag-join usa ko sa TRC. Basin magkinahanglan ko sa imo tabang later kung ma-finalize na nako ako plano kay nia pa man gud ko sa gawas karon.

  4. Hi Myles,

    Good day,

    I’m also interested in investing and next week i have plan to open an account in citiseconline for P5000 EIP.

    Can you help me where can i invest it. You know what company? any tips?????

    Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi Adrian.. nice to know that you are planning to invest. I’m not an expert but what I know is that you really have to choose the blue chip companies. One of my favorites is AC. Ayala corp. It’s a giant. You can look up blur chip phil.stocks and know more about a company before you invest in them. Good luck and let me know your progress!

  5. Hello ms Myles, gusto ko rin sna matuto mag invest but I don’t know how to start, I used to read bro. Bo books and it says there na dpat monthly ka maglalagay ng funds.

    1. Hi Ayah! You can start by drafting your monthly budget and decide how much money you can alot to investing. How much can you spare? Keep in mind that before you invest, you should have your emergency fund first, that way, you don’t have to panic when there are emergencies in the family or something.

      Ok,back to investing. It doesn’t need to be a very big amount. Initially, you would want to develop the habit first and be consistent. You would also need to decide if you want to invest short term or long term. How long are you willing to keep your money in that investment?

      For example, if you choose long term investing, you van start with mutual funds or stocks. If you choose stocks, you can open an account in citiseconline, for 5k. From that amount, you can already buy a number of stocks. However you also need to study and learn a lot about this. As this say, mind your (own)business.
      Sa stocks, after the initial 5k to open the account, you will be free to decide how much you put in monthly. For example, 2k per month. But you’d have to wait for like 3 months before you can buy stocks like AC or Ayala Corp because their stock price is at 550(just an example ). And the board lot is 10 – the minimum number of stocks you can buy per transaction. So you would need 5500 plus 20 commission for citiseconline, plus about 10 pesos for tax, i think. I’m not sure how much is the tax though, but it’s very minimal.

      Good luck Ayah!

  6. hello ms. myles good day, thanks for responding on my message, i didnt expect u have time reading and answering those question. thanks a lot, im looking forward, and i hope ur always there to answer all my question about investment.

  7. Good day,
    Ma’am thanks for the great info in your article, just wondering how’s your current investments doing with regards to Citisec because I’m very curious and interested but also afraid because I have zero knowlede when it comes to investments. Just want to go away from the “Employee Mentality”. thankssss

  8. Good day!!! Ms. Myles been reading articles re: stocks and investments, of course im having a hard time cos im not on the business side of life. Ive read also sir Bo’s article bout his helper and it made it more interesting to be involve so as to save and earn money for the future. Just wanna ask, same with kirk is everything doing well with your investments? Thanks and hoping for your reply soon. Godbless

    1. Hi Rose Lyn! Thanks for leaving a comment. My stocks are doing well and I will write another comment to give you more detailed information and glimpse of my stocks

  9. Hello po ate my, I’m only 18 and don’t know about investing on stock market. 1st ever kong mabasa sa net ang about sa pag-invest s stock market and I’m really interested po talaga. Heto nga po at nagbabasa pa ng ibang source. I even downloaded some of Bo Sanchez books about stock market pero babasahin ko plang. I wanted to join rich club but since I don’t know where to start and I guess there is no rich club here in Bicol. Pano po kaya ako ate magsisimula? I have 20,ooo php in my bank. I think magsisinula muna ako dun sa 5,ooo php na min investment or EIP ba yun? Penge po ng advice? 🙂

    1. Hi Jack! First of all, I want to congratulate you coz at such an early age, you are thinking about investing. You are off to a good start. Yes, you start with 5k. If you are really interested sa stocks, check somewhere on my blog, I have instructions on how you can send your documents to Citiseconline.

      Learn more about stocks from different sources in the web. For your first purchase gamit ang 5k, I would advise na bilhin mo ang Meralco stocks (MER). Mura kasi sya ngayon. You can check to check the stock and get to know the company better. Hope this helps.

      And by the way, Truly Rich Club is just an online club so it doesn’t really matter if you are in Bicol. But even if you don’t register with the club at para magamit mo ang pera mo in buying stocks, just search online for other resources as well. Later when you have more funds, it would be a good investment to join the club and learn from your mentors. 🙂

  10. anyone there…sino pde tumulong skin gsto ko rin sana mag invest ,,,mutual funds ang plan ko kuhanin…kaso di ko alam paaano?

    1. Hi Joey,

      I don’t consider myself a pro in investing – both stocks and mutual funds so I would rather recommend you hire a financial adviser instead or maybe read more books, attend seminars…
      I think hold free seminars once in a while.

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